Erica The Puppetress

related to Anya's birthday from Megami and according to the LadyTania's comment.

There is Erica The Puppetress (short profile):

Erica is a dangerous sorceress.

She created and uses rituals to turn people into doll.

She also creates dolls or puppets with hair or blood of someone. For example, she uses a wood dummy and she animates it with a hair or blood of someone. Her creation is totally under her control and gains some powers or properties of the hair or blood owner.

She has the ability to control mentally every dolls, puppets or toys she made. She uses them to weaken her victim then she uses a spell, a trap or her ability to neutralize her victim. She likes to play with her victim.

She has the ability to control the physical actions of other peoples who cross her eyes (she needs 6 seconds contact). She controls them like puppets.

She also creates energy tentacles or threads. If one of them touches head of her victim, it enters inside and she takes control of the body.

She uses complex magic and ritual to turn body of her victim into synthetic matter as she slowly destroys mind of her victim. She takes control of feelings and use them against her victim. Helpless her victim is slowly turned into a mindless toy or doll.

She also creates a vicious Clockwork Key. She focused her powers and rituals into this dangerous device. The Clockwork Key is stuck into back of someone. The victim is slowly turned into a Clockwork Doll.

She collects or sells her victims.

Avtp1 : Anya Doll Story : Anya vs The Puppetress

Avtp1 : Anya Doll Story : Anya vs The Puppetress

Following a lead, Anya rode to an old closed toyshop. An informant gave her clues about disappearances.

She rode her electric motorbike supplied by her powers. She hid her motorbike in a dark alley and she ran silently behind the shop.

The building seemed to be abandoned. She entered with cautions. She felt electricity activity downstairs. She searched a door to go down. She found an electronic locked door. She used her power to jam the circuits. She opened the door and walked silently in dark corridor.

Suddenly lights blinded her. She was in a sort of arena with a slender and beautiful brunette sat on a golden thrown.

Erica: "Welcome Miss Storm, I'm Erica as known as The Puppetress. Good evening my dear toy. Time for you to play and loose."
Anya: "I have no time to loose"

Erica smiled. Anya fires a chain lightening. A shadow jumped and intercepted her attack. Anya was surrounded by clones of her. It was not clones. They had shining skin.

Erica: "Do you like my dolls? Doll of you Anya made with your hairs … especially made for you. If you loose tonight I will turn you into a doll forever gorgeous."

They covered their body with electricity. Anya looked around. She didn't know what kind of power they had. She covered her perfect body with lightenings and used her inner lightening boost power. She dodged first attacks. They were slower than her. She blocked an attack and used her attacker against the next one.

Erica smiled watching the show. Anya used all of her strength to high kick a doll. The doll's head crashed onto the arena's wall as the plastic body fell onto the ground. She turned and leaned to dodge a tentacle from Erica. She continued to move but she was not able to dodge a vicious kick on her back. She screamed in pain and turned to lightening punch her attacker and pierced the doll's breast.

Another doll bear hugged her from behind. Anya struggled. Another doll kicked her crotch. Anya's green eyes opened sharply in pain and shock. Her legs were unsteady as another doll punched her flat belly and another kicked her head.

Erica laughed loudly. Anya fell on the floor. 3 dolls trampled the heroine. She struggled and wriggled. Suddenly lightenings exploded and the 3 dolls were burned and melted. A lightening was stopped and absorbed by another doll just behind Erica. The Puppetress shouted loud: "DESTROY HER!"

Anya stood and dodged the first attack then another one. She blocked the next one and threw the doll on 2 others. Then the blond heroine fired a powerful chain lightening. 2 more dolls were destroyed. The dolls powers were limited. She deflected a kick from behind her and turned then hit hard the doll with her elbow. She continued to turn and round kicked another one. The Puppetress was fascinated by the heroine's movements. Anya destroyed dolls one by one performing a lightening and death dance.
Erica grinned: "stronger than I expected …" She snapped and an Ultra Woman doll appeared. UW doll jumped behind the heroine. Anya felt something behind her she turned to middle kick her opponent. UW doll blocked easily the heroine attack and grab her ankle. Anya realized that this one was far stronger and she saw that this doll was an Ultra Woman doll.

Before Anya fired electricity. UW doll punched the heroine's flat belly. Anya's tiny body was stunned by the impact and her ribs creaked. UW doll threw Anya hard onto a wall. Anya crashed like rag doll and fell face on the floor.

She tried to stand up but UW doll crushed her back. She was not strong enough. She covered her tiny body with lightenings but Anya dolls came closer to protect UW doll from electricity. Anya screamed in pain as UW doll slowly crushed her back. UW doll leaned and grabbed the back of Anya's outfit and pulled. Anya's outfit was resistant. UW doll used it to twist the heroine's back. The Puppetress was not able to use her tentacles there was too much electricity around them. Anya's head leaned back. She looked her opponents and concentrated lightenings on UW doll. Anya dolls were not able to control a such power. UW doll was thrown away. Despite pain Anya rolled away and fired a powerful chain lightening on her dolls. Only one dodged. The other dolls and the wall behind were destroyed.

The Puppetress shouted angry "STOP HER …".

Anya's perfect body was overwhelmed by pain but she stood and jumped toward UW doll. She accelerated to avoid UW doll's dangerous and strong attacks. She knew UW doll was tougher and stronger but not faster than her.

Anya turned around UW doll. She lightening kicked and punched UW doll but the doll seemed not to feel any hit. UW doll smiled as she walked under the heroine rain of hit. Anya took a few steps back and continued to dodge UW doll's attacks. Suddenly the blonde dived. UW doll's punch hit the last Anya doll that tried to sneak behind the heroine. The doll's head crashed on the wall as her body fell. Anya fired and kept a powerful chain lightening to burn UW doll synthetic body. "BURN NOW!"

UW doll jumped toward and kicked Anya. The young heroine flew and crashed onto the wall. UW doll's leg followed Anya and UW doll fell and melted. The wall in front Anya began to collapse.

The Puppetress shouted "IMPOSSIBLE …" Anya stood up and went upstairs with difficulty. She dodged Puppetress's tentacles and destroyed them with lightenings. Anya was angry her green eyes glowed blue. The Puppetress fell on her knees: "You're too powerful I give up … I give up …" but Anya fired 2 lightening bolts.

The Puppetress's body burned and melted as Anya heard an evil laugh behind her. This Puppetress was just a doll. She turned and saw another Puppetress behind another UW doll and an UltraMan doll. Erica grinned and clapped. "Poor heroine … look at you I just start my game. If you don't want to become a doll, you have to defeat them … all of them." She laughed.

Powerful and crackling lightenings appeared on Anya's perfect body. Erica smiled : "I forgot to say … we're under a school with a lot of lovely children … you don't want to destroy everything around. Think about these angels buried by your fault …"
Anya fired a powerful chain lightening and jumped behind her attack. Her attack had no effect on the UM doll body and Anya crashed on the hard UM doll body. Anya fell on the middle of the arena. To hurt a dangerous enemies like them, she needed to use more powerful attacks but she didn't want to destroy everything.

Erica laughed: "I'm too evil … you can fight them but if you use too much power you can kill children …. Terrible choice for a heroine. I like that."

Anya stood up. She felt a wind behind her. She was not able to turn fast enough. UM doll grabbed her from behind and locked her arms. She covered her body with electricity and increased the intensity until lightenings hit the roof. It was not enough to damage UM doll and she was not strong enough to break this grip.

She struggled in vain but she kept her lightenings around her. UW walked toward and punched her belly. She opened sharply her green eyes in pain but she kept her electricity. UM doll fired his eyes laser beam at UW doll bracers. Lasers were reflected and slowly cut her outfit. UW doll put her hands in Anya's outfit hole. UM doll changed his grasp and bear hugged the blond heroine. He crushed and squeezed her perfect tiny body as UW doll tore in pieces the blond heroine's outfit.

UW grasped the young heroine by her throat. UM doll released his prey. UW doll lifted Anya in air and looked Erica. The Puppetress nodded. UW doll slammed Anya on her left knee. Anya screamed in pain as UW doll let her rolling on the floor. Anya writhed in pain as Erica and her dolls laughed. UM doll grasped Anya by her torso with his big hands and he squeezed her perfect body with his powerful fingers. Anya screamed in pain as her body cracked under the pressure. They again laughed. Anya put her hand in UM doll mouth and fired a devastating surge of electricity. UM doll exploded. Anya was thrown on the wall. She fell onto the floor with a smile on her face.

UW doll stood fast and crushed Anya's face. Erica: "My most powerful doll … stupid bitch!"

She snapped and water flew from walls and filled the arena up to 1ft. UW doll crushed Anya's back again and again as water covered Anya's torso. The blond heroine lost her powers. Electricity faded. UW doll lifted Anya by her blond hair and punched again and again her crotch and belly. Blood flowed from Anya's mouth as UW doll destroyed her body.

Erica jumped with grace. : "Do you want to face me?"

UW doll released the bruised heroine. She stood with difficulty in front the slender brunette. Erica slapped Anya's cute face. Anya tried to dodge and grab her opponent's wrist but she was too slow. The impact echoed in her head. Erica laughed and hit Anya's crotch with her knee. Anya screamed and leaned on Erica's shoulder.

The Puppetress murmured at her ear: "If I win today you will become a doll forever … fight me. But I think deep in you want to give up... You want to be turned into a plastic doll for ever" She laughed and she threw the heroine into water then she kicked Anya's ribs. The blond heroine screamed and rolled away. She slowly stood up. Erica grinned.

Erica: "brave or stupid? Maybe you have a chance. Look at me … slender not strong … and you a powerful heroine who is able to destroy a city. You're a fighter … I'm a fragile young woman."

Anya moved and kicked the brunette. Erica dodged easily and stepped close then hit Anya's belly with her knee.

The evil brunette hit again and again the defenseless heroine's belly with her knee. Anya fell on her knees.

Erica: "Do you surrender? My doll …"

Anya stood up and punched Erica but she deflected the attack. The evil brunette moved behind the heroine and locked her arms. Anya was not able to resist as Erica locked her arms and grabbed her firm exposed breast with her left hand.

Erica: "Are you feeling slow and weak?"

Anya struggled but this slender brunette was too strong. Erica squeezed Anya's breast.

Erica: "Maybe I forgot to say that I put a drug in water. I'm immunized off course."
She laughed: "A such body you will be a great doll"

Erica pushed away Anya. The blond heroine made a great effort not to fall. She faced UW doll. She punched the doll but it was useless. She hit a wall. UW doll slapped her face. The impact made her turn. UW doll grabbed the dazed heroine. Anya felt UW doll on her back as the doll locked her arms.

Erica stepped and pressed her slender body on Anya.

Anya: "Are you doing?"
Erica: "me … I play with my new doll"
Anya: "I'm not …" Anya's green eyes opened sharply as Erica put her hand on Anya's crotch.
Anya was not able to struggle.
Anya: "don't touch me!"
Erica: "Why? You're mine … I do what I want with you"
Anya: "I'm not …" Suddenly Anya didn't control anymore what she said: "I'm your toy mistress"
Erica: "Surprise … I was able to control your body for a long time."
Anya: "no …"
Erica laughed: "Too late for you, nothing can save you from your fate. I will turn you into a clockwork doll forever and make a lot of money. I can create dolls like the wonderful UltraWoman … but my creations are always less powerful than the original … but I can also turn real people into doll. The super powered ones keep theirs supers powers."

WU doll released Anya. The blond heroine fell on her knees and kissed Erica boots.

Erica: "What … what are you doing? …" She laughed
Anya's body was totally under Erica's control. She tried to recover control but her body was not following her will.
Anya: "I want to become one of your doll. Mistress" She kissed Erica's boots again.
Erica pointed a heroine clockwork doll. "Do you know her?"
Anya: "yes it's Lady Smoke"
Erica: "and now she is a clockwork doll and … you will become like her."
Lady Smoke jumped on a smoke cloud and stopped beside Anya. Anya's hand caressed Lady Smoke skin.

Erica: "Do you like? So sweet … I'll pay attention to turn your skin into the sweetest synthetic fabric."

Anya: "Thank you mistress"

Anya tried to fight Erica control but she was to weak to resist.

Lady Smoke gave a key to Erica. Anya stood and removed the rest of her half destroyed outfit. Lady Smoke used a syringe to take Anya's blood.
Erica: "you want to become a doll then beg me for that. Your blood is to create more dolls of you after your conversion. They do excellent canon folder. They are too weak for something else … like you .. too weak. Then?"
Anya knelt.
Anya : "I, Anya Storm, implore you, my mistress, to turn me into a doll for ever body and soul. Every fiber of my body turned into synthetic. My soul and mind totally destroyed and reshaped to serve you. I beg you mistress"
Anya yelled inside her mind. Erica played with her and she was totally helpless.
Erica : "I accept your surrender … I accept to turn you into a doll for ever. Stand and turn … I will pull this key on your back and you'll become a clockwork doll for ever in a couple of hours."
Anya stood up : "Thank you mistress" Anya tried to resist and but her body didn't obey. She felt something in her back. Thousand images, pains, pleasures, feelings and orders per second assailed her mind and soul.
Erica : "Game over miss Storm. I like to play but I prefer to win …"

UW doll brought Anya in chamber and during the conversion process Erica made love with Anya to reinforce the conversion process. Sensually, gently and slowly she played with the defeated heroine and gave her orgasms again and again.

Minutes after minutes the magic ritual convert her and each orgasm destroyed her mind. Her body was turned into a synthetic matter. Her skin started to shine. Her sweet and long blond hairs became silk threads. A smile appeared on her face and she looked so happy as the last remnant of her mind was totally destroyed and her memories entirely erased. 2 hours later, Anya Storm became body and soul a clockwork doll.

Erica smiled. She stood up as 2 dolls dressed her slender body with a black dress. And 2 other dolls dressed her new creation with a golden dress. She turned around and stopped behind her new doll. She turned twice the key. Anya opened her green empty eyes.
Erica laughed : "You're a clockwork doll for ever. Perfect you're perfect … do you feel perfect?"
Anya smiled : "Yes mistress I'm perfect."
Erica : "cover your arms with lightening a destroy this door".

Anya rose her hand and covered her arms with electricity. She fired a lightening bolt and destroyed the door.

Erica : "good doll. Who are you?"

Anya : "nobody. I'm a doll"

Erica : "good doll  …stand in front this web cam … I'll sell by auction."

Anya stood in front the web cam.

Erica pressed her slender body on Anya's synthetic body and she smiled.

Erica : "Ladies and Gentlemen … I'm The Puppetress. Today I sell my new creation. You recognize her. This doll was Anya Storm. I guarantee my doll still controls electricity."

Anya covered her arms with electricity.

Erica : "Her mind has been utterly destroyed. She is now a doll forever. She is ready to serve the highest bidder"

The first bid came and bids were rising.

The Puppetress's online shop : Anya Doll for sale

Purple Assassin

Ying Mai was an Chinese mercenary. She was hired to hunt and capture Reiko23.

She is now Purple Assassin (and replace the former Purple Shadow destroyed during the Azria's Evil Plan story). She accepted to become a robot and now she serves Reiko23 (short story).

She is a martial art mistress : nunjistu, kungfu, karate, jujitsu, …


Copycat: She can perfectly replicate any physical motion that she has saw. She can use any of her foe martial skills instead hers.

Invisibility: She becomes invisible to all specter infra red to uv.

Phasing : She can pass through matter.

Enhanced capabilities:
- agility(she can jump on a building or run on a wall)
- strength (she can lift 5 tons)
- stamina (she can fight during 2 weeks without a pause)
- speed (up to sound speed)
- reflexes (she can catch 4 bullets with her fingers in same time)
- balance (she can run on a cable during a storm)
- durability (a grenade just tickle her)
- eye sight (night vision, zoom x 20)
- immune system (against virus).
- enhanced hearing (she can isolate particular sounds and she can hear other’s thoughts)
- auto repair nanites (Reiko granted her body with nanomachine to self repair her body)

Her sword: She uses a magical sword with a energy blade : fire, ice, wind, electricity, emp, shadow, poison, … She imbues her blade with any energy. Her sword can replicate, absorb and generate any energy.

AEP sequel 2: Rise of the Purple Assassin

After the end of the Azria’s Evil Plan, Reiko lost her 2 minions Purple Shadow and Purple Jack. She hunted to find successors.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)
AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress
AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues
AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine
AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights
AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch
AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades
AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets
Alternate AEP Ending: Goddess Birth

AEP sequel 1: Bloody Trap
AEP sequel 2: Rise of the Purple Assassin


AEP sequel 2: Rise of the Purple Assassin

Ying Mai received an email.
« Target Reiko23. Super Villainness Robot. Extremely dangerous. We want her body »

She smiled and thought: « What prey! ».

After one month of track. She was invisible in shadows near her target. She looked in silence Reiko23 fighting a superhero. Mr. Steelcrusher hit Reiko’s body again and again and smashed her on the road but the robot woman stood up and smiled.

Steelcrusher: “I don’t understand I can crush a tank but you …”

Reiko smiled and fired a purple beam. He was not able to dodge. He fell on his knees and screamed in pain. He gathered his last strengths then jumped on her. He hit her as hard as possible but she blocked his monstrous attack with one hand covered by a purple aura.

Reiko: “weak mortal!”

Reiko used her telekinesis power to lift him. She took a strange device and threw it. Purple ropes appeared and bound him. She flew to him and smiled. She kissed him. Unable to resist, nanomachines entered in his body.

Steelcrusher: “Noo … what have you done? Something in me … I feel a heat invading my body”

Reiko: “My nanomachines are in your body. They spread in your whole body, each nerves, muscles, tissues will be slowly turned into electronics, cables and synthetic fabric. You become a machine, better, stronger, faster … under my control”

Steelcrusher: “It won’t happen … I …”

Reiko: “…then your mind is slowly digitalized. Your soul becomes a program.”

Steelcrusher: “No. I …. I …”

Reiko: “I met stronger and more resistant. Let the process turns you into robot. You’ll like that.”

Steelcrusher: “I feel so good … so good.”

Reiko: “Good boy … critical.malfunction.error.system…”

A blue energy sword pierced her body from behind. Her body convulsed as some behind her moved the sword. Reiko jumped away and turned. She had difficulty landing on her feet. She saw a cute Chinese girl. Her attacker wore a black skintight sleeveless top and black skintight leggings. She uses a strange energy sword. She loaded data about Ying Mai.

Reiko fired a purple plasma rifle. Ying moved her sword behind and absorbed the plasma energy. Reiko followed her attack and kicked her head but Ying dodged and slashed again Reiko’s body.

Reiko continues to attack her and feinted a punch then she griped her neck. Ying was shocked as the mighty robot strangled her.

Reiko: “you damaged me … I congratulate you. You have an interesting weapon… “

Steelcrusher: “My last action as a free heroes …”

Steelcrusher bear hugged Reiko from behind. Ying was freed. Steelcrusher was not strong enough. Reiko opened her arms and freed herself. Reiko turned to dodge Ying’s attack from behind. Reiko blocked a kick from her attacker, then a punch.
Ying feinted a kick then hit Reiko’s midsection with her knee.

Reiko: “She had copied my skills …”

Ying continued to attack Reiko again and again. It was easier and easier to hit the damaged robot.

Ying: “Yes I know and understand your fighting skills … you’re doomed!”

Reiko had no choice but fired plasma rifles to defend herself. Each time Ying absorbed them with her sword.

Ying: “Thanks you charged my sword!”

She moved very fast behind Reiko and pierced her body with her energy sword.

Reiko’s body convulses and wriggles.

Reiko: ”critical damages … system failure … global breakdown"

Reiko fell face on the floor motionless. Ying looked her prey and smiled.

Ying: (in Chinese): “Yes master … she is at my feet. I’m waiting the helicopter”

Few minutes later, a helicopter ladder fell. She grabbed the defeated and motionless robot and a ladder’s bar. She disappeared in the skin with her prey.


Few days later, Ying Mai received an email.
“We succeed to extract technology and data from Reiko23. You have to test our new weapon on Astro Girl and kill her.”

Ying: “Another tasted prey…”

Ying moved to the triad’s lab. She knocked at the lab boss’s door.

Lab’ Boss: “Enter Miss May.”

She entered and saw Reiko imitating the Boss’s voice. The Robot smiled:
Reiko: “Hello sweetie!”

Ying: “How?”

Reiko: “How? I have to be honest with you. I let you capture me to know your employer. All of guards and scientists, all of their bosses are my robots now. Don’t blame yourself; it’s not your fault. You have an impressive potential but your flesh and bone body is a limit. You’re now a soldier, an assassin without master … I offer you to become my assassin. You’ll chase more powerful behinds …”

Ying: “You’re nothing but a pile of scraps … an advanced toaster!”

Ying became invisible. Reiko blocked her sword with one hand and smiled.

Reiko: “You surprised me … but now you can’t anymore, I’m prepared to fight you. I’m a robot, a new form of existence. I can feel pleasure, pain, love, hate … I’m not a toaster. ”

Reiko hit Ying’s belly with her palm. Ying flew away and hit hard the wall. Reiko was just in front of her.

Reiko: “you’re so beautiful and powerful … you’re lost without your old pathetic masters. They failed …”

Mr. Chong Tsu entered in the room. Reiko snapped her fingers and he exploded.

Ying phased and jumped behind Reiko but the robot disappeared. Ying felt a terrible pain behind her knees. She fell on the floor.

Reiko : “you can phase … I can too. Stand up and fight me …”

Ying : “You killed my master.”

Reiko : “His arrogance and ignorance killed him. I just pushed the trigger … like you.”

Ying stood up. Her last fight against her was recent enough to remember and copy Reiko’s fighting skills. She feinted a slash with her right hand and she teleported her sword in her left hand to pierce Reiko’s body. Reiko smiled and blocked the sword with 2 fingers easily. The powerful robot didn’t see that Ying stuck a bomb on Reiko’s flat belly.

The bomb exploded and Ying phased. Reiko was thrown away trough a wall. Ying jumped to pierce Reiko’s chest but Reiko was not damaged by the explosion. She easily dodged the Chinese assassin attack and grabbed her from behind. Ying was not strong enough to break the hold.

Reiko whispered to Ying’s ear: “I like you and I offer you to continue to hunt and fight … but for me. You respect power like I do … let me become your mistress.”

Reiko threw Ying on the floor and stepped in front her.

Reiko : “Take my hand and embrace a new exciting existence. Your old masters were pathetic, weak and stupid. They didn’t deserve an assassin like you. You’re a master piece … come with me.”

Reiko held out her hand. Ying looked Reiko. Reiko’s face looked so sweet, so loving …

Ying took Reiko’s hand. Reiko pulled her body-to-body. She caressed her black hair.

Reiko: “your best choice, ever!”

Reiko kissed Ying passionately. After few minutes Ying May was no more and became Purple Assassin. Her skin become a shining purple synthetic fabric. Her face became more Japanese. She felt so good.

Purple Assassin: “Thank you … I feel good, so good, so powerful … thank you mistress.”
Reiko smiled and hugged the beautiful Purple Assassin.
Reiko: “A master piece, so perfect, you’re reach perfection … You were excited to hunt Astro Girl then we, together, will hunt and capture this kryptonian girl”
Purple Assassin smiled.

I will post soon the Purple Assassin profile and an updated Reiko23 Profile.
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COL 01 Toxic Attack

The first (and the last?) Anya Storm Champions Online comics volume.
Champions Online game is a mark of Cryptic Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved and Atari.

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Anya's birthday from Megami

Anya was captured by a powerful sorceress. She fought strange puppets during hours. Exhausted she was surprised by a mysterious gas. Unable to fight, she fall under the sorceress spells.

After few hours, Puppetress finished to convert Anya. The Puppetress's body shined blue as she canalized her powers.

Puppetress: “Perfect my dear doll, I finish to erase your mind and memories. Hmmm … your body responds perfect to pleasure … white lightenings echo to my pleasure touch. I like that, they give my pleasure. Hmmmm it’s so good … you’ll be my personal toy for ever …hahahahahaha”

Anya was not able to struggle. Her mind was empty. She moaned as white lightenings appeared on her perfect body. The Puppetress erased the last remnant of the heroine mind and memories. Anya became a mindless doll for ever totally under the Puppetress control.

Anya opened her eyes. All of her body was overwhelmed by a suit pleasure. She wore the black and pink lingerie of the dream. Megami lied on her. She left her firm breasts trough her kimono.

Anya: “what hmmm ….”

Anya moaned louder as Megami caressed her perfect heroine body.

Megami: “You’re safe with me. My sweet love … Happy Birthday”

Megami kissed Anya. Then, the petite asian pleasured Anya during hours until the blond heroine passed out, totally helpless.

Anya woke up. She felt so good but ashamed. She had a pink silk ribbon around her fine waist with a note.

“I hope you liked my gift and the lingerie.
Your love.

AEP Alt End 1: Goddess Birth

Azria's Evil Plan first alternate end: Birth of a goddess

Replace the end of Mistress of Puppets Chapter by ...


Megami: "Stay here ... and watch. Reiko will protect us"

Azria squeezed Anya's crotch with her foot covered by a white aura. Anya moaned in pleasure. Azria stuck Anya's feet and hands with summoned wood stakes. Anya didn't feel the stakes. She was totally overwhelmed by pleasure. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she reached orgasm. Her body was not able to support more. She was about to die.

Azria : "yes I can't believe that ... it's over bitch! I'm a GODDESS!"

Azria fired another blast of energy. Reiko's shield was destroyed.

Reiko : "Shield power : 0%"

Anya moaned louder and arched her back in pleasure as Azria laid on her. The evil wraith rubbed the heroine's crotch with her tight and caressed the blond heroine's curves. She summoned demons and fired a huge energy ball. This ball entered in Reiko's body. The robot quivered as her body smoked.

Reiko : "Error. Sys… system critical failure …"

Reiko fell face on floor.

Ultrawoman, Jessica, Crimson Kat and Lady Ashton ran to stop Azria but they were stopped by a force shield around Azria. Demons attacked them.

Azria slowly faded into Anya's body. The heroine's body felt so good and was totally under pleasure control. Lust was all that she required. Her mind and soul cracked and were totally annihilated in a last orgasm. Azria took possession of her new body. It was the birth of a new omnipotent entity. A goddess rose. She stood. Anya's face smirked. Her green eyes glowed black. She spread her arms and ethereal flux came into her new body from Heroines and Villainness. She absorbed their soul and laughed, in this dimension they were not able to resist.

Megami : "NOOOOOO"

Azria looked Metallia and snapped her finger. The evil sorceress was fully healed. She pointed Megami.

Azria : "You will stay in this world for ever. You will fall and become these demons toy for ever …"

Azria and Metallia faded and let Megami and Reiko in an infinite jail.

Azria had infinite powers with infinite energy. She hugged and kissed Metallia to give the dark sorceress enough power to defeat any empowered women and girls.

Azria: "defeat and neutralize any one you want my dear."

Metallia's head leaned on Azria's shoulders and she smiled.

Azria and Metallia were unstoppable. Few weeks later, the world fell under Azria absolute control for eternity. She kept Anya appearance.

The last hero knelt before her.

" … I swear my eternal allegiance and devotion. I give you my body, mind and soul. My Goddess."

Azria : "thanks and I take all …" She laughed as she sat and used her dark energy to drain his soul.

A pale blonde evil goddess with an angel face rules the world for ever.

Bloody Nina first Jessica's priestess

Nina Rostislava
Villainness name: 
Bloody Nina, Blood Sorceress
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
5'8’’ (1.75 m)
115 lbs (52kg)
34c-24-34 (87c-58-87)
Red eyes
Zodiac Sign: 
Sexual Orientation: 
Race or Ethnicity: 
She believes in Jessica
She is the first Jessica priestess.

Blood magic, Summoning,.
Superpowers origin: 

Main Nemesis: 
Anya Storm 
Main Ally: 

She likes: 
to serve Jessica. 
She hates: Anya Storm, to disappoint Jessica

Nina is a sorceress. She was an heroine. She has been captured, tormented and tortured by Jessica during years. She was totally broken and she fell in love with Jessica.

When Jessica disappeared after Azria defeat, she was released from her captivity. Lost and forgotten, she searched for her Goddess. She used dark ritual and magic to find her Goddess … she freed Jessica and bring back the demoness.

Nina is totally devoted and loyal to Jessica. The ritual to free Jessica altered her body and powers. She became a semi vampire using a dark blood magic. She is not a good fighter.


She a blood magic sorceress. The powers she used altered her being. She uses her own blood or blood from various being (human, animal, …) to cast powerful spells and to summon golems or various creatures. She is an undead totally immune to poison and disease. She 5th
stronger than a normal girl, twice faster than and she is immortal (not invincible). She also regenerates by using her blood.

Most known spells and abilities:

Vampire’s bite: She bites to suck blood, life and strengh. Her victim is overwhelmed by pain or pleasure. She needs blood to refill her blood powers.

Theft of Blood: She opens her hand going to her target, a red flux appears from and she can mystically drain blood (and life) of her victim. She can drain blood from human, mutants, angels and demons.

Coat of blood: She covers her body with blood and she becomes invisible.

Blood form: Her body becomes totally a mass of blood. She may convert her body parts to blood, which may later be used to reform the body part in question. The body part may also be regenerated.

Clone of blood: She creates a humanoid of blood. The humanoid has her strength and speed.

Blood objects: She can create simple object with her blood (sword, rope, shield, chair, …).

Beverage of submission: She transforms her blood into a powerful and addictive drug.

Blood of Agony: She coats a weapon or her body with adequate size of her blood. She deals an unbelievable magic pain to her victim. She also infects her victim with her blood.

Reform Body: She reforms, even after she is destroyed from anyone who drunk or infected by her blood.

Blood knowledge: She can read in her blood victim: powers, nature, knowledge … She can discover secrets. “Blood is essence of being”

Blood source of all things: She can convert her blood into another energy and emits this energy: fire, ice, electricity, laser, psionic, …

Blood wings: She creates red wings. She can fly like Jessica.

Blood minions: She creates golems or creatures. She uses blood from her or a person and she needs some minute to create golems or creatures. Her minions have strength and resistance of the person or her.

Blood rituals: She can perform dark magic or blood magic rituals. “With time and blood nothing is impossible for my Goddess.”

Know weaknesses:
She lost all of her blood magic powers if sun touch her skin (but she keeps her undead extra strength, speed and regeneration).
She needs blood to refill her blood powers. She is always hungry. The less she has blood the weaker she is.

There’s many secrets to discover.
Consider this profile like a web site written by someone who knows her or has fought her.

AEP sequel 1: Bloody Trap

Azria's Evil Plan
Sequel 1
The Bloody Trap


Anya came back from a night of crime fight. She opened her outfit and released her firm breasts. She stretched as she walked to the kitchen. She opened her fridge and took a soda. She opened the bottle and smelt. She faked to drink and looked around. She began to zip her outfit as a red liquid from the bottle spurted. She threw the bottle but the red liquid covered her mouth and nose.

She opened sharply her green eyes in shock. She covered her body with lightenings to burn this strange liquid. She fell on her knees as she felt an impressive pressure on her face. She saw more liquid entering in her outfit. She was not able to breath. She used her inner lightening boost power but the liquid between her outfit and her skin burnt her. A hand appeared then an arm. Someone very strong was invisible. She needed to breath. She saw in front her a slender red head young woman wearing a red robe with a hood.

More and more liquid flew from her opponent hand. The red head woman smiled as she saw Anya being asphyxiated. The liquid under the heroine outfit entered in Anya crotch. The heroine wanted to scream in pain but she was not able. She convulsed and squirmed in pain on the floor but she fired a lightening chain.

The red head woman screamed, flight and hit a wall. The red liquid tried to enter in Anya mouth. Suddenly Anya screamed as the liquid penetrated in her tiny body between her legs then the liquid entered in her mouth.

The liquid was hot and sweet. Her body and mind were dazed. She felt so good. She fought this feeling and slowly stood up. She screamed and put her hands on her crotch as she felt on her knees. A rope of red liquid appeared then wrapped and tightened hard her tiny body. She didn't see her opponent. She fired lightening bolt all around her.

She saw a water tentacle entering in her outfit. Water filled her outfit and she lost her powers. Bound by this red liquid and powerless, she was not able to fight back. She was not able to prevent the red head woman to slowly remove her outfit from behind as the red rope slow tightened more and crush the heroine perfect body.

Nina: "Hello Miss Storm, I understand my Goddess … you look so tasty."

Anya : "What are you doing and who are …. YOOUUHHHHAAAA"

The red head woman created a red knife and stuck it in her back. The blond heroine screamed in pain.

Nina: "I talk you …answer. I'm Jessica's servant, Nina. Where is Jessica?"

Anya: "What?"

Nina moved in front Anya and smiled. "Where is Jessica? Where is my Goddess?"

Anya: "I don't know"

Nina smiled and leaned her head on Anya's shoulders. Suddenly Nina bite Anya's neck and sucked her blood like a vampire. Anya was overwhelmed by pleasure. She wriggled and struggled her tied body in vain and lost consciousness.

She woke up tied and wet in a dark cave. She felt so weak. Nina rubbed her perfect curves and smiled.

Nina: "You're are really beautiful and … you're so tasty. I like your blood but … you're my Goddess properties. I read in your blood what happened. … Call me Bloody Nina, the first Jessica's Priestess."

Anya: "You're crazy free me."

Nina: "Shhhhh … I know how to bring back my goddess here and I will offer you as a present … A present to prove my devotion."

Nina smiled and put her hand on Anya's chest.

Nina: "But first of all …Sanguinus Cordis Postetatem Imperium"

Blood cover her hand and she extracted Anya's heart from her chest. Anya screamed as she saw her heart in Nina's hand.


In the other hand Nina created a bloodstone and put it in Anya's chest.

Nina: "When I read your blood I created an empathic link … I also read your thoughts and memories. … I know you're dangerous … I can't kill you but I can neutralize you …"

She put the heroine's heart in a box. A blood golem took it and walked out the cave.

Nina: "My servant will hide somewhere your heart. Your body is under my control. No one will come for you. I let in your house a copy of you … you're doomed! But …"

Nina focused and partitions appeared around the stone table then created a stone bath. Water and blood filled the bath.

Nina: "After I neutralized your body … I neutralize your powers and now your mind …"

Nina used her blood to create a strange red creature.

Nina: "I called this creature the Spirit Annihilator. I put the creature on your crotch"

Nina put the creature on Anya's crotch. The heroine opened sharply her green eyes.

Nina: "Do you feel it? Something grows in your body … and you like this feeling. And it will cover your tiny body. It secretes a power drug that permeates your skin then your body."

The creature began to rape Anya. The blond heroine was totally overwhelmed by pleasure.

"Most of the time, my creature kills my victim … cardiac arrest but with your new blood stone heart … you have to endure it. Orgasm after orgasm this creature will destroy your mind and your brain … Farewell!"

Anya slowly wriggled and moaned in pleasure totally helpless and powerless. Nina smirked looking the heroine trapped in a bath of water, without heart and with this bloody outfit destroying her mind and brain. Nina walked in another room and let the doomed heroine to her destruction.

Nina sat in the middle of the pentagram and closed her red eyes. Blood flew from her arms and moved on the wall in front her. After the minutes her blood drew a red door. She took a blond hair and put down it in front the red door. The hair flew. She smiled and knelt. The door opened and Jessica's pale hand began to exit from a dark place.

Suddenly lightenings hit Jessica. The demoness despaired in the dark place. Nina screamed.

Nina : "NOOOO. It's not possibl…"

A lightening chain stroked her and made her fly and hit hard a wall. Before she was able to stand. Anya exploded a blood golem and moved fast. The blond heroine lightening punched the red sorceress.

Nina fell face on the floor.

Nina: "please stop … you're killing me …"

Anya fired a continuous lightening chain to burn the red sorceress. Nina screamed in pain as her robe and body burnt.

Anya: "I know you're not alive … I don't feel in you electricity …"

Anya reduced the blood sorceress to a burnt and motionless corpse. The blond heroine fired another chain lightening into the door when she saw Jessica's shadow.

She sat in the middle of the pentagram and focused. She song a spell. After few minutes nothing happened. She opened her green eyes and cried.

"No no no nooo … all of this for nothing … I'm sorry my friends I fail another time to save you … Sonya … Diana … I'm so sorry."

She stood up and dried her tears. She looked around angry. Lightening crackled around her in the room. More and more lightenings appeared around her and began to destroy everything around her. She blasted the wall where the blood door was. She destroyed totally the caves as she ran out. She was in dark woods on mountainside. She looked away as the cave collapsed behind her.

Days later, stones rolled. The sound echoed in a dark wood. A dark hand appeared. Jessica exited from under stones. She had someone in her arms covered by a kind of blanket.

Nina : "My Goddess … I failed … forgive me. How did she free herself? She was defeated … doomed"
Jessica: "You underestimated this bitch. The most important, my slave … you freed me. A simple hair was enough to regenerate. I let her destroying me … my soul jumped in my hair and now I'm back. You bring my soul back in this world then I allow you to serve me for ever as my priestess."

Nina: "Thank you my goddess. I had a good plan but she had her too …"

Jessica: "We have to discover how she did that and I want to know what and who is this pinky Japanese girl!"

Jessica used her red wings and flew away. The powerful demoness, Jessica is back and Nina, a blood sorceress and vampire, serves her.


Azria's Evil Plan
The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets


Azria's Evil Plan repercussion

Sequels of

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Ch8/8: Mistress of puppets

Azria's Evil Plan repercussions

She was tortured and traumatized during months.Saved from Azria, she fell in Valerie's hands who enslaved the young heroine. A clue led her friends to a jail where Anya was imprisoned.
Now, Anya is psychologically fragile and lost a part of her confident … but she fights each day to recover. She knows that she has more power in her that she thought. She doesn't understand what or who she is … Enough power to tear the spatio-temporal net? A lot of questions about her without answer.

Steam Twins:
They are no more. Souls and powers have been consumed for ever. Azria has the power to control ice and Metallia to control fire. Why did Megami decide to give these power and not to save the Twins?

Special Guests:
Ultrawoman, Valerie, Lady Ashton and Crimson Kat saved the world. They remember everything if they want. If they don't they shall forget everything details, and their adventure will be a latent dream. (These characters are original characters and I hope that their 'owner' liked this adventure).

Other Heroines and Villainness:
It seems they all forget everything about this adventure.

She lost 2 of her loyal minions. Purple Shadow and Purple Jack are no more. Megami just saved Purple Doctor. Why? Only Megami knows!
Reiko23 brings to light 2 new minions:
- Purple Assassin: spectral abilities, fast, quiet.
- Purple Astro: kryptonian girl.
Reiko23 seems to know a lot about Megami and Anya. (New minions description incoming).

She understood that she was manipulated by Azria but she followed Azria's plan. She was not surprised to see Megami behind Azria's failure. She knows more than she leads us to believe.
She gained the file control power of Firia and a lot of knowledge about heroines and villainness.

She was an essential part of Megami's plan to stop Azria. Her angry and pride were essential. Jessica disappeared after the last battle. She is coming back months later (story incoming).

She was near to success but she had been stopped. She lost all of her powers gained by her ritual except the power to control ice from Frizia. She tasted an ultimate power but she failed … now she wants again to get these feelings.

Megami Bara:
Mysterious, manipulative, smart, angelic, dangerous, enigmatic, powerful, beautiful, graceful, … Megami Bara is a mystery.
She used a anonymous and mysterious girl appearance to gather powerful heroines and villainness to stop Azria. She made a plan to stop Azria and save the wraith's victims but not all. Her plan pushed Anya's powers above the heroine known limits. Anya destroyed a spatio-temporal net. She let Anya in the cruel Valerie's hands and she gave Steam Twins souls and powers to Azria and Metallia. What has she in mind? What is she? Who is she?

On the picture from the left top to the right botom:
Azria, Metallia, Frizia, Firia
Ultrawoman, Reiko23, Anya Storm, Megami Bara
Crimson Kat, Valerie, Lady Ashton, Jessica

I tried to make a montage to illustrate all characters (hope I didn't forget someone ...)

Megami Bara's profile

Name: Megami Bara
Former Name: Mariko
Birth Date: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown supposed Japan
Sex: Female
Nationality : Japan
Height : 5' 3" (1.60 m)
Weight : 110 lbs (50 kg)
Measurements : 33C-22-34  (84B-57-87)
Hairs: Dark brown and long
Eyes: Dark brown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Race or Ethnicity: Asian (Japanese)
Religion: None
Family: None

Superpowers : Illusion, Enchantment, Magic, Transformation and Unknown
Superpowers origin : Unknown

Main Nemesis : supposed Azria
Main Ally : Last known allies : Reiko23, Lady Ashton, Crimson Kat

She Likes: flowers especially roses, plotting, looking other fighting for her
She Hates: fighting

Description :
Megami Bara means the Goddess of Roses. In her real (supposed) form, she is a very cute and attractive petite Japanese girl. She wears Japanese kimonos. Around her there is a sweet, nice and entrancing smell of fresh roses. Her cute face is always lit up by a smile. She moves with an entrancing grace. She is grace itself.

Few years ago, she was a magician. She learned martial art in the same dojo as Anya in Japan. She totally disappeared when Anya leaved Japan after the blond heroine has defeated Reiko23 creator. It seems Anya and she was very close. Anya recognized her as Mariko.

“Mariko is … was a beautiful and smart sorceress. She learned Aikido with me. We spent sweet and good times together and we were close. I remember that she had a gift. She was an incredible tactician … unbeatable chess player. She was always ahead of schedule … premonition, genius, advance tactical gifts, … honestly I don’t know.” 

She appeared recently out of Japan. She gathered a team of heroine and villainness to stop Azria with a very strange plan. She knew everything since the beginning, she was able to stop Azria when the evil wraith started her plan. She saved Anya and most of heroines and villainness but she gave Steam sisters’ souls to Azria and Metallia and she let Anya in the domineering Valerie’s arms.

Reiko estimates that her innocent and angelic beauty hides a very dangerous, elusive and powerful entity. Her plans, goals and motivations are totally unknown. It seems she likes to play with other in dangerous and cruel games. She works out complex strategies and likes to win by hair’s breadth.

Reiko found some data about her especially about heroines who fought her in Japan.:
- She needs to absorb life energy
- She is not alive
- Her body is not very resistant but not destructible. You can hurt her badly she falls and she rises again.
- Her strength and speed are normal.
- She is an Aikido expert but she avoids fight.

Outfit :
She wears most of the time a sweet Japanese kimono decorated by flowers. Her Kimono is like a part of her.

Her nature is unknown. Illusion or her nature, it seems it is very difficult to hurt her.

Known attacks or abilities:

Roses abilities
•Thorn of defense: A simple defensive technique that utilizes long thorny rose stem.  She will either twirl the stems around herself to create a barrier, or set them on the ground to mimic a circular web roses. In web mode, the web constructs a distance between herself and the opponent, and will simply slash or grab the enemy if they attempt to enter the field. Thorns will drain blood and powers from each wound done.
•Red Rose: Megami uses red roses as a projectile. When struck by the thorns on the roses or smelling their fragrance, the target would be poisoned until they slowly loose their 5 senses, are drained (strength, powers and life) then fell into a sweet aroma of death. The red roses can also create a dense red mist to cover the entire place and hide her position. Each victim feeds her.
•Black Rose: Megami uses black roses as a projectile. Upon impact, they can break anything within their reach. The power of this technique is high enough to reduce to dust a steel door.
•White Rose: Megami uses one or more white roses as a projectile. It strikes at the opponent's chest, and slowly drains all blood from their heart and powers. As the white rose draws blood, it eventually becomes red. This is Megami's strongest attack. A single rose is enough to kill a kryptonian in few hours or strong human is few seconds. Apparently, the rose seeks the heart of the enemy, so is not possible to avoid it. The only way to escape from this attack is to destroy the rose itself or try to shield oneself from it, albeit the rose showed enough penetrating power to break even a Kevlar or steel armor.
•Great Capture: A technique that twists roses to paralyze, capture, or immobilize foes. Megami also uses this technique to like the Bloody Rose.
•Petals form: She turns herself into a cloud of petals of rose. She is intangible. In this cloud, foes breathe her perfume and fall under a sweet trance. In this form, she can teleport herself, petals cloud twists and she disappears. In this form, she is immune to energy attack, elemental, attack and physical attack. It seems, this form tires her.

Illusions and reality alteration:
•The Last Nightmare: She deals the technique with a single finger. A pink and tiny energy ball enters in her opponent's head to literally destroy her opponent's mind. Once used, it sends various nightmare illusions directly created by the opponent's brain; her victim is trapped within an illusion that is almost indistinguishable from reality; her opponent's greatest fears and suffering fulfill, overwhelm and destroy her victim mind and soul.
•The Last Dream: It's the same technique but she uses pleasant dreams to trap mind and soul in time. Her victim falls in a state of permanent and eternal ecstasy.
•Thousand Faces: She is imbued by a pink aura and she assumes another appearance (voice, smell, aura, mind, …). Most of the time she likes to become a totally anonymous person.
•More Than Real: She talks and creates illusions. She uses them to trick or injure a victim. Her victim cannot be killed in this fashion, but her opponent will still be subject to wounds and feels pain.
•Fall Into My world: A pink vortex appears her eye. She creates her own fantasy world, and put her victim into it. She controls physical rules and time.
•Petals Rain: She creates a rose petals rain. Under this rain, her target falls into a sweet and blank state of ecstasy and pleasure. It’s very addictive but it heals and regenerates body and mind of her target.

•What You Want To Hear: She can know exactly what to say to get a desired response from another. This power usually doesn't permanently change a person's viewpoint, but it can.
•Telepathic: She can converse psychically with an entity, project images, transmit sensory input, etc.
•Dead End Recital: She sings. Her voice weakens her opponent to the point that they can’t fight anymore. Her voice resonates within her opponent’s brain and body (even if the opponent can not hear her voice). Her voice causes direct internal physical damage as well, as her voice is able to shatter her opponent’s mind.
•Siren Climax: It is a amplification of ‘Dead End Recital’. Once ‘Dead End Recital’ reaches climax, her voice can kill her opponent by destroying their mind.
•?????: She perceives most of the thing around her. She learns about events and individuals. It seems she may see pieces of the future.
•Voice of the Siren: She entrances a victim with her voice. The victim must hear her voice for this power to work. The victim can only listen in rapture until she stops singing.
•Entrancement: She enchants her victim, who will seek to please her. This effect stops if the victims are aggressed by her.

Pink energy:
This energy is an unknown mix of magic and something else.
•Heat of Goodness: A part of her body radiates a pleasant pink flame. Near the flame, everyone feels a sweet pleasure. If she touches someone, her target's body and mind are overwhelmed by an intense rush of pleasure. She can throw this flame.
•Pink Plant: She creates a living plant in her palm. She throws it and this strong plant engulfs her opponent. If the opponent is paralyzed, she can use any of her Pink Energy power trough her plant.
•Circle of Constriction: She creates circles or disks of pink energy. She throws them. They can explode, cut or tie an opponent. She can hurt anyone but she can’t kill. It seems they could deal only half of her opponent life in damage.
•Potions: She creates and uses potions. It seems she may heal, poison, give strength, … with her potions. She can use her potion as powerful drug too.

Known weaknesses:
•Sound and lights: It seems she is sensible to some sounds and lights.
•Ordinary strength, speed and stamina. (but it seems her body is very hard to destroy)
•She likes to play with her opponent or victim.

There are few secrets to find about her. Consider this description above is a web site written by someone who knows or fought her. Megami is free to be played or used during rp with Anya (me). She is a mysterious dangerous, and entrancing girl who is able and like to play with other.

Megami Bara ... the Mistress of puppets of Azria's Evil Plan story.
A new and dangerous girl from Anya's past. I wanted to create an graceful, dangerous and elusive girl. (You can recognize the white rose)

AEP Ch8: Mistress of puppets

The Azria's Evil Plan 8/8:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Ch8/8: Mistress of puppets


Honestly, I tremble before posting this chapter. I took long time to write it due work, vacations and the search for the mysterious girl. (Special thanks for Crimson Kat's creator who sent me a good web url to find a model for this mysterious character).

The Azria's Evil Plan (AEP) Chapter 8 (the last chapter).

Metallia collects heroine and villainness 's souls for Azria. The evil wraith destroys Anya's soul during a cruel ritual. Azria is about to become an absolute goddess. It left a last member of the plot against her. It seems nothing can stop her ...


The Azria's Evil Plan Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia walked toward Lady Ashton and grinned.

Metallia: "Good morning Lady Ashton."

Lady Ashton turned her head and looked Metallia in Anya's body. The evil sorceress walked slowly toward Lady Ashton and smiled. Lady Ashton stood up and looked around.

Metallia: "It's useless to run ... I'm faster than you."

Lady Ashton: "I know everything you're Metallia and ..."

Metallia: "And I use Anya's body to neutralize a world plague ... empowered bimbos. Azria manipulates me and ... I know everything. If that cleans the world from all empowered bitches like you ... I'm happy to give her more souls even if she becomes a Goddess."

Lady Ashton: "She is too dangerous ..."

Metallia: "It's not a problem, she will find a powerful foe and she'll fall ... and no more empowered girls or women ... a cleaned world."

Lady Ashton: "you're crazy!"

Metallia: "No ... you're crazy. I 'm determined, you tried to save time ... you waited our plot members. Reiko23 and her servants had been neutralized for good. Crimson Kat is now a statue, her soul ate by Azria. The other girl is dead. You, the elegant and splendid Lady Ashton, you're the last."

Lady Ashton: "Someone will discover your plan and ..."

Metallia: "And WHAT? Stop Azria? Be serious, it's too late ... you're the last. After you, Azria will able to enter in this world with an ultimate power. You, me and all of my victims will be a part of a goddess."

Metallia grinned and caressed Ultrawoman statue's foot. Lady Ashton ran fast to charge Metallia but she was stopped by unmovable metallic body. She felt, rolled and stood up.

Metallia: "You're very resistant my artifacts' powers."

Metallia used her inner lightening power to increase her speed and strength. She moved up to the sound speed behind Lady Ashton and put her electricity covered hands on Lady's shoulders. Lady Ashton screamed in pain but she kicked Metallia. Lady Ashton turned and jumped toward the evil sorceress. Metallia grinned as Ultrawoman statue (=> link) grabbed Lady Ashton's neck from behind. She tried to struggle but the golden statue was too strong.

Metallia stepped closer and grabbed Lady Ashton's chin. She saw the beautiful Anya's face came closer. Metallia kissed her. Lady Ashton tried to resist but after few minutes she felt her body became cold. It was a pleasant feeling, a pleasant idea to become a statue forever. Her perfect and elegant body in metal for eternity... she liked this idea. Her body was turned into metal as her mind felt into nothing.

Metallia stepped back and smiled: "Farwell Anya!" She looked above her and waited her turn. Suddenly, her green eyes opened sharply, she looked Ultrawoman statue and screamed: "NO!"


Lady Ashton appeared in front Anya. The blond heroine felt on her knees.

Anya: "no!"

Lady Ashton smiled: "Did you remember that you told me about you? ... What a pleasurable sight. You ... on your knees, in front me! You're all mine."

Anya dried her tears and stood up.

Azria: "So proud, you stand again and again ... interesting."

Lady Ashton grabbed Anya's neck and strangled her. She uses her extra strength to force Anya on her knees.

Lady Ashton: "I said I like when you're on your knees. Can you please me and unzipped this outfit ... and horrible shoes! This body deserves better clothes before your death."

Anya undressed and knelt naked. Lady Ashton threw a blue dress and high-wheeled black boots.

Lady Ashton: "I want to kill you but I want you elegant."

Anya slipped the dressed and boots then knelt. Lady Ashton brushed Anya's hair with her hand and put a golden headband on Anya's head.

Lady Ashton: "You're beautiful"

Azria laughed: "She is crazy. I like her. You look like a doll ... like Andromeda before her sacrifice"

Lady Ashton knelt and kissed Anya. She pushed the blond heroine on her back and laid on Anya. She pressed her belly and her firm breasts on Anya's perfect body.

Azria: "another death during love. Your friends are perverts my little slut."

Anya opened sharply her green eyes as Lady Ashton moved her hand between her firm tights. Anya moved her hands beside Lady Ashton's slender body. The blond heroine moaned. Anya let herself up to desire and pleasure. Again Anya's body grew weaker and weaker orgasm after orgasm. She didn't care about anything. She was to weak, mind and body nearly unconscious. She felt her heart was about to stop. Azria stopped the time and leaned.

Azria: "Farwell my little slut, it was a pleasure to ..."

Anya's hand moved. Metallia appeared too late to prevent Anya from putting a golden tiara on Azria's head. Metallia's hand was stopped. She turned and saw Reiko23.

Azria screamed and took her head between her hands. "HAAAAAAAAA what ... what's happening? Impossible I had imprisoned ya ...HAAAA"

Reiko smiled and threw Metallia away as the witch tried to impale Anya and Lady Ashton with her metallic arm.

Azria tried to remove this tiara. Metallia used her metal control to remove it. The strange girl appeared and caught the tiara. She had Anya's body in her other arm. This petite brunette, this strange and anonymous girl was so trite. Everyone forgot her appearance but Azria knew that she is the last member of the plot.

Azria: "YOU ... Who are you? I killed you ... destroyed you ..."

A wave of energy burst from the wraith body and Ultrawoman appeared beside the strange girl. She took back her tiara.

Azria: "How do you dare? Do you really think you can fight me?"

Strange girl: "Fight you yes, beat you ... We are not powerful enough to hurt you."

Azria: "fools!"

Reiko23: "neutralize Metallia"

Her servants nodded and rushed Metallia.

Strange girl: "Can I say something before we start an hard fist fight? ... I have to congratulate you; your plan was nearly perfect. But perfection is a paradox, when you think to reach perfection ... perfection is further ... ask inside to Jessica, she ran after perfection but she can't reach it, especially when she is just a battery ...."

Azria angry fired red lightening and the strange girl disappeared in cloud of pink petals.

A giant clone appeared and stopped Reiko23's attack with powerful bash as she dodged Ultrawoman's attack and punched her flat belly. Ultrawoman flew away but she tied Azria's arm with her lasso and used her speed and Amazon's strength to threw and slammed hard the wraith onto the floor. Reiko fell then rolled away. With one knee on the floor she bombarded the giant Azria with purple plasma bolts. Azria stepped back and she invoked a fire meteor to blasted Reiko.

Azria's first clone bear hugged Ultrawoman. The Amazon's back crackled under the wraith's strength. Azria's second clone freed her arm from the lasso and jumped on Reiko23's back. She crushed the robotic body very hard and sent powerful EM waves. Azria's giant third clone grabbed Anya spiritual form between her hands and slowly crushed her. The poor heroine was too weak to struggle. Anya moaned as Azria squeezed her tiny body between her giant hands.

The first clone snapped one's fingers and 10 summoned demons rushed Lady Ashton who tried to help Ultrawoman. They were too many for her. She fought them but she slowly fell under their attack and number.

Azria: "none of you can stand against me ... and you came with her body hahaha"

Strange girl: "Anya fight her ..."

Azria summoned shadow tentacles to tie the strange girl. Shadow tentacles crushed and twisted the girl's body. She screamed when her body crackled. The tentacles dislocated her like a rag doll. The strange girl fell dismembered on the floor, this ordinary and common strange girl appeared in another form: A cute petite Japanese girl in a kimono. Azria's giant clone crushed the Japanese girl with her giant foot.

Azria's first clone entered in Reiko's body and took possession of the robot. Reiko stood up and smiled.

Ultrawoman struggled bravely but Azria was too strong. Her back crackled under the pressure as dark energy drained her Amazon's strength. She was unable to breath as her massive breasts were crushed on the wraith slim invulnerable body.

Azria inside Reiko body took control of Reiko's minions. She helped Metallia to stand up. She looked Lady Ashton was grabbed from behind as another demon punched her cute face and her flat belly like a punching ball.

Azria: "My dear Metallia, enjoy the final destruction of Anya Storm. Her allies are doomed. I want you beside me ... because you deserve to continue your crusade. They took her body here, then I don't need to scarify you anymore."

Metallia nodded and smiled : "with pleasure ...".

The dark sorceress looked Reiko23 carefully.

Reiko23's hand glowed and she healed Metallia. : "Yes, I know Reiko will take back control... but not now and it'll be too late."

Azria controlled Purple Doctor, the evil robotic servant put a control device on Ultrawoman's and Lady Ashton's nape of the neck. The device entered in their brain and took control of the heroines. Azria altered time and used a control spell to take control of the heroines.

Azria laughed: "Ultrawoman and Lady Ashton are neutralized. This unknown girl is destroyed. I'll put Anya's weak soul her body and I'll consume her for good. Her body will be mine forever and I'll become a goddess. And this moaning little slut will disappear for ever."
Anya was totally under pleasure control between Azria's giant clone hands.

Metallia: "sounds good"

Reiko, Lady Ashton and Ultrawoman knelt in front Azria. The wraith walked in front Anya's real body. She put Anya's spiritual form in her real body. She continued to moan as Azria rubbed her body. White lightenings appeared her perfect tiny body as she moaned louder. Azria put her hand on the blond heroine's chest and began to enter in her body.

Azria : "yes ... you like that. You're bored to suffer ... what?"

Anya tried to talk.

Azria leaned her head: "What ... a last word slut?" She put her ear in front Anya's sweet lips.

Suddenly they were engulfed by powerful lightenings. Azria and her clones screamed in pain and clones disappeared. Metallia turned herself into metal and moved to help Azria but a powerful grip on her shoulder stopped her.

Jessica threw Metallia away: "WHAT'S GOING ON?" She grabbed her head and screamed. "THIS PAIN ... YOU USED ME ..."

Azria grabbed Anya's lovely neck and strangled her. Electricity faded and Anya agonized.

Azria: "Stupid bitch ... what are you playing? How did you free Jessica?"

Azria released Anya's neck: "I take your body and soul right now ..."

Azria put her hand on Anya's chest but someone grabbed Anya and jumped away very fast. Crimson Kat threw Anya in the enchanting Japanese girl's arms. Crimson Kat jumped toward Azria but she wasn't fast enough. The wraith dodged and smiled but behind she was not able to dodge Jessica powerful fist in her face. Azria was thrown away but she levitated and summoned a tornado on Jessica and Crimson Kat.

Lady Ashton, Ultrawoman and Reiko were freed from Azria control.

Azria dodged Ultrawoman's lasso but she was hit by Reiko's plasma. She landed and she moved very fast. She kicked Ultrawoman midsection and fired a green energy ray on Reiko. The powerful robot fell on her knees. Ultrawoman punched Azria's face but it seemed the wraith felt nothing. She smiled and crushed the amazon on the floor with telekinesis force.

Azria: "Yes attack me, feel my powers, you wake my powers up more and more ..."

She turned fast and fired a laser beam to stop Jessica's attack. The laser beam pierced and exploded the demoness's chest. Azria laughed: "You ... all of you are too weak for me"

Jessica fell face on the floor. Azria crushed and pulverized the demoness's head with her black boots. She blocked a Crimson Kat's kick with an ice shield and smashed the Japanese fighter on Ultrawoman with a shadow tentacle.

The Japanese girl stood in front Anya who laid on the floor. A pink petals rain fell from the cute Japanese girl's hand on the destroyed heroine. Anya's body is engulfed by a pink aura. Azria fired a laser shoot with her dark eyes. The Japanese cute girl stopped the laser shoot with a pink shield but Azria summoned a yellow spear that pierced the mysterious girl chest from behind. She opened sharply her eyes and fell face on the floor.

Bruised and wounded heroines and villainness surrounded Azria. They attacked her again and again. Azria was too powerful. They fell one after one. Reiko fell under Azria's devastating energy attacks and summoned rain of meteor. Jessica was reduced to pieces by Azria's magical claws. Crimson Kat's body was broken by Azria's telekinesis power. Azria bite Ultrawoman's neck and sucked the Amazon's life and blood.

Azria helped Metallia. The evil wraith fired a vortex of antimatter that disintegrated Purple Doctor. She rose a living tree that grabbed Purple Jack and turned him into wood. She summoned a column of fire and reduces in ashes Purple Jack and the tree. She trapped Purple Shadow into a block of ice and opened a extra dimensional portal. She banished the robotic ninja into limbo. Metallia was impressed with Azria power.

From behind her, Azria lifted Lady Ashton in air before she gave a potion to Ultrawoman. The evil wraith turned and laughed: "You failed ... so vain."

Azria began to crush and kill Lady Ashton with her telekinesis power. Suddenly she saw a flash of light and her tiny body was swept away. Lightenings were so intense and powerful. Her indestructible skin was burned. Metallia fell burned on the floor as her magic belt started to regenerate her burned body. Azria screamed in pain as a wave of electricity engulf her. Her right knee fell on the floor. She saw Anya rushing her. Electricity paralyzed Azria's body. Electricity was so intense and shattered Anya's skin tight outfit. The angry heroine fired another powerful chain lightening. The Japanese girl pulled away the other girls away with pink tentacles. She used potions to heal Ultrawoman and Crimson Kat.
"As I said princess, Anya's wrath is able to destroy anything...."

Electricity around Anya was extremely intense and powerful. They crackled hard. Anya and Azria were very far. They just saw a giant maelstrom of pure electricity.

Ultrawoman tied Metallia's neck with her lasso and ordered her not to fight and to give up. The dark sorceress was not able to use her metal control, she fall under lasso control.

Ultrawoman: "...a such destructive power. How is it possible?"

Reiko stood up: "Her power is... is" Her body quivered and repaired some insider her robotic body "Her power is a mystery"

The Japanese girl smiled as the maelstrom grew more and more. Azria stood up each time and she resisted more and more.

Crimson Kat: "not good ... Azria seems to resist"

Reiko: "I understand ... Anya can not stop her but her power slowly destroy this dimension."

The Japanese beautiful girl smiled and watched above. Lightenings were everywhere above them. Electricity seemed to tear this dimension. Reiko created a protective shield around them.

Reiko: "Purple Shield activated, power full"

Japanese Girl "Azria is too powerful ... but this dimension can not support a such energy."

Ultrawoman: "How did you know that? Why a such plan ..."

The Japanese Girl: "You know the theory of the candle at the end of her life ... it blights more and more. Anya's last remnant seeing her loved friends and her idol ... in front of her. I added a little nudge ... then the fury is unleashed."

Azria smiled as Anya's destructive attacks began harmless. Focused on the blond fury, she didn't pay attention about her world. Breaches appeared everywhere and grew up very fast.

Anya's electricity continued to increase more and more but Azria produced a tail and stuck it into Anya's back. The blond heroine screamed in pain as electricity decreased. Azria injected a dark poison in the heroine's body.

Azria: "foolish heroine ... you can't hurt me any more. You were impressive ... you have a such power in this body ... but your body is too fragile."

Anya fell on her knees as electricity faded around her. Azria drained Anya's power. Electricity appears on Azria's body. Anya slowly faded unconscious.

Azria used a telekinetic power to crush Anya's body. The blond heroine screamed in pain but she tried to stand up.

Azria: "You're beautiful ... standing against me."

Azria looked behind Anya. The evil wraith saw the Japanese Girl surrounded by her other opponents.


The mysterious girl smiled and Azria fired a powerful energy ray. Reiko moved and focused her shield to stop Azria's energy ray. A huge explosion resonated around as the ray hit the shield.

Reiko : "Purple Shield power 70%"

Azria created a spear of yellow energy and threw it trough Anya's chest. Anya screamed as the spear pierced her chest. She fell on knees. She smiled and stood up.

Azria : "Ho I don't believe that ... again you stand."

Azria opened and closed her hand. Anya's bones crackled as she screamed in pain. Her legs and arms were broken. She fell face on the floor. Her body's quivered in agony.

Azria kicked the blond heroine on her back and fired another powerful energy beam mixed with a powerful chain lightening. Reiko gathered her shield to stop the attack. A huger explosion resonated around.

Reiko : "Purple Shield power 30%"

The Japanese Girl : "Stay here ... and watch. Reiko will protect us"

Azria squeezed Anya's crotch with her foot covered by a white aura. Anya moaned in pleasure. Azria stuck Anya's feet and hands with summoned wood stakes. Anya didn't feel the stakes. She was totally overwhelmed by pleasure. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she reached orgasm. Her body was not able to support more. She was about to die.

Azria : "yes I can't believe that ... it's over bitch! I'm a GODDESS!"

Anya opened her eyes. They glowed light blue. Azria was blinded. A huge vortex of electricity appeared around them.

Anya : "NEVER .. GO ... TO ... HELL!"

Azria looked around and screamed : "NOOOOOOO"

The Japanese Girl : "Anya understood ... a candle at the end of life ..."

The vortex of electricity exploded and in a last flash of white light, this dimension collapsed.

All of them felt a sweet and delicate smell of rose.

Ultrawoman opened her eyes. She was in the park. She saw Lady Ashton's hand. The elegant heroine helped the Amazon's to stand up.

Ultrawoman: "thanks"
Lady Ashton: "her plan worked it seems."
Ultrawoman: "yes ... but I don't trust her. Ifollowed her plan but I know she knew everything since the beginning but we didn't have choice to stop Azria. She talked me in my dreams and explained me everything."
Lady Ashton: "I know. If you're right and I think so ... why she waited to call us and stop Azria?"
Ultrawoman: "Honestly I don't know. We don't know her, her powers, her motivations ... we have to pay attention about this mysterious girl."
Lady Ashton called Crimson Kat : "Everything's okay? ... yes ok. Your instinct ... Anya is somewhere. Thanks"

A purple smoke appeared in front the 2 heroines and Reiko rose out from the purple cloud.

Reiko: "I won't attack you ... not today. Most of the heroines and villainnesses have been freed. Some of them are still in statues. Anya is somewhere. I saw her."

Lady Ashton: "Where is she? And who are still in statue?"

Reiko: "In my point of view, we win. I don't care about anything else. Goodbye ... truce will be over tomorrow."

Lady Ashton : "Where is she?"

Reiko smiled: "She is in good hands ..." and disappeared in purple cloud. She let on the floor and an usb key. Lady Ashton took the usb key and plugged on her pad.

A portrait of the Japanese Girl appeared :
"Megami Bara ..."

Ultrawoman: "Reiko knew her ... I don't believe it. Her powers are terrible ... she manipulated us."
Lady Ashton: "Anyway ... Azria is stopped I hope we didn't pay too much"
Ultrawoman : "You're right"


Megami drifted above Azria and Metallia. She wore a beautiful Japanese Kimono.

Megami: "I'm Megami Bara. Your plan was incredible but I can't let you become a Goddess ... not now"

She smiled.

Azria : "You ..."
A giant plant of pink energy paralyzed Azria. Metallia looked the enigmatic Japanese girl and she didn't move.

Megami : "You deserve a reward for your work ... Metallia, my dear and beautiful dark sorceress, you'll gain the power and soul of Firia and you ... Azria you keep the power and soul of Frizia."

Metallia : "Why?"

Megami : "because you deserve a kind of reward. A woman like you deserves even more but I can't give you more. A new power to help you in your crusade. Some heroines and villainnesses are still in statue. They are not strong enough to be saved. Good hunt my dear ..."

Metallia covered her hand with fire and smiled.

Megami : "You Azria ... what a brilliant plan. I can't give you a body to stay permanently in this world ... the cutest wraith in the world. Powerful and brilliant, you'll get what you want ... but not today, not now, not like that. Your plan fails because it's not the right time, but that is productive ... think about what you learnt ..."

Megami disappeared in a cloud of pink petals.

Metallia : "powers and girls ...I have to thank you for everything ... I learnt a lot of things for my crusade. I liked your plan but this girl won, ... a puppet mistress and we were her puppets. I think, she sowed seed of your defeat since the first day. Bye."

Metallia caressed Azria's chick then she smiled and jumped into a shadow.

Azria screamed her rage out to the world: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

A dark energy grew around her. That destroyed the pink plant and killed mortals in the district. This explosion of dark energy emptied her of energy. She faded in the ethereal world. She held her head high and smiled as she disappeared into ether.


Anya opened her green eyes. She was in Megami's arms. Anya felt so good, this Japanese girl's perfume and smile. Megami caressed Anya's long blond hair. The heroine felt so good, in peace.

Anya : "Mariko ... you!? Am I in heaven?"

Megami : "During a couple of minute yes my sweet"

Anya : "I missed you"

Megami : "I'm always near you're my sweet"

Megami leaned her head and kissed Anya. The blond heroine closed her eyes and kissed her back.

The sweet kiss feeling faded. Anya was not able to move. She was cold. She opened her green eyes and she saw an hazy brunette figure. She tried to shake her head but she was not able to move. Her body was paralyzed. Slowly she recovered her eyesight. Valerie smiled in front the blond heroine. The blond heroine wanted to struggle but her body didn't move, her powers didn't work. Her torso was wet.

Anya weakly moaned "noo"

Valerie : "I was lucky. I were turned into a statue, I killed you ... then I disappeared into nothing and when I woke up. I found you unconscious, weak and helpless. You're bound into my Chair Of Obedience. It also read your memories ... I don't believe what happened to us. In a couple of hours, you will become Mom's Sugar Spice for ever."

Valerie kissed Anya as the Chair hummed and started to brainwash the blond heroine. Minute after minute, the heroine mind and personally was slowly erased. She tried but she was not able to resist.

Above the building where Anya was brainwashed, Reiko and Megami flew.

Reiko : "I don't understand you... You're not logical"
Megami : "You don't have to understand me ... her energy is saved. You don't want more or you care for her. Hmmm take this ... I think you will able to rebuild your Purple Doctor."

Megami threw Purple Doctor's head to Reiko. Megami smiled and disappeared in a tornado of pink petals.

Reiko used her purple nanobots to rebuild her servant. Purple Doctor booted.

"Booting ...100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine 1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Initializing Purple Nanobots shaping device ... 100%
Loading Data from Reiko 23 ... 100%
Purple Doctor Unit operational"

Purple Doctor : "Purple Jack had been destroyed and Purple Shadow had been banished in another dimension."
Reiko : "We will replace then ... I want 3 right-hand servants around me. 3 different points of view ... I uploaded a list of potential servants."

Reiko looked down. Anya knelt in front Valerie and kissed her black shoes.

Few days later, Anya was found in a jail as Sugar Spice.


The End.

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- Lady Ashton
- Crimson Kat

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