AEP Ch4: The Golden Heroine

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

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Metallia Statues Trip continues with a fantastic guest. With her agreement … Lady Tania's Ultrawoman. (Her amazing deviantart blog: here
I'm proud. Thanks to her.

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 4: The Golden Heroine

Metallia visited Anya's secret Lair. She searched around. She found a closet full of combat outfit. She tried the electric motorbike. She entered in the secret laboratory.
"She has … I have a laboratory interesting !!"
She stopped in front a autographed photo of Ultrawoman, she grinned.
"Why not?"

Anya lay at Azria feet.
Anya : "stop that"
Azria : "why? Stop me if you can!"
Anya stood up and walked toward Azria. The evil wraith used her telekinesis power to lift the blond heroine. Anya's perfect body was torn apart by the telekinesis power. She was in pain but she didn't scream and looked angry the wraith. Azria stepped closer and put her hand covered with her dark energy on the heroine firm breast. Anya screamed in pain.
Azria : "better … I like your voice. Fighting me is useless, you are already doomed. It's just a matter of time."
She laughed as she uses her not living matter to tighten the heroine's outfit to crush her body.
Anya agonizes.

Metallia used an old ritual to read trough time the log-ins and passwords of Anya. She contacted Ultrawoman using her blog.
AnyaStorm@Ultrawoman "Ultrawoman, you know I'm fan. I have some difficulties about my heroine career. I think I need some advice from a great heroine. And you are. You're a model for me, please. Can you grant me some of your time ?"

Metallia hid the Steam twins statues in her new secret lair.
"I'm starting a museum …" She laughed.

Metallia checked her new mail box.
Ultrawoman@AnyaStorm : "Thanks. I will be glad to help a sister to fight criminal and evil. We can meet tomorrow after my charity children's tea. 6 o'clock at the Angel statue?"

AnyaStorm@Ultrawoman "Thanks you so much. I will be there"

Metallia grinned. "Yes I will be there …" She went to sleep.

Metallia tested her new powers and trained herself to use her new body waiting evening.
"I begin to like this body. She really didn't deserve a body like this … it's a shame I wont never turn her into a statue."

Metallia rid her new electric motorbike to the park. She waited at the statue.

Ultrawoman walked peaceful in the park enjoying the falling night air. Her long golden hair floated in air. Metallia was hypnotized during few seconds by the famous Ultrawoman presence and grace. This amazon was flawless and soon for ever though Metallia.

Ultrawoman : "hello miss Storm, how are you?"
Metallia : "good evening. I'm fine and you?"
Ultrawoman : "fine too. What does the powerful Anya Storm want from me?"
Metallia : "advices about …"
Metallia looked down.
Ultrawoman : "about what? You can talk with me, I know to keep secret."
Metallia : "I know you fought demons. I need some advices … I want to stop Jessica for good."
Ultrawoman : "hmm I understand. Let's walk, I will …"
Ultrawoman's golden lasso moved and tied up the perfect amazon body from neck to feet.
Ultrawoman : "What … watch around … Golden Fist !"
Metallia covered her body with electricity and moved in front Ultrawoman like she wanted to protect her. She looked around and saw nobody around. She slowly turned around and grinned.
Metallia : "Goldent Fist no … but that gives me a good idea. I need your lasso .."
Ultrawoman : "What!?"
Ultrawoman threw her powerful body to hit her opponent with her head, but she hit the living metal form. This powerful shock was not enough to stun the amazon. Metallia hug Ultrawoman and engulfed her with electricity. The amazon screamed in pain as she brought down by this devastating attack. She lay tied up at Metallia feet but she struggled.

Metallia : "still awake … look at me. Why are you fighting me? Why are you resisting me?"

The entrancing power overwhelmed Ultrawoman's mind. She stopped to struggle why resisting a such attractive woman?
Ultrawoman fought inside. Metallia was absolutely certain to win. She lost a bit of her concentration on the lasso. Ultrawoman freed a right arm and grabbed Metallia by her neck and threw her against a tree. She saw the Anya's tiny body crashed into the tree but the lasso tied up again tighter and tighter. Metallia covered by lightenings sat on Ultrawoman body.
The amazon screamed in pain as Metallia put her hands on her golden tiara.

Metallia : "You're strong … but it's too late. A body like yours deserves eternity. Look at me … stop struggling … don't resist me. You deserve eternity"

Ultrawoman was light-headed by the electric shock. She looked her opponent, she was so cute, so attractive. She was overwhelmed by the desire to please this sexy blond over her. She saw Anya's glowing lips approaching her face. 'Just a kiss' She though as Metallia's lips presses hers. It was so pleasant, she didn't take care about her legs hardening. She felt a sweet cold feeling. The idea to become a statue for ever began to be pleasant. Her torso was turned into gold then her face. She was a statue and she thought "it's good … stop thinking … I'm statue for eternity … admired …" Her mind fell into nothing.

Metallia used her metal control to change Ultrawoman pose.

Metallia : "A physique like this needs a great pose"
She put her new golden statue instead the angel statue. She grinned as she kept the golden lasso. She know how to use it but she was not able to link it with her.
"Everyone will think about Golden Fist ... I can't link this artifact with me but I can use it and it will be an amazing tool for my crusade!"

Ultrawoman mind took form in Azria's world.
Anya screamed "NOT HER NOOOOO"
Azria freed Anya who fell onto the ground.
Azria grinned : "your next opponent, remember the rules darling …"
Anya : "no it's impossible … it's a nightmare"
Azria : "… maybe a dream … but it's real"
Ultrawoman ran toward Anya who used her inner boost power to dodge.
Anya : "Ultrawoman … fight her control .. you're stronger than her …"
Anya's spiritual body didn't totally recover from the previous fight.
Ultrawoman was fast and skilful. The amazon feinted a punch and hit Anya's flat belly with her knee. Anya's green eyes opened sharply as she was stopped and her tiny bent on the Amazon's knee. She felt her ribs crackling under the strength of the hit. She fell face down at Ultrawoman's feet. The amazon crushed Anya's back. She screamed in pain.
Azria : "Use your power you can hurt her with electricity … cover your body and zap her down"
Anya with a weak voice : "no…"
Anya felt the golden lasso around her neck. She felt her will fading.
Ultrawoman : "undress … remove this outfit"
Anya stood up slowly. She opened her outfit unable to resist the power of the golden lasso. She removed her outfit.
Ultrawoman : "give me, take this bottle of water and wet your body"
Anya tried to fight but she gave her outfit to Ultrawoman and took the bottle. She poured water on her torso. Her powers were neutralized.
Ultrawoman : "turn! Your arms behind … hands on your back"
Anya obeyed and Ultrawoman used Anya's outfit to tied hard Anya's hands on her back.
Ultrawoman : "Someone tried to hang me … it's a good end for you. Follow me"
Anya followed Ultrawoman to a tree. She hesitated but the power of the lasso was too strong. She was hanged then died.

Anya woke up. Her spiritual body was half bruised. She saw Azria draining more energy from her. The evil wraith ginned.

Anya : "stop this game !"

Azria : "A game? It's not a game. It's your last torment … your end. I'm curious who will be her next target. Ultrawoman gave me her divine power. It's soooooo good"
Anya grabbed Azria neck : "STOP THAT!"
Azria grinned : "with Ultrawoman power …You're too weak to hurt me now."
Anya saw an electricity flash in Azria's dark eyes.
Azria : " … and I begin to get your power too." She laughed and sent a dark energy wave trough Anya's arms. She fell on her knees in front Azria.

To be continued …

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