Avtp4 : Puppetress after sell

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and now ... Avtp 4/4 : Puppetress after sell

Note: This story is told through the eyes of Doc Psy!
Grammar and structure have been corrected by iamrhaza3617
I want to thank him for his great job.

Anya stood in the middle of a dark alley. Her green eyes looked over at one building in particular. She was serious and totally focused on her task. She walked silently toward the old building. Suddenly, she saw an energy rift appear on her left. She turned and assumed her fighting stance: an oblique, triangular stance with one foot forward, and the other to the rear, her body facing at an angle of about 45 degrees. She saw a silhouette forming deep in the rift. She took a quick look behind her. She saw another, tinier rift forming back there as well. She turned and fired two lightning chain attacks across the two rifts. She heard screams. Suddenly, she sharply opened her green eyes as something hit her in the crotch from the ground. She didn't scream in pain, but she covered her crotch with her hands. Just then, another rift opened in front of her face, and out of it, spilled a liquid onto her face. She stepped back and cleaned her face off, even as a guy with a full body and head black armor appeared and clapped his hands at her.

Unknown: “Perfect, another one will disappear tonight. This liquid is a powerful DNA destroyer. In a few seconds, you will die, just like the others.”

In response to the man's words, she turned and fired off a powerful lightning bolt. He screamed in pain and convulsed. She followed her attack up and hit his belly with her knee. She flipped back and threw a powerful back-flip lightning kick into his jaw. He crashed hard into a wall, and fell face first onto the ground.

Anya: “Who are you?”

Unknown: “Impossible..... you can't survive this liquid.... ha ..... haaarggghhhh.....”

He jumped toward her, and then, he disappeared. She turned around and dodged his incoming punch. He was a teleportation user, she gathered, and adjusted her strategy. She grabbed his arm as it appeared again, and delivered a vicious lightning punch hard to the inside of his elbow. His arm crumpled under the force of her blow.

Anya: “Are you kidding me? An attack from behind, you..... wait just a minute.... you're not a doll!”

She dodged a high kick from her opponent, and then, a following punch by side-stepping it. She grabbed his arm and moved behind him. She covered her tiny perfect body with electricity and engulfed them both in a tornado filled with lightning strikes.

He convulsed as his armor began to smoke. She kicked him away and then jumped back. He crashed into a wall. He exploded seconds later, but then, he disappeared into a gray smoke.

Anya: “What the f... he's not a doll, or a new model.”

She looked around and saw that a door nearby was now half opened. Two girls ran out. Their skin shone under the street lights. These new opponents were dolls of wrestling girls wearing red bikinis. Anya smiled, and fired off a chain lightning blast. The first doll was hit by Anya's rapid attack and crashed trough the door. The dolls were quite fast, though. The second one feinted a punch and kicked at Anya's left leg. Anya fell on her injured knee. The doll threw a series of kicks to the heroine's head. Anya raised her arms and did her best to protect her head. The doll hit hard, but not enough to keep Anya down. Anya stood up fast and threw a powerful lightning uppercut, blasting her attacker away from her. The first doll came back into the fight and jumped out to hit Anya's cute face with her knee. Anya dodged away and hit the doll's face with a powerful elbow strike. The blonde heroine smiled at her opponents, and an instant later, a powerful lightning strike fell from the sky and hit them both dead-on. The dolls were pulverized.

Anya entered the building, and went downstairs. In the stair case, another doll attacked her. She turned and dodged the doll's punch at her. She grabbed the doll's wrist, and used her opponent's own move to throw the doll into the wall. She mercilessly and quickly used her lightning kicks on the doll's head, torso and belly. She destroyed the tiny Asian brunette doll with her blows, as well as the wall behind the attacking doll. Anya stopped, and the doll fell down, destroyed on the stairs. She continued downstairs.

Another doll ran at her in the stair case. Anya fired off a powerful lightning chain and jumped behind the doll. She kicked the doll in the head, and the doll fell down, but Anya followed her down and crushed the doll's face with her knee. The ground cracked with the force of Anya's deadly blow. She stood up, and soon realized that she was now standing in an arena. She smiled. This was indeed the place she had been searching for.

From her perch that was revealed as lights came on around the arena, the Puppetress laughed and clapped toward Anya. “Impressive, my dear, what determination you have in your eyes. Ah, my lovely, tiny, blond heroine is back. You're so sexy when you're focused like that.”

Anya didn't look at the Puppetress's eyes; she was not going to let that old trick capture here again. The slender sorceress sat back sensually on her throne.

The Puppetress: “Dolls of metawomen are far too weak for you, my dear heroine. You deserve something more personal.... You've come for the after sale service.... you want to return to being a doll.”

Anya shook her head in defiance, even as she felt sweet memories of her doll state coming back at her; such was the curse of that state that the Puppetress's ability left on its victims. The pleasure she had felt when her master rubbed her plastic sweet skin zipped along her nerve endings, even as she forced it away from her mind.

Anya: “No. I'm here to stop you.”

The Puppetress: “And you learned.... you don't want to look up into my beautiful eyes, darling, do you?”

Anya fired off a chain lightning blast. The Puppetress was engulfed by lightning bolts and melted as she laughed. Another Puppetress walked in and sat on the throne moments later.

The Puppetress: “We know you want to again feel the pleasure of the doll existence. I know what's inside of you. You desire to be a doll so much..... you're too sexy not to be a doll in my collection.”

Anya focused herself again as she had a brief flash of Natalia ordering her to kneel before her, and the pleasure of obedience at her former owner's hands. The Puppetress laughed.

The Puppetress: “A part of you wants to become a doll again, my dear, and I know it. Ah, such a peaceful existence of living as a plastic being...”

Anya instantly jumped toward the Puppetress and threw a lightning punch at her, but someone blocked her punch with a hand. She looked over at this new challenger. She saw a blond, beautiful girl with green eyes, and a plastic shining skin. She wore a blue plastic tiny skirt with skintight latex pants. She thought: “My eyes..... Shit, it's a doll of me!?”

The doll threw a powerful kick directly into Anya's belly. Anya put her hands on the doll's leg to block a part of the impact, but the doll had an incredible strength level. The force of the blow Anya threw away from the throne. Before the blonde heroine crashed onto the floor, the doll moved behind her, and Anya's back crashed into the doll's extended knee. Anya screamed out in pain.

The Puppetress grinned: “I present you, my newest creation.... she is a mix of you, an ultra-woman as your model.... and a surprise as well. I designed her just for you.”

Anya fell down and rolled away. She stood up, but the doll moved fast behind the blonde heroine. Anya turned around, boosting her body with her inner lightning boost ability. She threw a fast lightning punch, but the doll blocked her punch and grabbed her fist.

The Puppetress: “Faster than you, my dear.”

Anya sent waves of electricity through the dolls' arm, but the doll just smiled back at her.

The Puppetress: “Immune to electricity.”

The doll started to crush Anya's fist. Anya grimaced in pain again, right before the doll twisted the blonde heroine's arm. Anya screamed in pain again; the doll against her was so strong.

The Puppetress: “Stronger.”

Anya punched the doll's flat belly. It was like punching a wall.

The Puppetress: “More resistant.”

The doll hit Anya's belly with her knee. Anya tried to block it with her free hand. Anya's hand was crushed, and her body bent onto the doll's knee.

The Puppetress: “Better.”

The doll tried to hit Anya's back with her fists joined together, but the blonde heroine slid her arm between the doll's arms and started to spin her tiny body. She used the circular movement and strength of the doll to throw her opponent down hard onto the floor. She continued to spin and threw a circular fallen kick to the doll's face. The doll stopped the heroine's foot and grabbed her ankle. She flew upward and smiled.

Anya struggled and raging lightning blasts struck all around the arena floor. The doll smiled and hammered Anya's belly with her powerful punches. Anya's body was just a punching bag to her. The doll was totally immune to electricity. Anya's tiny body bent at each impact she received. The doll landed and crushed Anya's back on her knee a moment later. Anya screamed in pain as her back crackled. Her body convulsed, and was ravaged by internal short circuits and damaged motor controls. The doll was too fast and strong for Anya.

The Puppetress laughed : “Poor little robotic bitch,.... yes, I know you have been turned into a robot. I'm analyzing your body right now to create a more powerful key..... for you.”

Anya laid her back bent on the doll's knee, not moving very much until the doll put a hand on Anya's belly. The doll's hand glowed yellow, and then, Anya screamed in agony as her whole body convulsed. Her belly exploded. Cables and wires jolted out from her belly. The doll released the bruised heroine.

The Puppetress laughed. “Sound.... so simple, so unseen, the sound spectrum is so underestimated. Did you know that sound can shatter glass,..... structures vibrate until the molecules separate, and it can also scramble signals. The perfect way to destroy a robot, my dear.... to destroy you.”

The doll squeezed the heroine's firm breasts before she fired another inaudible sound wave. Anya screamed and convulsed. The sound waves ravaged more of her body's internal structures.

The Puppetress: “I will stop your torment if you let me reprogram you to my liking, my dear. You will become my pleasure toy with your white lightnings......”

She laughed. Anya laid back on the floor, silent except for her body's own imitation of breathing. Her body had been badly ravaged by the sound waves. The doll stepped over Anya and straddled the bruised heroine. The doll imbued her hands with yellow energy and moved her hands above Anya's head. The merciless doll fired the sound wave at Anya, but a second before it connected, Anya moved incredibly fast, her hands now on the doll's wrists, and turned the doll's hands right back at her. The doll's face was now in front of her own glowing palms, and the sound wave hit her neck, and her throat exploded. The doll's head fell beside Anya, destroyed.

The Puppetress: “Excellent!.... I don't believe that.... But! Wake up, little bitch! It was just a cocktail snack!”

Anya slowly stood up. Her body was very damaged. A dozen similar dolls immediately jumped down inside the arena and surrounded the staggering and ravaged heroine.

The Puppetress: “Now, then....... What will you do? Each of my dolls has a special ability besides yours, and ultra powers, too. Surrender, my dear, to maybe.... stop your torment. A peaceful existence of pure pleasure.... your perfect body and your angel face have been designed to be a cute doll forever.”


Anya's mind was overwhelmed by flashes of pleasure she had felt back when she was a doll. She gathered electricity around herself, and created a huge vortex of lightning bolts. The electricity crackled everywhere and destroyed walls, the roof and the floor, but the dolls didn't feel anything. She increased the intensity more and more. Two of the dolls began to convulse. Anya gathered more electricity, but one of them moved very fast. Anya tried to dodge the doll's attack, but the doll became intangible. The doll crossed Anya's body. Anya convulsed, and her body exploded from everywhere. She fell on her knees, and her electricity faded. Her destroyed body smoked from the damage that had just been inflicted.

A doll smirked, and pushed Anya onto her stomach on the floor. Another doll crushed her back as another stomped down on her left leg again and again. Another one increased gravity under the blonde heroine. Anya screamed in pain. They continued to crush her body again and again, even as her legs wriggled in agony. Anya screamed in pain.

The Puppetress: “One of them has almost destroyed you.... it really is hopeless to fight a dozen. You knew that..... you knew that you didn’t stand a chance.”

They flopped the destroyed heroine onto her back. A doll came over with a chain saw.

The Puppetress: “Old school, the best way.”
Anya: “Please..... no ......”

Anya agonized as they slowly cut off her legs, then her arms. After ten long minutes of agony, Anya was just a ravaged robotic torso.

The Puppetress: “Look at you.... so useless, so weak, so pathetic to see. You're not a heroine. You're an object of desire, designed to give pleasure.... to me...”

The doll started to cut Anya's pelvis and belly. The Puppetress just laughed as the blonde heroine screamed in pain.

The Puppetress: “You don't need those any more.... because tonight, you become my personal empowering device and toy.”

Abruptly, the chain saw exploded like shrapnel as the doll tried to cut the heroine's back bone.

The Puppetress: “Reiko's bones are hard to cut, even with an enchanted chain saw.”

A doll created a very intense cold pressure to freeze Anya's pelvis and belly. The Puppetress laughed as another doll finished crushing and exposing Anya's pelvis and belly. They tore out cables. Anya was just a head on a smoking torso. They brought Anya to the Puppetress. They tied the destroyed heroine up with her own cables to the roof. She just dangled in front of the smiling sorceress. A little brunette doll came closer to Anya and plugged devices into her destroyed torso. The brunette pierced the heroine's navel and plugged in another cable.

The Puppetress: “It's over. You're defeated. I think you desperately want to again become a doll, and live forever in pleasure. My doll connected you to a powerful server.... and now, she's taking control of your main program.”

Anya felt intense waves of pleasure overwhelming her. White lightnings appeared all over her body's remains.

Anya : “Go, to,..... hmmm...... hell!”

Suddenly, she was in a white world, naked and without damage. She felt so good. The Puppetress pressed her nipples into Anya's back. The blonde heroine was incredibly aroused.

The Puppetress: “You want it. Deep inside you. Don't you?”

Anya: “No.”

The Puppetress: “Be honest, your life as a doll was just peace and pleasure. You're designed to be a doll. Your perfect curves.... your beautiful eyes, and your angel face. You're not a heroine, you're not a girl.... you're an object of desire and you know it.... doll.”

The evil sorceress caressed the heroine's crotch. Anya moaned.

Anya: “No.... it was a nightma...”

The Puppetress: “No, remember the pleasure to be a doll. It's a permanent dream for you now.”

Anya moaned in pleasure. The Puppetress rubbed the heroine's stomach and kissed her neck.

Anya: “No.... a.... horri.... beautiful dream.......”

The Puppetress: “Yes, darling,.... and you like pleasure.”

Anya: “.... yes....”

The Puppetress: “Why are you fighting my gift, then?”

Anya: “I don't want to fight you...”

Anya moaned louder as The Puppetress rubbed her crotch.

The Puppetress: “Then, say it, my sweet toy. Accept that you're not a heroine, that you're not a girl. You’re an object of desire. Ask me, tell me that you really want.... to become a doll.... my personal doll, forever and ever.”

The Puppetress massaged Anya's firm left nipple.

Anya moaned: “I'm not a heroine...”

The Puppetress kissed her neck.

Anya: “I'm not a girl...”

The Puppetress: “Yes...”

Anya: “I'm an object of desire...”

The Puppetress pressed her slender body into Anya's back.

Anya moaned: “Please... turn me back into a doll.....”

The Puppetress: “Are you sure?”

Anya moaned louder: “Yes, please! I beg you! Turn me into a doll, forever.......”

The Puppetress: “Kneel.... and I'll grant you your wish to again become a doll, my dear.”

Anya knelt: “Thank you.”

The Puppetress took the key out and put it onto Anya's back. Anya was totally overwhelmed by months of pleasure as a doll. She gave up to a permanent orgasm as she again, mentally, became a doll.

She opened her eyes and saw the beautiful face of the Puppetress. The evil sorceress bit her own lips.

Anya noticed that she was still a limbless robot. Suddenly, fire appeared in Erika's hands.

The Puppetress: “It worked.... your damning white lightning gave me a new power! Robots are so easy to hack. My technopathic doll has done well in reprogramming you.”

She laughed: “I don't know what to do. I can keep you like that, or just turn you into a doll forever.”

Anya: “Please...”

The Puppetress: “What?”

Anya: “Turn me into a doll.... I beg you.....”

The Puppetress: “I don't know.... I think I can do it with the last key I created. I studied your new body. I now think I can defeat Reiko's nanites.... and maybe turn Reiko herself into a doll,.... but I like to see you like this... I know what to do! I will turn you into a doll, but you will stay like that.... not in plastic, but in fabric and foam forever. You'll become my pillow.”

Anya moaned in pleasure: “Yes, please....”

The Puppetress gathered her power into the doll key during the next few hours. Anya stayed in a semi-pleasured state during that time, and then, Erika walked up behind the destroyed heroine.

The Puppetress: “I've never put such power into a key, my dear. Are you agreeing to become my pillow forever?”

Anya moaned: “Yes, please.....”

The Puppetress laughed: “Maybe we destroyed too much of your main program...”

The Puppetress smiled, and put the charged key onto Anya's back. The Puppetress's sight suddenly changed, however, and panic appeared in her eyes. She tried to look behind her, but she was not able to move her head at all.

The Puppetress: “Crazy bitch! You fooled me! It was a trap.... I ...”

She was unable to talk. Panic faded, and was replaced by sheer and utter pleasure. Her pale skin slowly became fabric. Her dark hair became silk. Her perfect slender body became fabric and foam. She fell down onto the floor.

Anya tried to look behind herself: “What's happening? Mistress....”

Hours after hours passed, and the mesmerized Anya was unable to know what had happened. She called out to her mistress in vain. Suddenly, a banal blonde-haired man appeared. He wore a black suit and a white shirt without a tie. He adjusted his glasses as he looked over at the transformed Puppetress, and then, viewed Anya's condition as well.

The guy: “Hello, Anya.... you don't look well, my dear.”

He looked again at the Puppetress on the floor.

The guy: “It seems that your plan worked out after all, then....”

He focused his gaze on Anya, raised his hands, and then spoke out with a very loud voice: “Restituere Quid Esset Heri.... Restituere Quid Esset Heri ...Restituere Quid Esset Heri ...”

The remains of Anya Storm abruptly began to glow. A few minutes passed by, and then, her entire body was repaired. She smiled as she pulled herself back up to her feet.

Anya: “I'm happy to see you, Antonio. It worked, didn't it?”

Antonio: “Yes, my friend. You know, you're crazy, right?”

Anya turned and looked at the Puppetress on the floor.

Anya: “Fight fire with fire. It was impossible to know if she was the real one, or a doll, except when she put her damned key into people to turn them into dolls.”

Antonio: “She was obviously too self-confident to pay attention to my little dimensional spell on your back. I still don't believe that it actually worked.... but you had a good idea. Teleporting the contact of every key on your back to the back of the key user. And now, she is a doll herself...”

He stopped talking as he looked at the eyes of the Puppetress. Anya quickly put her hand over his eyes.

Anya: “Don't look into her eyes. She still has her power.”

Anya leaned down and took the key from the ground. She then put the key onto the Puppetress's back and turned it.

Anya: “Order all of your creations to fly into the sun, except for the ones that were heroines, heroes and all the innocents that you turned into dolls.”
Puppetress: “Yes, mistress.”

All of Puppetress's creations left the room seconds later.

Anya: “Where do you hide the hairs of the others, and mine? Give me all of them, now.”

Puppetress stood up and walked over to a magic crate. Inside, there were a lot of envelopes with names on them. Anya took her own envelope out and looked inside. She saw her blonde hairs in the bottom of the envelope. She checked some of the other names and took some envelopes with herself.

Anya: “Antonio, can you take the crate? We'll try to save your sister and the others.”

Antonio: “And, her?”

Anya: “I don't know, Antonia.... can't you trap her away in an extra-dimensional created world or prison?”

Antonio: “She is still so powerful. It's not going to be easy, but I think I can. I just need time. What are.....”

Anya took out a bag and put it on over the Puppetress's head, totally covering her eyes.

Anya: “A protection against her eyes. I trust you, Antonio,.... so, take her away and banish her into another dimension.”

Antonio: “With pleasure.”

Anya gave him an envelope. It had his sister's name on it

Antonia: “Thank you, so much, my friend.” Anya smiled.

Antonio: “You're welcome. I have enough energy to teleport you and me away from here. If you want,....”

Anya: “You're kind, but ...”

Anya suddenly disappeared, and reappeared, naked and lying on a bed, but with her head on Doc Psy's bare shoulder.

Anya: “.... I have too much magi.... What the... that bastard!”

Doc Psy suddenly sits up and looks at Anya.

Doc Psy: “What?”

Anya: “Not you, my love.”

She kissed him and moved above his, straddling him.

Anya: “You followed my recommendations?”

Doc: “Yes.”

After those words, they made love for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Anya stood up out of bed. She put a sheet around her naked body, and walked outside. They were on a boat. She smiled, and with one good toss, she threw the magic key into the ocean.

Doc Psy came from behind her a moment later, and took her into his arms in a loving embrace.

Doc: “Closed file?”

Anya: “Yes.”

She turned around and kissed him.