AEP Alt End 1: Goddess Birth

Azria's Evil Plan first alternate end: Birth of a goddess

Replace the end of Mistress of Puppets Chapter by ...


Megami: "Stay here ... and watch. Reiko will protect us"

Azria squeezed Anya's crotch with her foot covered by a white aura. Anya moaned in pleasure. Azria stuck Anya's feet and hands with summoned wood stakes. Anya didn't feel the stakes. She was totally overwhelmed by pleasure. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she reached orgasm. Her body was not able to support more. She was about to die.

Azria : "yes I can't believe that ... it's over bitch! I'm a GODDESS!"

Azria fired another blast of energy. Reiko's shield was destroyed.

Reiko : "Shield power : 0%"

Anya moaned louder and arched her back in pleasure as Azria laid on her. The evil wraith rubbed the heroine's crotch with her tight and caressed the blond heroine's curves. She summoned demons and fired a huge energy ball. This ball entered in Reiko's body. The robot quivered as her body smoked.

Reiko : "Error. Sys… system critical failure …"

Reiko fell face on floor.

Ultrawoman, Jessica, Crimson Kat and Lady Ashton ran to stop Azria but they were stopped by a force shield around Azria. Demons attacked them.

Azria slowly faded into Anya's body. The heroine's body felt so good and was totally under pleasure control. Lust was all that she required. Her mind and soul cracked and were totally annihilated in a last orgasm. Azria took possession of her new body. It was the birth of a new omnipotent entity. A goddess rose. She stood. Anya's face smirked. Her green eyes glowed black. She spread her arms and ethereal flux came into her new body from Heroines and Villainness. She absorbed their soul and laughed, in this dimension they were not able to resist.

Megami : "NOOOOOO"

Azria looked Metallia and snapped her finger. The evil sorceress was fully healed. She pointed Megami.

Azria : "You will stay in this world for ever. You will fall and become these demons toy for ever …"

Azria and Metallia faded and let Megami and Reiko in an infinite jail.

Azria had infinite powers with infinite energy. She hugged and kissed Metallia to give the dark sorceress enough power to defeat any empowered women and girls.

Azria: "defeat and neutralize any one you want my dear."

Metallia's head leaned on Azria's shoulders and she smiled.

Azria and Metallia were unstoppable. Few weeks later, the world fell under Azria absolute control for eternity. She kept Anya appearance.

The last hero knelt before her.

" … I swear my eternal allegiance and devotion. I give you my body, mind and soul. My Goddess."

Azria : "thanks and I take all …" She laughed as she sat and used her dark energy to drain his soul.

A pale blonde evil goddess with an angel face rules the world for ever.

Bloody Nina first Jessica's priestess

Nina Rostislava
Villainness name: 
Bloody Nina, Blood Sorceress
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
5'8’’ (1.75 m)
115 lbs (52kg)
34c-24-34 (87c-58-87)
Red eyes
Zodiac Sign: 
Sexual Orientation: 
Race or Ethnicity: 
She believes in Jessica
She is the first Jessica priestess.

Blood magic, Summoning,.
Superpowers origin: 

Main Nemesis: 
Anya Storm 
Main Ally: 

She likes: 
to serve Jessica. 
She hates: Anya Storm, to disappoint Jessica

Nina is a sorceress. She was an heroine. She has been captured, tormented and tortured by Jessica during years. She was totally broken and she fell in love with Jessica.

When Jessica disappeared after Azria defeat, she was released from her captivity. Lost and forgotten, she searched for her Goddess. She used dark ritual and magic to find her Goddess … she freed Jessica and bring back the demoness.

Nina is totally devoted and loyal to Jessica. The ritual to free Jessica altered her body and powers. She became a semi vampire using a dark blood magic. She is not a good fighter.


She a blood magic sorceress. The powers she used altered her being. She uses her own blood or blood from various being (human, animal, …) to cast powerful spells and to summon golems or various creatures. She is an undead totally immune to poison and disease. She 5th
stronger than a normal girl, twice faster than and she is immortal (not invincible). She also regenerates by using her blood.

Most known spells and abilities:

Vampire’s bite: She bites to suck blood, life and strengh. Her victim is overwhelmed by pain or pleasure. She needs blood to refill her blood powers.

Theft of Blood: She opens her hand going to her target, a red flux appears from and she can mystically drain blood (and life) of her victim. She can drain blood from human, mutants, angels and demons.

Coat of blood: She covers her body with blood and she becomes invisible.

Blood form: Her body becomes totally a mass of blood. She may convert her body parts to blood, which may later be used to reform the body part in question. The body part may also be regenerated.

Clone of blood: She creates a humanoid of blood. The humanoid has her strength and speed.

Blood objects: She can create simple object with her blood (sword, rope, shield, chair, …).

Beverage of submission: She transforms her blood into a powerful and addictive drug.

Blood of Agony: She coats a weapon or her body with adequate size of her blood. She deals an unbelievable magic pain to her victim. She also infects her victim with her blood.

Reform Body: She reforms, even after she is destroyed from anyone who drunk or infected by her blood.

Blood knowledge: She can read in her blood victim: powers, nature, knowledge … She can discover secrets. “Blood is essence of being”

Blood source of all things: She can convert her blood into another energy and emits this energy: fire, ice, electricity, laser, psionic, …

Blood wings: She creates red wings. She can fly like Jessica.

Blood minions: She creates golems or creatures. She uses blood from her or a person and she needs some minute to create golems or creatures. Her minions have strength and resistance of the person or her.

Blood rituals: She can perform dark magic or blood magic rituals. “With time and blood nothing is impossible for my Goddess.”

Know weaknesses:
She lost all of her blood magic powers if sun touch her skin (but she keeps her undead extra strength, speed and regeneration).
She needs blood to refill her blood powers. She is always hungry. The less she has blood the weaker she is.

There’s many secrets to discover.
Consider this profile like a web site written by someone who knows her or has fought her.

AEP sequel 1: Bloody Trap

Azria's Evil Plan
Sequel 1
The Bloody Trap


Anya came back from a night of crime fight. She opened her outfit and released her firm breasts. She stretched as she walked to the kitchen. She opened her fridge and took a soda. She opened the bottle and smelt. She faked to drink and looked around. She began to zip her outfit as a red liquid from the bottle spurted. She threw the bottle but the red liquid covered her mouth and nose.

She opened sharply her green eyes in shock. She covered her body with lightenings to burn this strange liquid. She fell on her knees as she felt an impressive pressure on her face. She saw more liquid entering in her outfit. She was not able to breath. She used her inner lightening boost power but the liquid between her outfit and her skin burnt her. A hand appeared then an arm. Someone very strong was invisible. She needed to breath. She saw in front her a slender red head young woman wearing a red robe with a hood.

More and more liquid flew from her opponent hand. The red head woman smiled as she saw Anya being asphyxiated. The liquid under the heroine outfit entered in Anya crotch. The heroine wanted to scream in pain but she was not able. She convulsed and squirmed in pain on the floor but she fired a lightening chain.

The red head woman screamed, flight and hit a wall. The red liquid tried to enter in Anya mouth. Suddenly Anya screamed as the liquid penetrated in her tiny body between her legs then the liquid entered in her mouth.

The liquid was hot and sweet. Her body and mind were dazed. She felt so good. She fought this feeling and slowly stood up. She screamed and put her hands on her crotch as she felt on her knees. A rope of red liquid appeared then wrapped and tightened hard her tiny body. She didn't see her opponent. She fired lightening bolt all around her.

She saw a water tentacle entering in her outfit. Water filled her outfit and she lost her powers. Bound by this red liquid and powerless, she was not able to fight back. She was not able to prevent the red head woman to slowly remove her outfit from behind as the red rope slow tightened more and crush the heroine perfect body.

Nina: "Hello Miss Storm, I understand my Goddess … you look so tasty."

Anya : "What are you doing and who are …. YOOUUHHHHAAAA"

The red head woman created a red knife and stuck it in her back. The blond heroine screamed in pain.

Nina: "I talk you …answer. I'm Jessica's servant, Nina. Where is Jessica?"

Anya: "What?"

Nina moved in front Anya and smiled. "Where is Jessica? Where is my Goddess?"

Anya: "I don't know"

Nina smiled and leaned her head on Anya's shoulders. Suddenly Nina bite Anya's neck and sucked her blood like a vampire. Anya was overwhelmed by pleasure. She wriggled and struggled her tied body in vain and lost consciousness.

She woke up tied and wet in a dark cave. She felt so weak. Nina rubbed her perfect curves and smiled.

Nina: "You're are really beautiful and … you're so tasty. I like your blood but … you're my Goddess properties. I read in your blood what happened. … Call me Bloody Nina, the first Jessica's Priestess."

Anya: "You're crazy free me."

Nina: "Shhhhh … I know how to bring back my goddess here and I will offer you as a present … A present to prove my devotion."

Nina smiled and put her hand on Anya's chest.

Nina: "But first of all …Sanguinus Cordis Postetatem Imperium"

Blood cover her hand and she extracted Anya's heart from her chest. Anya screamed as she saw her heart in Nina's hand.


In the other hand Nina created a bloodstone and put it in Anya's chest.

Nina: "When I read your blood I created an empathic link … I also read your thoughts and memories. … I know you're dangerous … I can't kill you but I can neutralize you …"

She put the heroine's heart in a box. A blood golem took it and walked out the cave.

Nina: "My servant will hide somewhere your heart. Your body is under my control. No one will come for you. I let in your house a copy of you … you're doomed! But …"

Nina focused and partitions appeared around the stone table then created a stone bath. Water and blood filled the bath.

Nina: "After I neutralized your body … I neutralize your powers and now your mind …"

Nina used her blood to create a strange red creature.

Nina: "I called this creature the Spirit Annihilator. I put the creature on your crotch"

Nina put the creature on Anya's crotch. The heroine opened sharply her green eyes.

Nina: "Do you feel it? Something grows in your body … and you like this feeling. And it will cover your tiny body. It secretes a power drug that permeates your skin then your body."

The creature began to rape Anya. The blond heroine was totally overwhelmed by pleasure.

"Most of the time, my creature kills my victim … cardiac arrest but with your new blood stone heart … you have to endure it. Orgasm after orgasm this creature will destroy your mind and your brain … Farewell!"

Anya slowly wriggled and moaned in pleasure totally helpless and powerless. Nina smirked looking the heroine trapped in a bath of water, without heart and with this bloody outfit destroying her mind and brain. Nina walked in another room and let the doomed heroine to her destruction.

Nina sat in the middle of the pentagram and closed her red eyes. Blood flew from her arms and moved on the wall in front her. After the minutes her blood drew a red door. She took a blond hair and put down it in front the red door. The hair flew. She smiled and knelt. The door opened and Jessica's pale hand began to exit from a dark place.

Suddenly lightenings hit Jessica. The demoness despaired in the dark place. Nina screamed.

Nina : "NOOOO. It's not possibl…"

A lightening chain stroked her and made her fly and hit hard a wall. Before she was able to stand. Anya exploded a blood golem and moved fast. The blond heroine lightening punched the red sorceress.

Nina fell face on the floor.

Nina: "please stop … you're killing me …"

Anya fired a continuous lightening chain to burn the red sorceress. Nina screamed in pain as her robe and body burnt.

Anya: "I know you're not alive … I don't feel in you electricity …"

Anya reduced the blood sorceress to a burnt and motionless corpse. The blond heroine fired another chain lightening into the door when she saw Jessica's shadow.

She sat in the middle of the pentagram and focused. She song a spell. After few minutes nothing happened. She opened her green eyes and cried.

"No no no nooo … all of this for nothing … I'm sorry my friends I fail another time to save you … Sonya … Diana … I'm so sorry."

She stood up and dried her tears. She looked around angry. Lightening crackled around her in the room. More and more lightenings appeared around her and began to destroy everything around her. She blasted the wall where the blood door was. She destroyed totally the caves as she ran out. She was in dark woods on mountainside. She looked away as the cave collapsed behind her.

Days later, stones rolled. The sound echoed in a dark wood. A dark hand appeared. Jessica exited from under stones. She had someone in her arms covered by a kind of blanket.

Nina : "My Goddess … I failed … forgive me. How did she free herself? She was defeated … doomed"
Jessica: "You underestimated this bitch. The most important, my slave … you freed me. A simple hair was enough to regenerate. I let her destroying me … my soul jumped in my hair and now I'm back. You bring my soul back in this world then I allow you to serve me for ever as my priestess."

Nina: "Thank you my goddess. I had a good plan but she had her too …"

Jessica: "We have to discover how she did that and I want to know what and who is this pinky Japanese girl!"

Jessica used her red wings and flew away. The powerful demoness, Jessica is back and Nina, a blood sorceress and vampire, serves her.


Azria's Evil Plan
The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

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AEP Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets


Azria's Evil Plan repercussion

Sequels of

AEP Chapter 1/8: The Fast Silver Statue by Jam-man (again thanks a lot)

AEP Chapter 2/8: The Black Dress

AEP Chapter 3/8: Pair of statues

AEP Chapter 4/8: The Golden Heroine

AEP Chapter 5/8: Demonic Fights

AEP Chapter 6/8: A tiny hitch

AEP Chapter 7/8: Hope fades

AEP Ch8/8: Mistress of puppets

Azria's Evil Plan repercussions

She was tortured and traumatized during months.Saved from Azria, she fell in Valerie's hands who enslaved the young heroine. A clue led her friends to a jail where Anya was imprisoned.
Now, Anya is psychologically fragile and lost a part of her confident … but she fights each day to recover. She knows that she has more power in her that she thought. She doesn't understand what or who she is … Enough power to tear the spatio-temporal net? A lot of questions about her without answer.

Steam Twins:
They are no more. Souls and powers have been consumed for ever. Azria has the power to control ice and Metallia to control fire. Why did Megami decide to give these power and not to save the Twins?

Special Guests:
Ultrawoman, Valerie, Lady Ashton and Crimson Kat saved the world. They remember everything if they want. If they don't they shall forget everything details, and their adventure will be a latent dream. (These characters are original characters and I hope that their 'owner' liked this adventure).

Other Heroines and Villainness:
It seems they all forget everything about this adventure.

She lost 2 of her loyal minions. Purple Shadow and Purple Jack are no more. Megami just saved Purple Doctor. Why? Only Megami knows!
Reiko23 brings to light 2 new minions:
- Purple Assassin: spectral abilities, fast, quiet.
- Purple Astro: kryptonian girl.
Reiko23 seems to know a lot about Megami and Anya. (New minions description incoming).

She understood that she was manipulated by Azria but she followed Azria's plan. She was not surprised to see Megami behind Azria's failure. She knows more than she leads us to believe.
She gained the file control power of Firia and a lot of knowledge about heroines and villainness.

She was an essential part of Megami's plan to stop Azria. Her angry and pride were essential. Jessica disappeared after the last battle. She is coming back months later (story incoming).

She was near to success but she had been stopped. She lost all of her powers gained by her ritual except the power to control ice from Frizia. She tasted an ultimate power but she failed … now she wants again to get these feelings.

Megami Bara:
Mysterious, manipulative, smart, angelic, dangerous, enigmatic, powerful, beautiful, graceful, … Megami Bara is a mystery.
She used a anonymous and mysterious girl appearance to gather powerful heroines and villainness to stop Azria. She made a plan to stop Azria and save the wraith's victims but not all. Her plan pushed Anya's powers above the heroine known limits. Anya destroyed a spatio-temporal net. She let Anya in the cruel Valerie's hands and she gave Steam Twins souls and powers to Azria and Metallia. What has she in mind? What is she? Who is she?

On the picture from the left top to the right botom:
Azria, Metallia, Frizia, Firia
Ultrawoman, Reiko23, Anya Storm, Megami Bara
Crimson Kat, Valerie, Lady Ashton, Jessica

I tried to make a montage to illustrate all characters (hope I didn't forget someone ...)