Jessica is back ...

Recently, she fought Anya and two friends. She has been nearly destroyed by a devastating electric attack. Anya’s friend, a sorceress, used a spell to seal Jessica in another dimension.

4 months later, Jessica is back, powerful than before and she is not alone.

New look and more powerful.

Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

By Mindcontroller99
(his deviantart entry and my deviantart entry)

Being the evil villain that I am I want her to spend Christmas with me, so to keep her off guard I disguise myself as a Santa Claus on a street corner asking for donations for the homeless. As planned the superheroine Anya Storm comes by my corner and drops a few coins in my bucket. As Santa I reward Anya with a candy cane which she takes a bite out of. However the candy cane is laced with a powerful hypnotic drug! Poor Anya is under my control!

"Be a good girl and follow Santa!" I tell her.

"Yes, Master!" Says Anya.

Anya follows me to my evil lair that I decorated for Christmas. I then order Anya to strip before me then I order her to dress as "Santa's Little Helper". I make poor Anya clean my lair. I then put her in her Christmas Cage and keep her there for the Holidays.

Yes, Anya and the evil Mind Controller will be spending Christmas together. As Santa motions Anya to enter the cage, she silently obeys. As the cell door clangs shut, Anya wakes up in her bed. It was a dream. Or was it? Anya then notices the "Helpers Hat" she wore in her dream next to her on the bed. Where did it come from?

Anya Storm's MC Nightmare

 By Mindcontroller99
(his deviantart entry and my deviantart entry)

Anya Storm was patrollong her city when she saw a disturbance. Two muggers were attacking a poor man in a wheelchair! Anya leaps into action, shocking the fiends with her electrical powers.

"They won't try that again!" Said Anya. She went over to the victim and helped him back into his wheelchair.

"Can I help you further, Sir?" She asked.

"Please!" Said the poor man. "I only live a few blocks, would you please escort me the rest of the way home safely?"

Anya agreed and even offered to push his wheelchair so he could rest after his ordeal. He agreed. As Anya pushed his chair, she noticed the man was rubbing his temples.

"Poor man!" Anya thought. "Those creeps must have giving him a harder time then I thought!"

When they reached his home, Anya offered to help him inside.

"I have such a bad headache, my dear!" He said. "Would you go into my bathroom and get me an aspirin and a glass of water?"

Anya went into the bathroom and came back with the pills & water, the man in the wheelchair was rubbing his temples even harder like he was casting a spell.

"What are you doing?" Anya asked.

Just then the water glass dropped from her hand spilling on the floor, the pills spilled everywhere as well! Anya felt her mind go blank! The man in the wheelchair had mental powers and was now trying to take over Anya's will! She realized now that she had walked into a trap!

"W-Why are you doing this to me?" Was the last thing Anya said before going into a trance.

"Here me woman!" The man said more coldly. "You are now my slave! You will do as I command, understand!"

"Yes, Master!" Said Anya.

The man wheeled over to the hypnotized Anya. In his lap was a sexy French Maid costume. Clearly, he has been planning this for awhile.

"Put this outfit on Anya!" Anya took the outfit and obeyed. She stripped off her clothes in front of the man in the wheelchair and put on the maid's outfit in front of him, giving him a show. He took it all in.

"From this moment on you work for me Anya, and you will stay here forever! Now entertain me!"

"Yes, Master!"

Anya danced around the man's wheelchair seductively. Soon she was in his lap, teasing him, the man whispered in Anya's ear and ordered her to giving him a kiss. Anya and the man's lips touched, Anya's tongue did more. Both were locked into a romantic smoldering kiss. That is romantic for the man, for Anya it was just a command she had to obey.

"When I call, you will come!" He said to Anya.

Anya then rose in a cold sweat in her bed! Her hair, skin, and PJ's soaking wet from the ordeal! It was just nightmare.

"Thank God!" Anya cried. "It was all just a bad dream!"

Anya then got up, but when she looked at the chair across the room, all the color in her face drained way. A French Maid costume was draped over the chair.

Anya then remembered what the wheelchair man said in her dream: "When I call, you will come!"

"It was a dream, wasn't it?" Anya wasn't sure she wanted to know.


Anya becomes a Femtrooper

Darth Vader has finally converted Wonder Woman. She is now Mistress Sheba, the new Sith Agent of The Empire.
Darh Vader stands behind the former Amazon as she is ready to meet her Emperor.
Mistress Sheba : “Yes, my lord Vader! I must not keep my master waiting!”

Anya sees Wonder Woman in trouble. She doesn’t know the strange dark robot behind the Amazon. She decides to strike hard this foe. If he defeated Wonder Woman, he is a dangerous one. She fires a powerful chain lightening. The dark robot is surprised by the strike and fly away as lightenings damage his circuits.
Anya Storm : “Wonder Woman … what’s happening? Are you ok? What are there clothes?”

Mistress Sheba : “Wonder Woman? I’m Mistress Sheba …”

Mistress Sheba tries to hit Anya but the blond heroine is too fast. The young heroine uses her inner boost power to accelerate and dodge the former Amazon punches. Anya knows that Wonder Woman is far stronger than her. The former princess is a very skillful fighter, Anya doesn’t find a flaw in the Amazon’s defense.

Suddenly a terrible force strangles her. Anya stops and gasps for air as the Amazon hits her flat belly. Anya opens sharply her green eyes in pain but she fires a lightening bolt. Mistress Sheba smiles as the electricity hit her body. The former Amazon body is too resistant for this weak attack. Anya sees the dark robot using a kind of telekinetic power to strangle her at distance. She tries to struggle but his grip is too strong. She points her hand covered by electricity to the dark robot but Mistress Sheba hits again her flat belly. She sees the former Amazon taking her lasso with a dark smile.

Mistress Sheba slowly wraps it around the blond heroine chest.  Anya knows the power of this lasso.

Mistress Sheba : “You will soon belong to the Empire.”

Anya Storm gasps : “no please …”

She tries to struggle in her mind in vain. The artifact is too powerful for her.

Mistress Sheba : “Surrender and Kneel before Darth Vader and Mistress Sheba”

Anya kneels.

Dark Vader : “Good job Mistress Sheba … She will be a good trooper. I’ll convert her and you will support her conversion with your lasso”

Mistress Sheba : “For the empire my lord”

They destroy her will and reshape completely her mind for ever.

Few minutes later.
Anya stands in her new uniform. For the rest of her life, she is Shuran a Femtrooper devoted to The Empire.
Darth Vader : “Very well Miss Shuran, you’re now a Femtrooper of The Empire”
Shuran : “Yes my lord, I, Shuran, am a loyal servant of The Emperor. I swear my total loyalty and devotion to The Emperor. May glory be upon The Emperor and Lord Vader.”
Darth Vader : “You’ll protect and serve Mistress Sheba”
Shuran : “As you command my lord …”
Darth Vader : “Your new master The Emperor will be satisfied, wont he?”

Mistress Sheba and Shuran hail in unison : “May glory be upon The Emperor and Lord Vader.”

This story and photomanipulations are a sequel of a web comics from mindcontroller99

(I did that fast ... dont hesitate to post spelling mistake or other mistake)

Nightmare series: Anya eaten alive by a monster

The poor Anya is paralyzed by a powerful saliva. She is unable to defend herself as a giant monster slowly eats her alive.

She opens in her bed. She can't move. Again a terrible, too realistic nightmare ... some one plays with her mind and she doesnt know who he or she is and how she can fight him or her.

(I dont know I'm not totally satisfied by my work ... but I release my photo manip because I need to continue my nightmare story.)

Made for mindcontroller99's "Monsters & Damsels" Art Jam

Anya training course in Japan

Nightmare after nightmare, Anya decided to come back in Japan for martial training course and to rest.

A fan saw her in a park and asked her to pose, she accepted …

Nigthmare series continues: the evil painting

Kazerash is half-demon and half-magician. He disguised himself as an itinerant street painter. He finished to paint the Anya’s blond hairs. She felt something wrong. She took her phone to call for help. Too late, the magical painting totally captured her soul.
“Hahaha … too easy … you’re one of my master pieces. Your soul is trapped in my paint for ever and your body will become a perfect host for my sister. Farwell Anya Storm …”

Anya awoke with a start. She breathed loudly. She opened sharply her green eyes as she saw a portrait of her stuck on ceiling of her room. She blinked and the portrait was not there anymore.

Another Anya nightmare ... the bloody rose

During a charity fair night, Anya has been attacked by a mysterious woman. The beautiful Asian beauty planted a white rose into Anya’s heart. Surprised in an isolated room, Anya tried in vain to remove the white rose. The flower became slowly red as it drained the blond heroine blood, life and powers. She was overwhelmed by a powerful opioid. She lost perception of really and she felt so happy and light headed. She didn’t care what happens to her anymore. Anya felt down on an armchair. After few minutes, her arms dangled beside as the last breath of life is drained from her perfect body. The white rose is now totally red and the young heroine laid lifeless and bloodless on this comfortable armchair.

Anya opened her eyes and laid motionless on her bed. She put her hand on her chest just as her heart place. “Another nightmare …” She turned her head and she saw a red rose on her beside table. She stood up and looked around her then she looked the rose “Impossible!”

((Another foe? Something from her past? What is this rose?))

Terra Gold Statue ...

She has been turned into a gold statue and placed on lounge sofa of Metallia. She felt pleasure when Metallia looked at. All toughs faded except the happiness to be simple decoration for ever. Her last tough was "yes I'm a statue for ever, please admire me ... I'm a statue ..."

Terra woke up she remembered her nightmare. It was a simple nightmare or someone played with her dreams?

Purple Terra ...

Even a god heiress has nightmare. Reiko turned her in a terrible robot, ready to hunt more heroines and heroes.
Her slik shining purple skin is very resistant and Reiko gave her blue dress and blue boots because she had blue eyes before.

"Robotizing body... 100%
Digitalizating mind... 100%
Uploading personality and memories... 100%
Deleting personality and memories... 100%
Formating mind and soul... 100%
Waiting data...
Downloading new personality and memories... 100%
Installing new personality... 100%
Booting... 100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve
Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be
a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine
1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Programing... 100%
Testing divine power... 100%
Optimizing body... 100%
Boosting divine powers... 150%
Increasing strength 300%
Increasing speed 300%
Increasing resitance 300%
Increasing agility 200%
Increasing reflexe 300%
Initialazing conversion device 100%
Purple Terra Unit operational, Awaiting commands"

Purple Terra said as she knelt before her new mistress.

It's just a nightmare but it could be real.
Terra's profile :
(also on

Another Anya nightmare ... being robotized

Another Anya nightmare being robotized ...

"Robotizing body... 100%
Digitalizating mind... 100%
Uploading personality and memories... 100%
Deleting personality and memories... 100%
Formating mind... 100%
Waiting data...
Downloading new personality and memories... 100%
Installing new personality... 100%
Booting... 100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve
Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be
a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine
1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Programing... 100%
Testing electricity control super power... 100%
Purple Anya Unit operational, Awaiting commands"

Anya says with a cold voice. Her skin is now a sweet and cold shining purple fabric. She wears a dark blue leather jacket and a black leather pant as Reiko decided.
Reiko won and robotized Anya. Anya is a robot forever and Reiko has an infinite energy source ... completed the evil robot can dominate earth and convert everyone into loyal robot. She keeps Anya as a personal servant.

But how she will program the former heroine?
(please comment, idea of addons or settings for Purple Anya?)

Azria's profile

Azria were an evil sorceress, not very powerful but with a incredible potential. She managed to capture innocents to create a powerful ritual. Anya investigated about these missing people. She found her and fought her.
The sorceress was not powerful enough to stand against Anya but she tried to achieve the ritual. Anya saved the innocents and the ritual took the sorceress life.
The ritual attracted attention of an ancient evil goddess. She gave her a lot of powers. She is still tied to the living world, and cannot pass on the ineffable afterworld. She became a wraith. She became Azria avatar of this unknown ancient goddess. This goddess asks her to scarify powerful being to feed her.
Azria has only one way to be reincarnated, she needs to take Anya’s body and scarify Anya’s soul to her ancient goddess.
She looks like a young woman. She is 1.57 m (5ft 1.5"), slim and nice body. Her measurements are 82B-58-82 (32B-23-32). Her weight is unknown.
She feeds on energy of emotions, passions, dreams and feelings of mortal and meta humans.

She uses the dark energy of wraith.

- She can temporarily hides herself in shadows.
- She can use teleport herself from a dreamer to a dreamer.
- She can manipulates and modify dreams.
- She can strengthen or inspire emotion with her sensual voice. She can fill a victim with a completely overwhelming emotion but she also feels a part of this emotion.
- She can uses dark blue flames to damage her opponent or drain his strength or life away. She can steal another’s life with a touch. It is a very painful ability.
- She can apply force to an object to move it. With this form of telekinesis, she can move object up to 5 tons.
- She can increase or decrease gravity. She can fly or she can crush her opponent onto the ground.
- She can use a machine or an object as a temporary body.
- She can manipulates and shapes nonliving material she touched during 3 days.
- She can enters in a body and takes almost complete control over a host.
- She can create detailed, highly-convincing illusions.
- She can heal her body. If she is destroyed she returns to one of her fetters*.
- She can manipulate distance and time on a limited basis. She moves very fast (like in Matrix but faster)
- She can focus her dark energy to gain extra strength.
- She can shift in intangible form. Only electricity, blessed weapon, or energy like her dark flames can affect her in this form.
- She can pull objects together to form a body to create a loyal temporary soldier. (20th stronger and faster than an athletic man).
- She can wipe pieces of memory from mind and rewrite them.
- She can create sounds and images in a mind. She uses this abilities to influence or distract her opponent.
-She can overwhelm mind's victim with illusions, which is infamous for destroying the minds of its victims. She has to touch your head with a finger. Concentrating her dark energy into her finger to literally destroy her opponent's mind. Once used, it sends various nightmare illusions directly created by the opponent's brain; he or she is trapped within an illusion that is almost indistinguishable from reality. Strongest mind are very weakened, ordinary minds are simply destroyed. Each time she uses this technique, she has a chance to be suffering from her own attack.
- She can reshape and manipulate dreams.
- Due her undead nature, she does not age and she is immunized against diseases, poisons, and drugs.

- She can create servants. She weakens her future servants’ mind. She overwhelms their body and mind with her dark energy then she alters their body and mind for good. They become loyal undead servants until they are destroyed or she decides to abandon them. They have the strength of 5 men, they are 5th faster than an athletic man and they are very resistant. They are totally controlled.
(Servant's attributes =>)

- She does not like running water.

- She is repulsed by blessed artifact and powerful blessed object.
- Blessed water weakens her.
- Electricity field can paralyze and give her pain.
- She can be controlled or neutralized, if someone finds one of her fetters. She hides her fetters, but it seems Anya owns one.
- With powerful psychic or with magic powers, you can influence her using her servants.

*A Fetter is a person, place, or object that ties a wraith to her behind.

Steam Twins

The Steam Twins have been killed during Azria's Evil Plan story. Sisters' souls have been absorbed by Metallia and Azria.

Then the Steam Twins are no more. Farwell sisters!

They are 2 tall blond and athletic heroine twins. They are 28 years old. They are 1m77 (5ft10) tall and weigh 60 Kg (131 pounds). Their measurements are 91C-64-93 (36C-25-38). They enjoy life and all decent pleasures that the life bring to them. They enjoy life.

Sonya and Diana Andersons were professional women wrestlers. They won the women tag team world champion ship and a lot of underground matches. After an underground match, they disappeared. They have been trapped by an evil scientist. We still don’t know how he did but he enhanced hers dna and gives twins superpowers.

Anya Storm saved her from this unknown scientist. Sonya became Frizia and Diania became Firia.

They wear a skintight catsuit made with a special very resistant fabric (Anya’s outfit is more resistant). It protects them from low piercing damage (bullet, knife, syringe, dart, …). The fabric is made with a dna.

Frizia can generate and manipulate ice. She has the ability of cryokinesis where she can freeze anything around her and can also turn her body into ice. In this manner she is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures, including projectiles, shields, ladders, baseball bats, etc. She often makes ice slides which form rapidly beneath and behind her feet, moving her along the slick surface at high speeds. Frizia is also able to reconstitute her organic ice form if any part of it is damaged, or even if it is completely shattered, without permanently harming herself. She can temporarily add the mass of a body of water to her own, increasing her mass, size, strength and resistance. There is a living ice layer on her costume.

Firia can generate and manipulate fire. She has the ability of pyrokiniesis where she can heat or burn anything around her and can also turn her body into fire. She can heal herself by burning object near her. She can generate flame and heat as well as being immune to both. She can generate flame in order to fly (up to half of sound speed), surround herself with a fiery sheath, and to project blasts of fire. She can temporarily decrease her body mass, decreasing her size and increasing her speed and agility. There is a living fire layer on her costume.

They share a permanent empathic and telepathic link. In a fight they are perfectly synchronous.

They can combine hers powers and manipulate steam. They can turn into steam form and become intangible. They can create a large haze, freezing haze or burning haze.

Weaknesses :
Not focused, they can not use her superpowers.
Her link, they feel the same thing at the same moment. When one of them is hurt, the second one feels the same pain.
They are afraid by syringes.
When they combine her powers, they share curse, disease, poison and drug.

Anya resting at home

Even heroine needs to rest peacefully at home

Anya's nightmare

Metallia won. Anya is now a metallic statue for ever. She has a place of honour in Metallia's lounge.

This is only a nightmare, but it could come true.

New look for Anya

New look but same job ... hunting, fighting and zapping evil doers!

Outfit :
Her perfect tiny athletic body is protected by a full body skintight outfit:
  • totally waterproof
  • very resistant fabric (created by Anya)
  • light and skintight to ease fast moves
  • fireproof (fabric doesn’t burn but she feels heat)
  • acid proof (most of current acids)
  • locked zipper
  • full electricity conduction
  • no metal
  • high protection against full metal jacket round nose projectiles piercing effect
  • high protection against stabs, cuts, slashes (knife, needles, picks, …)
  • thermo regulated
  • minor blessing gives a minor protection against demonic energy

But her outfit has a lot of weaknesses:
  • it protects her against bullets piercing effect but not the impact. If you shoot her flat belly, the fabric will stop the bullet but she will get a nasty blow on her belly
  • no protection against blow, blunt, slam and crush
  • no protection against magic and psionic attacks
  • her body is less resistant than the fabric

Animated photomani

Profiles Update

Anya's and Jessica's profile have been updated.

Attributes description

  • Strength, Dexterity (nimble) and Stamina (endurance) are the physical attributes.
  • Speed: how fast move or act the character (Anya moves very fast when she uses her Inner Lightning Boost faster than sound speed)
  • Melee: how skillful in combat (Anya is an Aikido and Karate master)
  • Blasts: how powerful are energy or ranged attacks (Anya lightening strike are very devastating. Her chain lightening attack can destroy a city.)
  • Control: how you control an energy (electricity), a force (telekinesis) or a element (fire). (Anya’s control on electricity is incredible and she is totally immunized against electricity)
  • Psyche: describe the abilities to use your mind or to attack mind’s target. (Anya can just paralyze a target with a melee attack. It is not very powerful in comparison with Metallia’s artifacts powers.)
  • Willpower: willpower and how your mind is resistant to psyche attacks.

I wait your comments about this simple way to describe characters (for rople-play)

htlm example to generate graph :
(replace all [ by < and all ] by >)

[div style="width: 250px"]
[table style="background-color: #000000;"]
[th colspan="13"]
[font size="3" face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF"]Attributes[/font]
[th style="background-color: #000000; color: #FFFFFF;"]
[font size="2" face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF"]Strength[/font][/th]
   [th style="text-align: left;"][table style="background-color: #000000;"][tr]
   [th style="background-color: #000099; color: #000099;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #2266FF; color: #2266FF;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #2266FF; color: #2266FF;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #2266FF; color: #2266FF;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
   [th style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000;"]X[/th]
[tr][th colspan="13" style="font-size: 12px; color: #FFFFFF;"][p align="left"]
[i][font size="1" face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF"]
   0: Human Low Level[br /]1: Human Medium Level[br /]
   2: Human High Level[br /]3: Heroes Level[br /]5: Meta Human Level[br /]
   9 and above: God Level[br /][/font]
[font color="#2266FF" size="1" face="Verdana" ]Light blue[/font][font size="1" face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF"]: with Inner Lightning Boost[br /][/font][/i][/p]

Metallia's Profile

Metallia is an evil sorceress. Slender body, dark hair, black eyes ... She is a beautiful dark young woman.

Ana Medjev was a devoted wife. Her husband was an artist and blacksmith. A night, Jessica killed her husband to recover her energy to fight Anya. She was overwhelmed by sadness and pain. She ran deep in a dark forest as she fled from the 2 power girls who continued to fight in her garden.

She waked up in an old half destroyed church. In front of her, she found a strange chest. When she touched chest, she freed an ancient evil sorceress spirit ... Her tormented soul and the powerful sorceress soul merged. She became a new entity ... Metallia.

Metallia wants to take revenge on Anya and Jessica and all heroines and villainesses … Their endless fight killed her husband. She hates Jessica and Anya. She is a cruel judge, torturer and executioner.

She is anger and lustful sorceress. She likes to hunt, capture, humiliate and torment heroines and villainesses. Finally she turns her prey into a metallic statue. Victim’s spirit slowly accepts to become a statue. During the process she consumes victim’s soul to feed her power. At the end, her victim becomes a lifeless statue for ever.

Powers and magical artifacts:
  • She controls metal (at will):
    • She manipulates metal shape at sight.
    • She moves metallic object at sight up to 100 tons.
    • She animates metallic stuffs to the touch. Most of the time, she creates humanoid living soldiers.
    • She is immunized to all metallic weapons, projectiles and objects.
    • She absorbs metal to regenerate and heal.
    • She becomes a full metallic woman statue. She become totally invulnerable and she gains an extra strength but she is unable to use any other ability. Her speed and dexterity decrease by half. And all of her artifacts and stuff are in metal too and loose thier magic properties.
    • She turns into metal everything or everyone she kisses. She uses this ability to turn into metallic statue her victims. She needs minutes of kiss to fully transform a living person.
    • She understands what an artifact does and she knows how to use it.
  • Magical artifacts:
    • Her magical dark dress is made with fairy’s hairs and have an entrancing power. That makes someone obsessively want to please her.
    • Her fiery red ribbon is made with red dragon blood. She is immunized against fire and she throws flames with her right hand.
    • Her black leather belt is made with troll skin. She regenerates very fast.
    • Her black boots are made with wraith essence. She teleports from shadow to shadow.
    • Her diamond earrings seem to give her the ability to read superficial thoughts and protect her from most of mental attacks.
    • Her red stone necklace is made with a mermaid hearth. She gives a simple one-word order that a target must obey. Any aggression breaks the order. (Picture will be upgraded).

  • Fire Control:
Metalia received the power of pyrokinesis after the Steam Twins disappeared. She can create fire and she is immunized to fire and its consequences. She can heat metal to melt it, consume oxygen enough to nearly suffocate, but she don’t have any discomfort from the heat or lack of oxygen. She can throw fireballs, conjure large flames to launch them in directed and continuous streams, conjure walls of fire, weapons of fire, sphere of fire around her or someone, … She controls the heat of her fire or flames. She can ignite her whole body on fire and fires flames or explosive fireballs all around her.

Know weaknesses:
  • She is a normal woman. She can be drugged. She is not very strong and fast. She is not a good melee fighter.
  • She needs to absorb vital energy to use her powers.
  • She looses half of her power when she faces a man. It's a remain of her devoted wife life.

Friends and Foes:
  • Anya Storm: "This little arrogant and stupid blond needs to be stopped. She is too dangerous ... She'll become a gorgeous metallic statue for ever."
  • Jessica: "This demon will pay for her crime. I'll turn her into statue for eternity."
  • Reiko 23: "This cyborg is dangerous and looks after Anya. I can't trust her. I won’t let her succeed."

There are few secrets to find about her. Consider this description above is a web site written by someone who knows or fought her. Metallia is free to be played or used to fight Anya.

Profiles update

I updated all profiles with attributes graphic (I also fixed some stuff).

I want to thank Ultra Violet who inspired me with her character's sheet.

I wait your comment about attributes graphic. Thank

Anya Storm: New ability

She learns another way to use her electricity control power:

  • Synapsis lock: Her hand glows blue and her touch paralyzes brain activity. She touches her target’s forehead if she succeeds the target is totally paralyzed. The more she touches the more she’s able to succeed.

  • Profile updated