AEP Ch5: Demonic Fights

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia in Anya's body continues her crusade against heroine and villainess.
Anya trapped in Azria's world is totally helpless to stop the wraith's plan.

The Azria's Evil Plan Chapter 5 : Demonic Fights

Metallia hid the lasso under her long blond hairs. She rode her new motorbike to the FastSilver office. She called Mr Jefferson Fast Silver Coe : "I want to see you now! I'm coming!"

Mr Jefferson wanted to run away.
MJ : "I can't … she'll find me … what I have done?"

She entered and smiled. "Hello! Where is Metallia statue?"

Jefferson pointed a door. Metallia opened the door and looked her old body statufied. She grinned and though "Anya was trapped in and her mind must be annihilated now!"

She took the statue and used a curtain to hide her former body.

She walked toward the scared Coe. She accelerated and used her synapses lock power. He was paralyzed. She walked slowly behind him and wrapped the lasso around him.

"Mr. Jefferson, this is an advertising project under the curtain. You forget everything about all events happened here involving Anya Storm, Metallia and Azria. Nothing happened … You will raise my salary as the muse of Fast Silver and you'll be kind with me now. Understand. Thanks for this gift …"

He nodded under the control of the lasso as his mind was altered. She left the office and came back home.
"I'm curious to know something…"
She put her hand on an outlet and drained electricity. She was overwhelmed by pleasure. She tried to resist, it was hard too hard. It was so good. Fuses blew. She lay on the floor in ecstasy.
"It was so good … I like my new body …"


Azria : "Amazing …let me try"
Azria grabbed Anya crotch and sent electricity. Anya resisted during a minute then she succumbed to pleasure. Azria increased the electricity flow the stopped just before Anya orgasm. The evil wraith laughed at the sight of the naked heroine at her feet.
Azria : "Do you want more? … yes I read it in your eyes … they 're begging for more …"
Azria knelt beside the heroine bruised body and slid her pale hand between the heroine tights. Anya's body quivered. Azria laughed : "You're a slut … you don't deserve it"
Anya moaned and lay at her feet.

Metallia stood up and took the statue in her new secret lair. She removed the curtain and looked her former body. She caressed the cold metal curves.
"I were slender and sexy …"


Azria : "Maybe you prefer to came back at your right place"
Anya was trapped in the statue. She saw her body caressing her metallic curve, she liked that.
She liked to be admired, being a statue for ever pleased her. Her soul moaned to be a statue, admired and caressed. Suddenly Anya was pulled at Azria feet.
Azria : "You're strange … you're a slut … anything for pleasure. You don't deserve pleasure" She laughed and she sent powerful waves of dark energy. Anya quivered and screamed in pain then she lost consciousness..

Anya felt cold on her body. She woke up and she was wet. She felt pain from all fibers of  her behind. She saw 2 women. She rolled back.
Azria : "I hope you had a good rest because Metallia has turned into statue 2 more women. They made a pact with 2 succubus. Let me to introduce you Marina Higins and Monica Travoli. Don't forget the rules!"

Anya stood up. Her powers had been neutralized, she felt water on her torso and she saw the bottle in the Marina's hand. Her body was half bruised. She though "It's insane, powerless and wounded … I have to fight these demoness …"

Azria :"Yes you have to fight … you can give up and save strength for the next challenge! I can read your toughs … I already drained a part of you for good. … enjoy your fate!"

Marina moved very fast to kick Anya's face. Anya stepped toward and dodged. She grabbed Marina ankle and turned on her left. She twisted Marina's foot and used the demoness's strength to throw her onto the ground.

Azria : "I don't believe it, you still able to fight!"

Monica slid behind the heroine and planted a finger in Anya's nape. Anya was totally paralyzed.
Monica : "I control you movement now!"
Anya floated in air and spread her legs. Marina pressed her warm body on Anya body. Monica pressed her body on Anya's back.

Marina : "You look like an angel, this cute face … but you're just a woman … I feel your heart beating faster … we will ravish and ravage your tiny body until you die."

Anya left something growing between her legs and on her ass and penetrating her. Marina kissed Anya and filled the heroine mouth with a warm liquid until Anya swallowed.

Marina : "good girl … these pheromones will turn you into a mindless slut"

Anya slowly lost her mind, totally overwhelmed by desire. The 2 succubus fucked and ravished the blond heroine again and again. Anya had stronger and stronger orgasms while her body became weaker and weaker. She didn't know how much time, how long … She was just a rag doll of lust and pleasure but she didn't want to die.

The demoness lost patience. They released the destroyed heroine. Anya didn't fall and stood up.

Marina  grinned: "Maybe she wants more …"

The demoness produced giant scorpion tails. Anya stood up on her weak legs and looked down. Her face was covered by her wet long blond hairs.

Monica : "her heart continue to beat … she doesn't want to die …  I suggest you a game. If I pierce her heart first I keep it … and if you …"

Marina nodded and grinned.

Marina : "ready sister?"

They raised tails. Monica nodded. They ran to pierce the heroine chest. Anya's body moved and made a quart spin at the last time. Her hand crossed moved fast on tails then she guided the tails move. Monica's tail pierced Marina's throat and Marina's tail cut Monica's throat. They were totally surprised by Anya's move. Marina's mortal body fell and died. Monica pierced Anya's slim belly with her tail before she died too. They disappeared in a strange smoke and entered in Azria. Anya opened sharply her green eyes as the tail was piercing her belly. She fell on her knees. She lost blood.

Azria was surprised : "Incredible … but look at you are about to die and your next opponent … hooo look Metallia is about to fight Jessica … if I were you, I'll get ready to face Jessica soon my little slut!"

Anya fell on her knees unable to move. She lost more and more blood.
During this time …


Metallia fired a chain lightening to destroy a door and she entered in luxurious room. Jessica sat in a comfortable armchair.

Jessica grinned : "hoo my sugar! Nice to …"

Metallia faced her, this demoness had killed her husband. She fired a devastating chain lightening. Jessica jumped and dodged. The chain lightening pulverized the wall.

Jessica : "You're crazy sugar …"

Metallia covered her body with lightenings and accelerated. She surprised Jessica and lightening punched her head. Jessica flew and crashed into wall but she stood again and blocked Metallia kick.

Jessica : "be serious sugar!"

The demoness moved fast and punched Metallia's belly but Jessica crushed her fist on Metallia's metallic belly. Metallia fired a chain lightening. Jessica screamed in pain and sent a red lightening shock. Metallia was overwhelmed by pain but she didn't scream guided by her hatred.

Jessica slowly stood up : "What have you ate? New costume?"

Metallia was surrounded by 3 Jessica's clones. Metallia was not skilled enough to dodge every attack and not fast enough to harden all part of her new body. The 3 Jessica hammered Metallia with punches and kicks. A Jessica succeed to put her hand on Metallia's blond head and used the Red Demonic Control Palm. Metallia was not ready to fight a such rush of feelings. She stopped to struggle and fight.

Jessica : "This new costume is resistant but cumbersome … undress sugar !"

Metallia stood in front her nemesis but her body was under Jessica's control. Metallia unlocked her outfit and let the 2 other Jessica undress her. Jessica gathered her doubles and kept her hand on Metallia's head. The demoness began to drain Metallia's new powers.

Jessica : "Kneel !"

Metallia obeyed and knelt before the powerful demoness. Jessica laughed. Metallia saw Jessica's smiling face. Jessica stepped back surprised and stopped smiling.

Jessica : "METALLIA ! What the fu …"

Metallia fed by hatred and angry. She regained enough strength to control Ultrawoman's lasso to tie up Jessica. Jessica tried in vain to struggle. "NOOOOoo"

Metallia : "stop to struggle, stop to fight me, … you want to become a metallic statue for ever, you desire to become a statue, … beg me to become a statue."

Jessica: "HAAAAAA in my head …. You can't control me …"

Jessica fired a Red Lightening Bolt that hit Metallia's metallic body. Metallia returned in her human form. Metallia used her link with her dress (remember she had merged her black dress in Anya's outfit) to get dressed again with her outfit. She used her power of her dress. Combined with the lasso's power, she took control on Jessica mind. Jessica tough "She is soo cute … no … so perfect … I don't want to fight her …"

Metallia altered Jessica mind and freed her. The artifacts' powers were too strong. Jessica knelt.
Jessica : "Anya … Metallia  I beg you to turn me into statue … please"

Metallia grinned and pointed her shoes with her metallic finger.
Metallia: "What did you say? Beg in due form"
Jessica leaned and kissed Metallia's shoes.
Jessica : "Metallia, I beg you to … to turn me into a statue for ever. Please"
Jessica kissed again Metallia's shoes. The evil sorceress grinned.
Metallia : "stand up and kiss me … embrace your destiny"
Jessica stood and kisses Metallia. Jessica recovered her mind too late. Few minutes later, Jessica was turned into a red copper statue with golden hairs for eternity.
Jessica's mind fought but finally accepted to become a statue. "nooo … I'm a goddess … she … I can't become … I can't … I'm a statue … no … yes … admired and a shiny metallic statue for ever … yes … I'm a statue."
She laughed loud : "YES, I avenged you my love and now I will cure this world from these empowered bimbos!"


Anya has dried her body with her outfit and used her white lightenings to heal her wound. Jessica appeared before Anya. The blond heroine didn't finish to heal her body. The demoness looked at the bruised heroine.

Jessica : "my little sugar, you seem not to be on form."

Anya raised her fists and covered her body with electricity. Jessica drew her whip and wrapped it around Anya neck. Anya tried to dodge in vain. Jessica engulfed the poor heroine with Red Lightening. Anya agonized and screamed in pain. She fell on her knees.

Jessica: "You're weak … or you want to be defeated … you want to be mine!"

Jessica tied up the tiny perfect Anya's body with her stretched fingers. Jessica drained Anya's powers and strength until her demonic's body was covered by electricity.  Anya tried to resist but she was too weak and exhausted.

Jessica : "What's happened to you sugar … you're weak … too weak? It's not normal … My little sugar …"

Jessica caressed Anya's chick and used her Control Palm power to alter Anya's mind. Again, the heroine's mind was too weak and exhausted to resist.

Anya : "I realize something … I want to be your eternal slave goddess Jessica. I swear my eternal loyalty and devotion."
Jessica : "It's fun … it's too easy … there's something wrong"
Jessica hesitated but she grinned.
Jessica : "really … kiss my feet!"
Anya slowly leaned : "yes my goddess" She kissed the demoness feet.
Jessica: "stand and come closer then let me drain your soul …"
Anya stood up and pressed her naked body on Jessica's body.
Jessica continued to drain her will, mind then soul. Anya lost consciousness.

Anya woke up. Azria drained more energy from her with a red stretched finger around Anya's chest. Azria overwhelmed the bruised heroine with pleasure to make Anya associating drain process with pleasure. Anya moaned as Azria drained her.

Azria : "look your hand you begin to fade … good girl … there is no hope for you"
Anya saw that her hand began to be transparent. Azria crushed Anya's chest and laughed.


Metallia took her new statues at home. She arched Jessica back and put her new statue on back. "Perfect bench …" Metallia sat on her new statue belly and grinned. "Who's next?"
She read Anya's data files.

To be continued …

AEP Ch4: The Golden Heroine

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia Statues Trip continues with a fantastic guest. With her agreement … Lady Tania's Ultrawoman. (Her amazing deviantart blog: here
I'm proud. Thanks to her.

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 4: The Golden Heroine

Metallia visited Anya's secret Lair. She searched around. She found a closet full of combat outfit. She tried the electric motorbike. She entered in the secret laboratory.
"She has … I have a laboratory interesting !!"
She stopped in front a autographed photo of Ultrawoman, she grinned.
"Why not?"

Anya lay at Azria feet.
Anya : "stop that"
Azria : "why? Stop me if you can!"
Anya stood up and walked toward Azria. The evil wraith used her telekinesis power to lift the blond heroine. Anya's perfect body was torn apart by the telekinesis power. She was in pain but she didn't scream and looked angry the wraith. Azria stepped closer and put her hand covered with her dark energy on the heroine firm breast. Anya screamed in pain.
Azria : "better … I like your voice. Fighting me is useless, you are already doomed. It's just a matter of time."
She laughed as she uses her not living matter to tighten the heroine's outfit to crush her body.
Anya agonizes.

Metallia used an old ritual to read trough time the log-ins and passwords of Anya. She contacted Ultrawoman using her blog.
AnyaStorm@Ultrawoman "Ultrawoman, you know I'm fan. I have some difficulties about my heroine career. I think I need some advice from a great heroine. And you are. You're a model for me, please. Can you grant me some of your time ?"

Metallia hid the Steam twins statues in her new secret lair.
"I'm starting a museum …" She laughed.

Metallia checked her new mail box.
Ultrawoman@AnyaStorm : "Thanks. I will be glad to help a sister to fight criminal and evil. We can meet tomorrow after my charity children's tea. 6 o'clock at the Angel statue?"

AnyaStorm@Ultrawoman "Thanks you so much. I will be there"

Metallia grinned. "Yes I will be there …" She went to sleep.

Metallia tested her new powers and trained herself to use her new body waiting evening.
"I begin to like this body. She really didn't deserve a body like this … it's a shame I wont never turn her into a statue."

Metallia rid her new electric motorbike to the park. She waited at the statue.

Ultrawoman walked peaceful in the park enjoying the falling night air. Her long golden hair floated in air. Metallia was hypnotized during few seconds by the famous Ultrawoman presence and grace. This amazon was flawless and soon for ever though Metallia.

Ultrawoman : "hello miss Storm, how are you?"
Metallia : "good evening. I'm fine and you?"
Ultrawoman : "fine too. What does the powerful Anya Storm want from me?"
Metallia : "advices about …"
Metallia looked down.
Ultrawoman : "about what? You can talk with me, I know to keep secret."
Metallia : "I know you fought demons. I need some advices … I want to stop Jessica for good."
Ultrawoman : "hmm I understand. Let's walk, I will …"
Ultrawoman's golden lasso moved and tied up the perfect amazon body from neck to feet.
Ultrawoman : "What … watch around … Golden Fist !"
Metallia covered her body with electricity and moved in front Ultrawoman like she wanted to protect her. She looked around and saw nobody around. She slowly turned around and grinned.
Metallia : "Goldent Fist no … but that gives me a good idea. I need your lasso .."
Ultrawoman : "What!?"
Ultrawoman threw her powerful body to hit her opponent with her head, but she hit the living metal form. This powerful shock was not enough to stun the amazon. Metallia hug Ultrawoman and engulfed her with electricity. The amazon screamed in pain as she brought down by this devastating attack. She lay tied up at Metallia feet but she struggled.

Metallia : "still awake … look at me. Why are you fighting me? Why are you resisting me?"

The entrancing power overwhelmed Ultrawoman's mind. She stopped to struggle why resisting a such attractive woman?
Ultrawoman fought inside. Metallia was absolutely certain to win. She lost a bit of her concentration on the lasso. Ultrawoman freed a right arm and grabbed Metallia by her neck and threw her against a tree. She saw the Anya's tiny body crashed into the tree but the lasso tied up again tighter and tighter. Metallia covered by lightenings sat on Ultrawoman body.
The amazon screamed in pain as Metallia put her hands on her golden tiara.

Metallia : "You're strong … but it's too late. A body like yours deserves eternity. Look at me … stop struggling … don't resist me. You deserve eternity"

Ultrawoman was light-headed by the electric shock. She looked her opponent, she was so cute, so attractive. She was overwhelmed by the desire to please this sexy blond over her. She saw Anya's glowing lips approaching her face. 'Just a kiss' She though as Metallia's lips presses hers. It was so pleasant, she didn't take care about her legs hardening. She felt a sweet cold feeling. The idea to become a statue for ever began to be pleasant. Her torso was turned into gold then her face. She was a statue and she thought "it's good … stop thinking … I'm statue for eternity … admired …" Her mind fell into nothing.

Metallia used her metal control to change Ultrawoman pose.

Metallia : "A physique like this needs a great pose"
She put her new golden statue instead the angel statue. She grinned as she kept the golden lasso. She know how to use it but she was not able to link it with her.
"Everyone will think about Golden Fist ... I can't link this artifact with me but I can use it and it will be an amazing tool for my crusade!"

Ultrawoman mind took form in Azria's world.
Anya screamed "NOT HER NOOOOO"
Azria freed Anya who fell onto the ground.
Azria grinned : "your next opponent, remember the rules darling …"
Anya : "no it's impossible … it's a nightmare"
Azria : "… maybe a dream … but it's real"
Ultrawoman ran toward Anya who used her inner boost power to dodge.
Anya : "Ultrawoman … fight her control .. you're stronger than her …"
Anya's spiritual body didn't totally recover from the previous fight.
Ultrawoman was fast and skilful. The amazon feinted a punch and hit Anya's flat belly with her knee. Anya's green eyes opened sharply as she was stopped and her tiny bent on the Amazon's knee. She felt her ribs crackling under the strength of the hit. She fell face down at Ultrawoman's feet. The amazon crushed Anya's back. She screamed in pain.
Azria : "Use your power you can hurt her with electricity … cover your body and zap her down"
Anya with a weak voice : "no…"
Anya felt the golden lasso around her neck. She felt her will fading.
Ultrawoman : "undress … remove this outfit"
Anya stood up slowly. She opened her outfit unable to resist the power of the golden lasso. She removed her outfit.
Ultrawoman : "give me, take this bottle of water and wet your body"
Anya tried to fight but she gave her outfit to Ultrawoman and took the bottle. She poured water on her torso. Her powers were neutralized.
Ultrawoman : "turn! Your arms behind … hands on your back"
Anya obeyed and Ultrawoman used Anya's outfit to tied hard Anya's hands on her back.
Ultrawoman : "Someone tried to hang me … it's a good end for you. Follow me"
Anya followed Ultrawoman to a tree. She hesitated but the power of the lasso was too strong. She was hanged then died.

Anya woke up. Her spiritual body was half bruised. She saw Azria draining more energy from her. The evil wraith ginned.

Anya : "stop this game !"

Azria : "A game? It's not a game. It's your last torment … your end. I'm curious who will be her next target. Ultrawoman gave me her divine power. It's soooooo good"
Anya grabbed Azria neck : "STOP THAT!"
Azria grinned : "with Ultrawoman power …You're too weak to hurt me now."
Anya saw an electricity flash in Azria's dark eyes.
Azria : " … and I begin to get your power too." She laughed and sent a dark energy wave trough Anya's arms. She fell on her knees in front Azria.

To be continued …

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AEP Ch3: Pair of statues

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 3: Pair of statues

Metallia looked her new body in the mirror. She grinned.
"After all, it's a perfect opportunity. It's ironic but fair. It's my duty to cure this world from these powered heroines and villainness. … Her body … my new body is flawless. I feel my new power, I feel electricity flow around me … hahaha."

Metallia looked around, she opened drawers and closets. First of all she needed a city map, she was lucky she found one in a desk. She opened the map and marked some places on the map.  She searched where Anya hid her heroine stuffs, waiting the twins. She found a costume in the room closet. She took it and slipped the skin tight outfit on her new body.
"Hmm perfect … Arouam Galata Zeto"
A dark smoke engulfed her then her dress and her boots merged into the heroine costume.
"Incredible … light and comfortable … I feel it … synchronized on my new powers."

The ring rang. "The twins bitches … perfect" She grinned. She opened the door.
"Hi my friends"
The twins answered : "Hi Anya, how are you?"
"fine thanks and you?"
"very well, you need our support?"
"Yes come in … I have found clue about an evil genius using girls for his experiments"

She know the Steam Twins history. She pointed the map. She moved behind them as they leaned to read the map.

Anya watched the totally helpless. She screamed "She is not me, GO AWAY …. Nooooo … haaaa" She wanted to struggle but Azria overwhelmed her spiritual body with powerful waves of pleasure.

Azria: "I like this movie, don't you? She will turn them into statue and I will gain souls to empower me … then I will be strong enough to consume you … I will get your body, powers and Metallia's powers" She laughed.

Metallia put her rith hand on Firia's shoulder and pointed a mark on the map.
"Look I found this laboratory here … if you can clean this laboratory, I will clean this one."

She put her left hand on Frizia's shoulder then she moved fast her hands on their head and sends a electric shock. They screamed in pain. Frira fell unconscious on the floor.

Frizia turned on her heel to kick Metallia who accelerated to dodge. She thought "Off course Anya, like a good martial expert has trained her body to react …" She didn't see the ice under her feet. Metallia crashed into a wall. Half stunned, she shook her head. Ice restraints stuck her on the wall.

Frizia : "What's happening here?"

Frizia created a frost blizzard. Metallia grinned and used the entrancing power of her clothes.
Metallia : "Please stop … you're hurting me …"
Frizia was not able to look away from the Anya's perfect body. She stopped her blizzard.
Metallia: "Free me please …"
Frizia was not prepared and pleased this so adorable girl. Metallia grinned and accelerated. She moved behind Frizia and grabbed her head between her hands. Metallia sent a wave of electricity. Frizia screamed and fell onto the ground.

The pain woke up Firia. Metallia turned too late. Firia hammered Anya's belly with her punches. Metallia turned into living metal and Firia crushed her fist on the invulnerable form.

Firia: "METALLIA!"
Metallia grinned: "really?!"

Metallia grabbed Firia arms and sent a wave of electricity. Firia screamed in pain. Metallia squeezed Firia tight in her electrified arms. Firia weakened was like a rag doll in Metallia's arms. She presses her lips on Firia's lips and kissed her. Firia was too weak to struggle. She slowly became a metallic statue. Her long legs hardened, her arms, torso, then her neck and finally her head were turned into a silver like metal. Her mind slowly accepted to become a statue in a empty happiness and peace.

Metallia lay on Frizia and awoke her.
Metallia : "look at your sister stupid heroine … she is a metallic statue for ever …you hear her in your head … she is in peace, she likes to be watched by us. Statues are done to be watched."

A part of Frizia wanted to fight and another wanted to join her sister. She looked Metallia and instantly fell under the entrancing power of the sorceress's clothes.

Metallia : "You want to understand … I destroyed Anya mind and soul and took her body and her powers … and now it's to join your sister!"

Frizia tried to fight but it was too late the influences of Metallia and her sister were too strong.

Frizia : "Yes I want to catch Firia up."

Metallia grinned : "Show me where is my secret lair then kiss me"

Frizia looked Metallia perfect body and cute face. Frizia and Firia were attracted by Anya. Frizia pointed a wall and put her lips on Metallia lips. After few minutes, Frizia was a golden statue for ever.

Metallia used her metal control to strike them a pose.

She laughed : "Perfect … I need to learn how to control my new powers. Tomorrow … it's …"
She took the pocket pc and typed something. "… your turn!" She grinned.

Anya watched helpless her friends turned into statues.
Firia and Frizia appeared behind Azria. The evil wraith grinned.
Azria : "well we can begin here … there are the rules. You will fight them. If you win their souls will be destroyed and lost for ever. If they win, you will loose a part of your soul … you have to know. I will consume their powers but I can save her soul and life. My sweet Anya … what will you choose? Save your soul or save them and endure the torments of lost battle ?"
She laughed.
Anya : "You can't … why are you doing that?"
Azria : "Why? Because I 'm fueled by your torments and fears and I like that. If you try to attack me … I'll tear to pieces their souls"

Anya's costume appeared on her perfect spiritual body. She felt her powers coming back.

The Twins looked at Anya with a evil grin. Firia fired a fire ball. Anya dodged and jumped to avoid the ice under her feet. She was ready to fire a chain lightening but she didn't. She landed and accelerated with her inner boost power. She tried to save time. The Twins tried in vain to hit Anya but she was too fast and skillful. Firia turned her body into her fire form but it was not enough to touch Anya. She was able to neutralize the Twins easily but she didn't want. Her spiritual body just as her real body had limits. She began too slow down and Firia was fast enough to punch Anya's slim belly. Anya deflected the next punch but Frizia grabbed Anya from behind. Frizia was too strong in her ice form and Anya was too exhausted to struggle harder.  Frizia created fine ice tentacles that entered under her outfit. Firia put her hands on Anya firm breasts.
Anya : "NO!"

Firia heated. Ice under Anya's outfit melted and water neutralized her powers. The twins grinned. Frizia lifted Anya in air horizontally. She dropped Anya's back on her right knee and bent her backwards. Anya screams in pain as she fell onto the ground. Firia pulled her blond hairs and lifted her above her head.

Anya tried to struggle weakly: "nooo please"

Firia slammed Anya's belly and face down to the ground, Firia followed this slam and sat with the motionless Anya tiny body between her spread legs. Firia grabbed Anya's and bent her as Frizia crushed Anya's back with her foot. Anya screamed in pain. Frizia turned into her ice form to increase her mass and pressure on Anya's back. Anya screamed louder as her back began to crackle under pressure.

Azria walked beside them : "Did you give up? Powerless … you're just able to suffer …"
Anya agonized but shouted : "NEVER …"

Anya was half conscious. She did not want to give up. She didn't understand or see what happened to her. She just felt pain. They broke her arms, legs, ribs, back …  She did not know how long they destroyed her body. The last thing she saw, she flew carried by Firia then she felt and she was impaled by a ice peak. She died.

She woke up and she saw Azria draining a strange energy from her. The evil wraith ginned.

Azria : "Your soul is so tasty … look Metallia is about to turn another person into statue … and bring here a new partner for you … but it seems you're not ready."

Azria stood up. She covered her left hand with fire and her right hand with ice … and laughed.

Anya lay at Azria feet, helpless unable to stop Azria's plan. The evil wraith became more and more powerful and Anya weaker and weaker.

To be continued …

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AEP Ch2: The Black Dress

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets


I wrote a sequel for the good story  by Jam-man : Fastsilver Statue

Anya took the Metallia's clothes, she had to pay the price ... :

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 2: The Black Dress

Anya slipped the black silk dress on her perfect body. This dress was sweet and light, very comfortable. She locked the belt around her smile waist. She put on the Metallia's boots. She looked her in a mirror.
She said amazed "I'm the blond Metallia … I have to change these clothes fast."

She found her electrical motorbike hidden in a shed. She get on and powered up the engine. She drove back at her home.

At home, she threw her helmet on the sofa and stopped in front a mirror. She felt so well in this so beautiful robe. That dress suited her. She was totally fascinated by that black dress. She stood in front the mirror caressing her body. Suddenly she shook her head.

"What happening to me …?" She took off fast the dress but she kept that in her hands. It was so sweet and it smelled so good. She put the dress on the sofa and moved to take a good shower.
She thought about that happened to her. She didn't know how she did it but she has defeated Metallia for good.

She went to sleep. She slept very bad tormented by her misadventure.

She woke up and moved to her bathroom. She stopped at the black dress. She brushed against the sweet dress. "That silk is so sweet". She was totally fascinated. She slowly put on and looked herself in the mirror. She left so well. She didn't pay attention but all Metallia's artifacts appeared on her body.
"I understood why Metallia wears that dress." She caressed her body trough the dress. "I look like Metallia, I look so beautiful … so perfect … I'm Metallia"

Suddenly, she was in dark place. Metallia was in front her.

Anya and Metallia were surprised.  Anya covered her body with lightenings and fired a chain lightening. Metallia instinctively raised her arms in front her face, she didn't feel anything. She laughed. "Interesting … my turn"

Anya's arms and legs were tied by chains from nowhere. Anya increased her lightenings on her body but electricity leaved her body and went in Metallia's body.
"Awesome …"

The dark sorceress laughed as she recovered her artifacts. She fired a chain lightening. Anya screamed in pain and quivered as electricity engulfed her tiny bound body.

Metallia covered her hands with lightenings and grabbed Anya's breasts.

Anya tried to struggle : "No … it's impossible!" She screamed out her pain as electricity engulfed again her body.

Metallia freed the blond heroine. "I think we fight mentally … and you can't win because you're trapped in my mind."

Anya felt on her knees. She raised her right fist but she saw the black dress. She let her fist felt beside her, she didn't want to hit a such beautiful and slender girl.

Metallia grinned and used the power of her necklace "Come and kiss me …"

Anya stood up and came closer. Breasts on breasts, lips on lips, Metallia turned Anya into a statue. Anya saw that she was trapped in the Metallia's body turned into gold.

She thought "…I'm a statue again … yes … so peaceful for eternity…"   Everything fades.

Anya was woke up in a dark and cold place.

She felt someone near her. She looked around. Suddenly she was paralyzed, she left 2 hands from behind on her tiny firm breasts. Anya fought waves of pleasures overwhelming her.

She eared a sweet voice in her left ears as she left firm tiny breasts on her back.
"You're mine now. You're trapped in old Metallia body."
"Yes, you begin to understand!!"
"You're manipulated us"
"Yes, Metallia will use your body and powers to turn other powered people into statue to empower me and during this time … I will slowly consume your soul and her soul."
"Nooooo" Anya tried to struggle but her body didn't move. She didn't feel her powers
"It's useless to struggle. I fix rules here … you're doomed. Look she doesn't loose time …"
Azria overwhelmed Anya's spiritual body with pure pleasure. Anya tries to resist but she moaned.

Anya felt on her knees in front Azria.

Images appeared behind Azria. She saw Metallia changing her artifact's appearances and trying her electricity powers. She took Anya pocket pc and looked after her contacts. She grinned. "I can command electricity and I still can use my powers ... so delicious. Fair enough … first of all the Steam Twins!"

She called the sisters : "Hello my friends, … I need your help. It's urgent. … I'm waiting for you at home. Please fast. … thanks."

She grinned.

Metallia possessed Anya's body and powers. Anya's soul was helpless slowly consumed by Azria.

to be continued ...

AEP Ch1: Fast Silver Statue by Jam-Man

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets


Everything started with a great story written by Jam-Man (on deviantart). I decided to write a longer adventure. This adventure starts here with this excellent fist chapter:

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 1: FastSilver
Chapter by Jam-Man

After modelling for FastSilver for a few years, the board decided they needed something new from Anya. Something new, and also a bit more…permanent.

Calling her into his office, Mr Jefferson – Chairman of FastSilver – said he wanted to talk to Anya about something important.

"Please – have a seat. There's some water, too," he said to her, and she sat down. Though her superhuman senses were on edge, she accepted the drink and decided to let Jefferson continue.

Sitting opposite Anya, Jefferson fiddled with some papers, before turning back to her. "You've been with us a long time, Miss Storm. Before you become influenced by all these rumours in circulation right now, the board and I would like to keep it that way."

"That's very kind of you, sir."

Jefferson smiled. "Now, you may not know this, Miss Storm, but FastSilver also has a Research and Development department."

"R and D? Whatever for?" This news was troubling – what secrets could the company be harbouring?

"We have been running some experiments, and have found a new way for you to profit the company. Some call it science, others call it magic. But of course, magic is just another realm's science, is it not?"

"What is this? Where is this leading?" Anya was out of her seat now. She could bolt for the door if need be, but…but suddenly, her muscles began to weaken. She was frozen in place – not a statue, just paralyzed. He must have put something in the drink!

"I'd like you to meet an associate of mine – Ms Medjev, is it?"

And a tall, slender woman walked into the room – Metallia.

"Hello Anya," she said, a wicked smile on her face.

Anya wanted to scream, to tell Jefferson who Medjev was, but found that she couldn't.

"Yes, I spiked your drink," Jefferson continued. "I gave you a paralytic, but one that will also allow me to control you totally. For instance – put your hands on your hips."

She couldn't resist. Anya couldn't control her body, and did exactly what Jefferson told her.

Metallia beamed. "I am impressed, Mr Jefferson. "

"Thank you, Ms Medjev. Now Anya, as for what we do next…well, Ms Medjev here has a very special gift. Anything or anyone she kisses will slowly become pure metal. Incredible, isn't it?"

No! Anya thought. Let me go!

"Soon, you will be metal. Silver, specifically. And you will be a part of the company forever. How does that sound to you? Not that it matters – you're about to become a statue for eternity."

Jefferson spoke commands to Anya, telling her to make different poses, until eventually, he found one he liked – to be fair, it showed Anya's form perfectly. The next step was her clothes. Jefferson cut them off her body and threw them into the office's bin.

"And now, for the final step." He beckoned for Metallia to come closer. "Please, Ms Medjev. Do your thing."

"With pleasure." Metallia leaned forwards and pressed her lips to Anya's, whose perfect face immediately began to transform into pure silver. The transformation slid down her body, her arms, and her legs, and all the while, thoughts of happiness filled her head.

Yes, yes, please. Turn me into a statue. I want to be a statue. A statue, forever. Yes…

And then, as quickly as it had begun, the transformation was complete. Anya's mind and soul faded into nothing, and all that was left was a perfect statue of pure silver of the former superheroine.

Metallia smiled. She had at last won. And the best part? Anya had ended her life wanting to be a statue. Wanting to be beaten. Wanting Metallia to be victorious. And now, she was.


((My illustration))

Anya is exposed as a trophy at each Fast Silver tournament. Month after month, she is nothing more than a decorative statue, a good addvertissement for the company. 


Sudbued by Jam-man 

After FastSilver turned her into a silver statue, they discovered that her subconscious was somehow still active, it just didn't know it was. To stop her from waking up and possibly freeing herself from her silver form, Azria was hired to trap Anya's mind in a dream state.

In her dream, Anya is world-famous actress Bella Lane. No superpowers, just a simple human being. But what would happen if she was turned into a statue inside her dream?

At a formal dinner, a fan came up to "Bella" and asked her to pose for a photograph. Little did she know that the camera had supernatural, once again, she is transformed, this time into solid metal. She accepts being a statue, and her mind and soul fade into nothing...

But what happens next? Does she wake up from the dream? Does her mind disappear completely and leave her a solid silver statue forever?

Free at last by Jam-man

Moments after Bella Lane was transformed into metal by a "fan", Azria screamed, something unusual for her, a a creature of death. Her reason? The illusion she had created to subdue Anya's subconscious was broken. Now, anything could happen


"Ms Medjev!"

Immediately, Metallia came into Jefferson's office. She had been waiting to speak to him anyway. She was surprised to find Azria standing there beside her employer.

"We have a problem," he said. "Anya is breaking free."

Metallia turned to Anya. Mere months before, she had transformed the herione into a statue of pure silver with her kiss. Mostly when she transmuted people this way, their mind and soul faded into nothing, and they were left as a statue for eternity. There would be no way for them to be changed back.

But Anya was different. Metallia had transformed her before, but she had broken free almost immediately. This time, Azria had kept Anya's subconscious distracted so that she wouldn't wake up, but the superherione seemed impervious to this too.

Metallia could already see the transformation being reversed. Very slowly, Anya's silver eyes were turning green. It could take a while, but Anya would definetely return.

"What do you want me to do about it?" she said to Jefferson.

The businessman fished around in his pocket, before drawing out a ring. Azria took a step back, as if it scared her.

The ring was dark, shining silver in colour, with a purple gem set into it. Jefferson offered it to Metallia, who took it, gingerly.

"Some archaeologists found it in Peru," he began. "They didn't know its true power. Whatever your natural abilities, it amplifies them a thousand times over."

Putting the ring on her finger, Metallia turned to the statue of Anya Storm. She knew what she had to do.

After a few moments, the purple gem on the ring began to glow. Metallia could feel pure power course through her body. It was electrifying. She felt like she could do anything, which with this ring, she might just be able to.

Reaching out with her mind, Metallia used her powers on the former superheroine in front of her. With this ring, she wouldn't even have to touch Anya to transform her. Soon, Anya Storm would be no more.

And then, something strange happened. Anya's silver body rapidly began to fade back to its original golden colour. Her eyes became green, and her hair began to flow again.

"No!" Metallia screamed. "Not again!"

Preparing to transform the heroine into solid gold, Metallia thrust her hand out in front of her, but Anya was too fast. She catapulted into Metallia, and made a grab for the ring on her finger. In a mad scramble on the floor, Metallia's powers began to take effect, and Anya felt her body hardening again.

All the while, Jefferson was hiding behind Azria, who stood stoic against one wall.

If Anya was transformed this time, then it would all be over. There would be no way of ever turning back, and she would be a statue forever.


Using her last bit of strength, Anya smashed Metallia's hand down against the floor...and smashed the mysterious purple gem. There was a burst of energy, and a bright light, and Anya could feel her muscles returning to normal. She stood up and, once the light died down, prepared to continue the fight anew.

Metallia was on her feet too. In a last ditch attempt, she put her hand out once more, and tapped into the ring's power.

"I hope you like being a golden girl!"

But without the gem to fuel it, the ring's power went wild. Metallia was consumed by her own energies, and in a matter of moments, all that was left was a solid gold statue. Her mind and soul totally destroyed, Metallia would now be a statue permanently.

In the heat of the moment, Anya had forgotten about Azria, and scanned the room for the wraith. But she wasn't there.

She must've escaped while Metallia and I were fighting... Anya thought.

That still left Jefferson. He was standing behind his desk, shaking uncontrollably.

Considering all kinds of vengeful punishments, Anya eventually decided-

"You're not worth it."

She turned to leave, but then realized that she was still only wearing a bikini, so she took the Metallia statue's clothes. She wouldn't be needing them anymore.

Free at last, she kept thinking on her way out. Free at last.


Thanks Jam-man for this story

I wrote a sequel The Black Dress

Anya photomanips revamped

I revamped Anya outfit combat photomanips and I tried to make an animated picture: