Anya Storm in Champions Online: lightening uppercut

AEP Ch7: Hope fades

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia in Anya's body continues her crusade against heroine and villainess.
Anya trapped in Azria's world is totally helpless to stop the wraith's plan.
A group of empowered young women tries to stop the wraith but she seems unstoppable.



The Azria's Evil Plan Chapter 7: Hope fades

Azria smiled as she watched this meeting. She grabbed Anya by her nap and lifted the destroyed heroine like a rag doll.
Azria : “look slut … they try to plot against me … but they don’t know I have the power of divination from Miss Oracle … they are your last chance and I’ll go to stop them … watch the show my little slut.”


Azria appeared on the table.
Azria: “hello ladies!”

Reiko23 stood and fired a powerful purple plasma shot. Azria smiled as the plasma went trough her spectral body. She laughed.

Azria: “Poor Reiko the ultimate robot …”

Purple Doctor fired a energy net. Azria dodged fast and appeared behind the doctor. She used her laser vision and cut the Purple Doctor’s robotic body in pieces. She created a clone and blocked the Purple Jack attack and another clone to rush Reiko23.

The mysterious girl : “Ladies … run away FAST! … houccchhh”

Azria grabbed Purple Jack huge arm and threw him on this strange girl. His powerful body crushed her into a wall. A part of the roof fell on them. Purple Jack jumped out from the wall’s debris. Azria saw the mysterious girl laying under the wall, lifeless and motionless. Reiko23 dodged Azria punch and fired a powerful plasma shot. Azria was hit hard and flew trough walls and roof very far. Azria dodged a Purple Shadow attack from behind and tied up the robotic ninja with her stretched red fingers then she engulfed Purple Shadow into Red Lightening and she drained her pray.

Reiko moved to save the mysterious girl but an Azria appeared above them and fell hard on Reiko back to crush Reiko and the mysterious girl. They fell trough floors. Reiko’s back crackled under the impact.

Azria laughed : “not so ultimate …”

She invoked a powerful energy ball and hit Reiko’s back. A huge explosion devastated the building. Another Azria crushed Purple Shadow body as the third Azria quartered Purple Jack with a powerfull telekinesis power. Azria imprisoned the destroyed Shadow Purple into a coffin of ice then she turned the ice into a crystal. The third Azria punched harder and harder Purple Jack body. He was unable to dodge her devastating attacks. She pierced his skin and she tore out his components. Crimson Kat jumped on this Azria but she is stopped and engulfed by Azria’s hair.

Azria : “all of you … you are so weak for me now!”

Azria looked Crimson Kat and grinned : “You won’t die today … Metallia would like a revenge …”

She threw the struggling Crimson Kat far away. The building collapsed. Three Azria walked out rubble surrounded by an energy field. She turned and looked Reiko jumping from rubble.

Azria : “You can’t stop me … your plot is over!”

Reiko looked the wraith and she was about to attack but an Azria grabbed her from behind. The wraith was too strong. Azria grew up to 100 feet (30m). Reiko struggled in the giant wraith’s hand and covered her body with purple lightenings but it seemed useless against the wraith. Azria slowly twisted and bent Reiko in her giant and powerful hands. The wraith sent power EMP waves directly inside the robot’s body. Reiko quivered and convulsed hard as her body was crushed and devastated but she fired a powerful plasma ray. Azria’s hand was pierced but she regenerated.

Azria engulfed Reiko in waves of EMP, electricity and powerful energy shocks.

Azria : “The ultimate robot … I know you will recover … hmm sorry you will repair your body. No one can stop me … no one, it’s too late.”

Azria crushed Reiko onto the floor like a harmless insect. The destroyed robot levitated infront Azria’s smiling face. The wraith blew a very cold air as Reiko’s body froze. Azria regained her normal size. She rubbed the ice block and turned it into diamond. Reiko was imprisoned into a block of diamond. Azria grinned. She knew that she had defeated one of the most dangerous being on earth … and it was so easy.

Azria came back in her dimension with the imprisoned robots. She sat on Anya’s belly.

Azria: “look … your nemesis … neutralized, imprisoned in out of time diamond coffin.”

Anya moaned as Azria rubbed her curvy body.

Azria : “my little slut … why don’t you accept that you’re doomed and I can’t be stopped”

Anya didn’t answer and looked the imprisoned Reiko’s body. She tough “It’s impossible!”

Azria: “It’s possible and I did it. Metallia gave me more powerful girls’ souls … all of theses powers just for me. I’m invincible and soon at the end of this ritual … I’ll get your old body and I will be reincarnated for ever as a Goddess”

Azria grinned : “you hide your thoughts … you’ll resist and suffer until the end. Your choice slut!”

Azria rubbed Anya faster and faster and increased her pleasure. Anya moaned louder and louder but Azria stopped just before the orgasm. Azria put a dark energy ball in Anya’s belly then she stood up. The blond heroine screamed and convulsed in pain at Azria feet.

Azria watched Metallia. The sorceress just turned into a statue someone else.

Azria: “we miss that little slut …”

Anya laid on the floor motionless as 2 girls appeared. Anya recognized Gloria a vampire slayer. The other girl seemed to be a vampire.

Azria: “Gloria a vampire slayer and her prey … Baroness Senna. You’re spoiled little slut.”

Anya stood up slowly. Gloria kicked Anya’s mid section. The heroine fell on her knees then she stood up. She felt Senna behind her and saw running toward her. She moved her bust on the left. She grabbed Gloria’s hand to lead her stick into Senna chest but the vampire girl grabbed the stick and stopped it.

Senna and Gloria stepped back and laughed.
Senna: “you’re are ridiculous, you’re unskilled, slow and weak.”

Gloria grinned and Anya saw her long tooth. Glorial had been turned into a vampire.

Senna: “She is my child and my servant … and we are hungry”
Glorial: “mistress …”

Glorial moved fast and caught Anya from behind. Glorial was too strong. Anya was unable to struggle. Senna looked into Anya’s green eyes and smiled. Anya was entranced. She leaned her cute head and offered her soft neck. Senna came closer and pressed her powerful body on Anya’s tiny weak body.

Senna: “You smell good. I can feel your hot and fresh blood … your life running in this perfect tiny body … so delicious … so appetizing.”

Senna bit Anya’s neck and sucked the heroine’s blood. Anya’s body and mind are overwhelmed by a cold and powerful pleasure. Gloria released the heroine in Senna’s arms and kneels. The former vampire slayer bit Anya’s tight and sucked her hot blood too. Anya was totally under pleasure control as they sucked her life away. She died.

Anya woke as Azria bit her neck and sucked her soul more and more. She let Anya falling at her feet.
Azria: “soon the end my little slut … soon the end. 2 more souls and the ritual will be finished.”
She laughed as she knew that she had destroyed the last remnant of hope in Anya’s mind.


Metallia put her last statues in her secret lair.

Metallia: “I were lucky to receive Gloria’s SOS … I came just in time to harvest 2 more empowered bitches… but I have to take a revenge against Crimson Kat. She led me into a trap … this tiny asian bitch will pay for that.”

Metallia took a crystal ball and opened a dark magic book. She song a long spell. She saw Crimson Kat’ secret lair and she grinned.

Metallia: “Aluna victiss veritas … Spirit of true vision lend your eyes to me”

The crystal ball glowed and Metallia grinned

Metallia : “I know where you are, kitty!”

She rode fast to the Crimson Kat’s lair. She used her magic boots to teleport her on the roof. She entered in the building and ran to the Crimson Kat secret apartment. She exploded the door and moved fast inside. She jumped toward Crimson Kat. Kimbery nearly naked sat on her sofa thinking about who she could call to stop Azria. Kimberly rolled and dodged the lightening punch that destroyed her sofa.

Crimson Kat: “Any … Metallia wait a minute …”

Metallia smiled and fired 3 lightening bolts. Kimberly jumped and dodged the bolts and looked Metallia’s next attack. Metallia in Anya’s body was so beautiful. Anya’s perfect body with Metallia’s aura, Kimberly was fascinated by her opponent’s curves and beauty.

Crimson Kat shacked her head and remembered what this mysterious girl who gathered together to stop Azria that Metallia had merged her powerful artifacts in Anya’s outfit.

Kimberly ran and dashed on a wall to jump on Metallia but her kick was block by Metallia metallic arm. Metallia tried to grab Crimson Kat but she was just able to tear up her clothes. When Kimberly landed, cables from walls and roof moved and tied fast her perfect body.

Metallia: “copper cables … I can control them. You were focused on my artifacts and my electricity powers … you forgot that I can control metal!”

Crimson Kat struggled hard but there was too much cables.

Crimson Kat: “Metallia you’re mani…HAAAAAAA”

Metallia sent electricity trough cables. Kimberly screamed in pain. She wanted to warn Metallia about Azria’s plan but she were not able to talk. Crimson Kat tried to recover her senses and breath as her eyes looked Metallia. Again Kimberly’s mind was assaulted by the entrancing power of Metallia’s artifacts. She tried to focus but Metallia sent tiny electricity shocks on her breast and crotch to distract her.

Crimson Kat: “Met hahaaaaa Azri haaaa …”

Metallia: “Azria uses me to empower her … I know I’m not stupid … but she gave me the opportunity to clean this world from many empowered bimbos … and especially Jessica and Anya Storm …”

Metallia smiled as she saw stupefaction in Kimberly’s eyes.

Crimson Kat succumbed to Metallia’s entrancing charm. She stopped to struggle. Metalllia pressed her body on Kimberly’s body.

Metallia: “I understood everything. I know what she is about to do … I know she will become an absolute over powerful goddess. She will finish to clean this world from powered bimbos. For that I can give her my soul and everything she wants … I tried to give her the most powerful women on earth … and now I’ll turn you into a statue. You’ll be sent into her world or dimension or lair … I don’t care. She’ll use you to weaken Anya, I think and she’ll eat your soul. And now you’ll let me turn you into a statue … because you can’t resist me!”

Crimson Kat was enthralled by Metallia’s powers and words. She stood before the sorceress motionless and let Metallia kissing her gorgeous lips.

Metallia: “on your knees and pose for me … your last pose!”

Crimson Kat knelt and posed. Kimberly’s body was slowly turned into gold. She became a statue and she liked that, her perfect body for eternity admired. Her mind was happy before fell into nothing.


Azria laughed as she heard Metallia.

Azria: “Do you listen her my little slut? … she convert the next to last.”

Anya slowly lost hope.

Anya: “impossible … how … why?”

Azria : “hatred my little slut… and my perfect plan!”

Crimson Kat appeared. Anya laid motionless on her back. She didn’t want to fight. She looked Crimson Kat walking toward her. Kimberly sat on Anya’s flat belly. Crimson Kat tied Anya’s arms with wire from her utility belt. Anya didn’t even try to struggle.

Crimson Kat: “you don’t try to save your life … why?”

Anya: “I can’t fight you … do everything you want with me!”

Crimson Kat looked the defenseless Anya’s perfect body and smiled. She untied Anya’s hands.

Crimson Kat : “then unzip this costume and undress! I’ll give you a pleasurable death”

Crimson Kat stood as Anya unzipped her costume and slowly removed it. Anya was totally overwhelmed by Kimberly’s hypnotic beauty. Anya’s gaze is captured by this exotic girl. Desire stared in her very soul remnant. Crimson laid on Anya’s naked tiny perfect body. Anya moaned.

Hour after hour, they made love. Anya did everything to please Kimberly. Orgasm after orgasm Anya’s body became weaker and weaker but Crimson Kat had an improved stamina. She didn’t feel any tiredness. Anya was totally extinguished but she tried to please Kimberly. They continued until Anya’s hearth stopped to beat in a last fatal orgasm.

Anya woke up in Azria’s arms. The evil wraith stroked her blond hair and drained the last remnant of her soul. Anya moaned. Azria was so attractive so desirable. She leaned her blond haired head on Azria’s chest.

Azria: “you gave up … slut. … one more soul. Look at you.”

Azria invoked a mirror. Anya saw herself dressed with her combat outfit in Azria’s arms. She saw herself totally helpless.

Azria :”you like to wear this outfit. You like your body coated with this skin tight fabric … so fine.”

Azria rubbed Anya’s crotch. The blond heroine was overwhelmed by pleasure.

Azria : “so resistant”

Azria controlled the fabric to tighten and crush Anya’s body with her outfit. Anya arched her back and screamed in pain. Anya was unable to breath as her chest was compressed.

Azria laughed and kissed Anya’soft lips. Suddenly she stopped and turned Anya’s head. They looked Lady Ashton in front the golden UltraWoman statue.

Azria: “The last member of their plot … Metallia rides to her … your friend Lady Ashton will be your final torment … your executioner”

Azria laughed as tears flew from Anya’s green eyes.

Azria : “I hear your thoughts, if you give up and make me a goddess … you give her a chance to save her soul.”

Anya: “I can’t trust you”

Azria: “maybe you’re right … whatever I don’t care. I want to see your friend … finishing you. This will be a precious moment … even if you want to give up, it’s too late. My little slut, you can trust me, after months of torments, your last moment is incoming in few minutes …”

Azria laughed and overwhelmed Anya’s body with a rush of pleasure. Anya arched her back and tensed her muscles as she moaned.


This chapter involved:
- Lady Ashton
- Crimson Kat
- Reiko23
- a strange girl ...

to be continued …

Anya Storm first steps in Champions Online

AEP Ch6: A tiny hitch

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia in Anya's body continues her crusade against heroine and villainess.
Anya trapped in Azria's world is totally helpless to stop the wraith's plan.

The Azria's Evil Plan Chapter 6: A tiny hitch

Metallia moved in her secret lair in another magical dimension. She watched her collections of heroines and villainess. She thought “Years of work and now I can clean world from this plague for good …”
Metallia trained herself to control her new powers and body. She worked on magical rituals. She was not skillful enough to pretend to be Anya Storm. Last month, she was surprised by Jessica's fighting skill and the former demoness discovered the truth. Anya’souls was trapped for ever in a statue, she worked on a ritual to recover Anya’s fighting skills.


Azria: “She stopped to hunt to perfect this trickery … 1 month alone with you my little slut … 1 month of torment and pleasure … and you never tried to fight me …”
Anya lay motionless and suffering at Azria feet.
Azria: “Look slut her rituals … the first one is to hide her mentally behind an illusionary mind of you. And the second one … she worked hard … she uses your body … hmm sorry … her body to recover your martial knowledge. You’ll loose of your fighting skills for ever, years of hard work … whatever I’ll get back when I’ll get her soul”
Anya: “nooo”
Azria : “no? why … stop her, stop me!”
Azria put her foot on Anya crotch and sent waves of pleasure. Anya moaned and arched her body.
Azria: ”but you can’t, you don’t really want, … you’re doomed!”


Metallia posed for a FastSilver photo shoot when Anya’s martial knowledge slowly flew in her mind. She smiled as she posed.
The following day, she decided to stop some criminals and to test her new martial skills. She waited for a crime event in the city. She rode to an attacked jewelry shop. She entered in the shop and fired a lightening bolts on robbers. One of them took the bolt and didn’t move. He was protected by a strange armor. Metallia wanted to fire a devastating lightening chain but she thought that “Anya won’t do that, she doesn’t want to hurt innocent person …” She imbued her body with the Inner Lightening Boost power. Her green eyes glowed blue. Lightenings covered her body. She accelerated and moved very fast then she lightening kicked his head. He dodged but she continued to spin to lightening punch him. Lightenings crackled in the room as her attack destroyed a part of his armor. She didn’t let him strike back and she hammered his body with fast kicks and punches. He fell face on the floor.

Metallia: “Too easy!”

She called the police and moved to another crime event.

She did heroine work. She was careful. She lived as Anya Storm but she methodically prepared plans to capture her targets. She secretly used her artifacts and lasso to learn everything about her targets.

6 months later.
She had turned into statue dozen of powerful heroines and villainess. In Azria’s dimension, Anya only tried to fight villainess. She won few fight but Anya lost almost all of her power

Her last transformation was complete. She stepped back and admired the metallic body of Supergirl. Her mind and soul faded into nothing, and all that was left was perfect statue of pure steel.

Metallia smiled: “After all you deserve your nickname .. girl of steel!” She laughed.


Azria : “Hoooo yes a kryptonian soul will be mine soon …”

Anya stood up and looked Supergirl. The blond kryptonian disappeared. Anya felt hands on her head. Supergirl without effort broke Anya’s neck.

Anya woke up and moaned as the evil wraith drained her soul. Azria smiled : “I feel it … A such power! You understand everything … I’m now invincible. Metallia and you build an absolute power just for me!” She laughed


Metallia hunted Crimson Kat. The Asian petite heroine entered in an old mansion. Metallia followed her trough the window using her extra speed but her target was not in the room. Suddenly colored lights flashed around Metallia. She began to be light-headed. She tried to run out but the window was just closed by Crimson Kat. She felt a strange perfume but she was unable to focus not to breath. She fell on her knees. All of these lights flashed in her mind. She felt something entering in her nap. She was totally paralyzed and unable to think. Flashes stopped.

Mistress Valerie appeared from behind her and smiled.
“Thank you, Professor Van Holte, your device and your decoy worked perfectly. Your money …”
Mistress Valerie pointed a suit case. The mysterious professor took the money and disappeared.
“Nice technology … I like such technology. You have to try my new brainwashing machine miss Storm. You arrested too many of my henchmen, I lost a lot of money. You’ll work for me …”

2 henchmen brought Metallia in a strange machine. A dark helmet covered her face, her last vision was the beautiful Mistress Valerie’s smiling face.

“I created this machine to alter heroine and hero minds. Your mind will be reprogrammed and with Professor Van Holte’s chip in your brain … you will forget who you are and become another person … farwell Anya Storm … and hello Sugar Spyce!”

Metallia fought the process during hours and hours in vain. They opened the machine and she stepped toward her new mistress. She knelt before the dark beauty.
“Mistress Valerie, I, Sugar Spice, belong to you … I serve and obey you… I will serve and obey you”

Mistress Valerie laughed. “good girl, remove this useless heroine outfit … you don’t need it and you know why!”

Metallia : “yes I’m not an heroine. I’m a hooker”

Metallia removed her outfit and slid in a sexy tight blue dress. Mistress Valerie used a strange glove to redo her slave’s hair.

Mistress Valerie : “You better to be a good girl. Tonight Sugar! Obey the clients! Understand!”

Metallia : "I understand, Mistress"

(Check mindcontroller99's

With Metallia’s memory altered, she had been hypnotized and reprogrammed to believe she was a slutty hooker named Sugar Spice. Mistress Valerie decided to train her new slave and send Sugar Spice to work at her brothel. Totally under Mistress Valerie control, Metallia responded with a slutty yet submissive “Yes, Mistress” at Valerie’s commands.


Azria was angry : “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid witch!”
Anya smiled: “tiny hitch for a tiny wraith…”
Azria : “what?”
An Azria’s clone appeared. This clone grabbed Anya from behind one hand on her tiny firm breasts and the second grabbed Anya’s crotch.
Anya: “please no … HAAAAAAAAAAA”
The clone sent waves of Red Lightening Shokes and DarkEnergy waves trough the tiny heroine body. Anya was unable to struggle, Azria had the power of dozen of heroines and villainess. She was only able to scream in pain.


Metallia's mind had been wiped clean, she had no memory of who she was.. She fully believed that she was a hooker named "Sugar Spice". She accepted her new identity and stood on the Mistress Valerie’s brothel’s corner awaiting another client. Valerie’s henchman warned her pimp.
Man : "You better make a lot of money for us tonight Sugar!"
Metallia: "Yes, Sir."
Valerie: “your 11th client incoming … good girl”
Metallia :”with pleasure Mistress”

An old man paid for Sugar Spice. In the room, he put his hand in her head. She screamed in pain and quivered. 2 henchmen entered in the room. Another old man appeared bullets ricocheted off his apparent frail body. He gestured and broke with a telekinesis power their necks. Metallia covered her body with lightenings and lightening punched the old man.

Metallia: “you did a mistake …”

She fired a devastating chain lightening. The old man seemed to be disintegrated. Metallia remembered what Valerie did to her. She was angry. She summoned her clothes her body, her black magical dress merged with Anya’s outfit.

She left the room and Azria appeared. The evil wraith smiled. “I didn’t feel her attack … It’s good to be so powerful.” She crushed a chipset in her hand and opened a rift to her dimension.

Metallia ran fast and looked for Valerie. No one was able to stop her. She neutralized or killed every henchmen she met.

She faced Valerie. The mistress hypnotist used her talent on this blond fury and didn’t see the golden lasso at her feet. Valerie’s mind was overwhelmed by Metallia’s artifact entrancing powers. Metallia slapped Valerie’s head with the synapses lock power.

Valerie : “impossible .. how …”

Valerie was paralyzed as her mind slowly accepted not to fight this perfect blond in front of her. Metallia stepped toward the dark hypnotist beauty and hide back the lasso.

Metallia : “I don’t know how … I don’t care and you soon you wont care anymore too …”

Metallia kissed Valerie who liked it. It was so good, so sweet. She felt so good as her body slowly became chrome. She grinned as Valerie admired her last part of her perfect body becoming chrome. She thought “I'm so beautiful as a chrome statue … I'm a statue … forever” Her mind felt into nothing, being a statue for ever was so pleasant. Metallia stepped back and admired her new statue

Metallia: “I were lucky this time… I have to pay more attention”


Azria watched the scene and smiled
Azria: “… I saved her and I tested my new powers … your former chain lightening is less than a tickle …”

Azria called back her clone. Anya felt face on the floor totally ravaged.

Azria: “… a new challenger coming my little slut!”

Valerie appeared as Anya tried to stand up. Valerie grinned.

Valerie : “look into my eye Anya … you’re mine … you’re obeying me …”

Anya’s body and mind were very weak. She looked the hypnotist but she stepped and punched Valerie’s face. Valerie was surprised and felt on her ass but she kept using her hypnotic powers. Anya tried to fight but she crossed Valerie’s dark eyes and stopped to move. Anya’s mind was assailed, unable to resist Valerie’s power.

Valerie smiled and stood up. “kneel”

Anya were too weak. She knelt.

Valerie : “good girl … look at me … obey me!”

Anya: “I obey you”

Valerie : “undress and give me your suit”

Anya removed her suit and gave it to Valerie.

Valerie : “you wont try to defend your self, you’ll let me to kill you … because you don’t want to live anymore”

Anya: “I don’t want to live anymore”

Valerie moved behind Anya and wrapped her arm around the blond heroine’s neck. She slowly strangled the heroine until Anya died.

Anya woke up on table. Azria ate pieces of her soul like popcorn.
Azria: “few more souls and my ritual will be complete … are you happy for me?”
Anya was overwhelmed with pleasure and moaned as Azria grinned.


Around a table, Reiko23, Lady Ashton, Crimson Kat and a mysterious girl in robe silhouette watched Metallia in a smoke cloud.

Lady Ashton: “Are you really sure about your plan?”

The mysterious girl answered with a siren voice: “yes … I know where is Azria now. I traced her when she saved Metallia. Purple Doctor worked very well miss Reiko. And you miss Crimson Kat, your perfectly guided Metallia in the right place.”

Lady Ashton: “I’m not very satisfied about the idea to let Anya suffering like this … you can enter in her world and fight her … you’re the ultimate robot and you …”

Reiko: “She can endure.”

Mysterious girl: “I know her. She is like a reed, she bend but she won’t be broken easily. Azria is too powerful right now … follow the plan and we will get an opportunity to stop her”

Reiko: “true … my turn.”

Crimson Kat: “I did my part of this plan.”

Mysterious girl: “I hope yes because if we fail … Azria will be unstoppable. I hope it's not too late”


to be continued …

This chapter involved:
- :iconmindcontroller99:'s Mistress Valerie (and his short web comics involving Anya and Valerie)
- Lady Ashton
- Crimson Kat
- Reiko23
- a strange girl ...