AEP Ch2: The Black Dress

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

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I wrote a sequel for the good story  by Jam-man : Fastsilver Statue

Anya took the Metallia's clothes, she had to pay the price ... :

Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 2: The Black Dress

Anya slipped the black silk dress on her perfect body. This dress was sweet and light, very comfortable. She locked the belt around her smile waist. She put on the Metallia's boots. She looked her in a mirror.
She said amazed "I'm the blond Metallia … I have to change these clothes fast."

She found her electrical motorbike hidden in a shed. She get on and powered up the engine. She drove back at her home.

At home, she threw her helmet on the sofa and stopped in front a mirror. She felt so well in this so beautiful robe. That dress suited her. She was totally fascinated by that black dress. She stood in front the mirror caressing her body. Suddenly she shook her head.

"What happening to me …?" She took off fast the dress but she kept that in her hands. It was so sweet and it smelled so good. She put the dress on the sofa and moved to take a good shower.
She thought about that happened to her. She didn't know how she did it but she has defeated Metallia for good.

She went to sleep. She slept very bad tormented by her misadventure.

She woke up and moved to her bathroom. She stopped at the black dress. She brushed against the sweet dress. "That silk is so sweet". She was totally fascinated. She slowly put on and looked herself in the mirror. She left so well. She didn't pay attention but all Metallia's artifacts appeared on her body.
"I understood why Metallia wears that dress." She caressed her body trough the dress. "I look like Metallia, I look so beautiful … so perfect … I'm Metallia"

Suddenly, she was in dark place. Metallia was in front her.

Anya and Metallia were surprised.  Anya covered her body with lightenings and fired a chain lightening. Metallia instinctively raised her arms in front her face, she didn't feel anything. She laughed. "Interesting … my turn"

Anya's arms and legs were tied by chains from nowhere. Anya increased her lightenings on her body but electricity leaved her body and went in Metallia's body.
"Awesome …"

The dark sorceress laughed as she recovered her artifacts. She fired a chain lightening. Anya screamed in pain and quivered as electricity engulfed her tiny bound body.

Metallia covered her hands with lightenings and grabbed Anya's breasts.

Anya tried to struggle : "No … it's impossible!" She screamed out her pain as electricity engulfed again her body.

Metallia freed the blond heroine. "I think we fight mentally … and you can't win because you're trapped in my mind."

Anya felt on her knees. She raised her right fist but she saw the black dress. She let her fist felt beside her, she didn't want to hit a such beautiful and slender girl.

Metallia grinned and used the power of her necklace "Come and kiss me …"

Anya stood up and came closer. Breasts on breasts, lips on lips, Metallia turned Anya into a statue. Anya saw that she was trapped in the Metallia's body turned into gold.

She thought "…I'm a statue again … yes … so peaceful for eternity…"   Everything fades.

Anya was woke up in a dark and cold place.

She felt someone near her. She looked around. Suddenly she was paralyzed, she left 2 hands from behind on her tiny firm breasts. Anya fought waves of pleasures overwhelming her.

She eared a sweet voice in her left ears as she left firm tiny breasts on her back.
"You're mine now. You're trapped in old Metallia body."
"Yes, you begin to understand!!"
"You're manipulated us"
"Yes, Metallia will use your body and powers to turn other powered people into statue to empower me and during this time … I will slowly consume your soul and her soul."
"Nooooo" Anya tried to struggle but her body didn't move. She didn't feel her powers
"It's useless to struggle. I fix rules here … you're doomed. Look she doesn't loose time …"
Azria overwhelmed Anya's spiritual body with pure pleasure. Anya tries to resist but she moaned.

Anya felt on her knees in front Azria.

Images appeared behind Azria. She saw Metallia changing her artifact's appearances and trying her electricity powers. She took Anya pocket pc and looked after her contacts. She grinned. "I can command electricity and I still can use my powers ... so delicious. Fair enough … first of all the Steam Twins!"

She called the sisters : "Hello my friends, … I need your help. It's urgent. … I'm waiting for you at home. Please fast. … thanks."

She grinned.

Metallia possessed Anya's body and powers. Anya's soul was helpless slowly consumed by Azria.

to be continued ...

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