Purple Terra ...

Even a god heiress has nightmare. Reiko turned her in a terrible robot, ready to hunt more heroines and heroes.
Her slik shining purple skin is very resistant and Reiko gave her blue dress and blue boots because she had blue eyes before.

"Robotizing body... 100%
Digitalizating mind... 100%
Uploading personality and memories... 100%
Deleting personality and memories... 100%
Formating mind and soul... 100%
Waiting data...
Downloading new personality and memories... 100%
Installing new personality... 100%
Booting... 100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve
Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be
a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine
1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Programing... 100%
Testing divine power... 100%
Optimizing body... 100%
Boosting divine powers... 150%
Increasing strength 300%
Increasing speed 300%
Increasing resitance 300%
Increasing agility 200%
Increasing reflexe 300%
Initialazing conversion device 100%
Purple Terra Unit operational, Awaiting commands"

Purple Terra said as she knelt before her new mistress.

It's just a nightmare but it could be real.
Terra's profile : http://www.impervium.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=285
(also on http://anyastorm.deviantart.com/#/d2v279t)

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