Jessica is back ...

Recently, she fought Anya and two friends. She has been nearly destroyed by a devastating electric attack. Anya’s friend, a sorceress, used a spell to seal Jessica in another dimension.

4 months later, Jessica is back, powerful than before and she is not alone.

New look and more powerful.

Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

By Mindcontroller99
(his deviantart entry and my deviantart entry)

Being the evil villain that I am I want her to spend Christmas with me, so to keep her off guard I disguise myself as a Santa Claus on a street corner asking for donations for the homeless. As planned the superheroine Anya Storm comes by my corner and drops a few coins in my bucket. As Santa I reward Anya with a candy cane which she takes a bite out of. However the candy cane is laced with a powerful hypnotic drug! Poor Anya is under my control!

"Be a good girl and follow Santa!" I tell her.

"Yes, Master!" Says Anya.

Anya follows me to my evil lair that I decorated for Christmas. I then order Anya to strip before me then I order her to dress as "Santa's Little Helper". I make poor Anya clean my lair. I then put her in her Christmas Cage and keep her there for the Holidays.

Yes, Anya and the evil Mind Controller will be spending Christmas together. As Santa motions Anya to enter the cage, she silently obeys. As the cell door clangs shut, Anya wakes up in her bed. It was a dream. Or was it? Anya then notices the "Helpers Hat" she wore in her dream next to her on the bed. Where did it come from?

Anya Storm's MC Nightmare

 By Mindcontroller99
(his deviantart entry and my deviantart entry)

Anya Storm was patrollong her city when she saw a disturbance. Two muggers were attacking a poor man in a wheelchair! Anya leaps into action, shocking the fiends with her electrical powers.

"They won't try that again!" Said Anya. She went over to the victim and helped him back into his wheelchair.

"Can I help you further, Sir?" She asked.

"Please!" Said the poor man. "I only live a few blocks, would you please escort me the rest of the way home safely?"

Anya agreed and even offered to push his wheelchair so he could rest after his ordeal. He agreed. As Anya pushed his chair, she noticed the man was rubbing his temples.

"Poor man!" Anya thought. "Those creeps must have giving him a harder time then I thought!"

When they reached his home, Anya offered to help him inside.

"I have such a bad headache, my dear!" He said. "Would you go into my bathroom and get me an aspirin and a glass of water?"

Anya went into the bathroom and came back with the pills & water, the man in the wheelchair was rubbing his temples even harder like he was casting a spell.

"What are you doing?" Anya asked.

Just then the water glass dropped from her hand spilling on the floor, the pills spilled everywhere as well! Anya felt her mind go blank! The man in the wheelchair had mental powers and was now trying to take over Anya's will! She realized now that she had walked into a trap!

"W-Why are you doing this to me?" Was the last thing Anya said before going into a trance.

"Here me woman!" The man said more coldly. "You are now my slave! You will do as I command, understand!"

"Yes, Master!" Said Anya.

The man wheeled over to the hypnotized Anya. In his lap was a sexy French Maid costume. Clearly, he has been planning this for awhile.

"Put this outfit on Anya!" Anya took the outfit and obeyed. She stripped off her clothes in front of the man in the wheelchair and put on the maid's outfit in front of him, giving him a show. He took it all in.

"From this moment on you work for me Anya, and you will stay here forever! Now entertain me!"

"Yes, Master!"

Anya danced around the man's wheelchair seductively. Soon she was in his lap, teasing him, the man whispered in Anya's ear and ordered her to giving him a kiss. Anya and the man's lips touched, Anya's tongue did more. Both were locked into a romantic smoldering kiss. That is romantic for the man, for Anya it was just a command she had to obey.

"When I call, you will come!" He said to Anya.

Anya then rose in a cold sweat in her bed! Her hair, skin, and PJ's soaking wet from the ordeal! It was just nightmare.

"Thank God!" Anya cried. "It was all just a bad dream!"

Anya then got up, but when she looked at the chair across the room, all the color in her face drained way. A French Maid costume was draped over the chair.

Anya then remembered what the wheelchair man said in her dream: "When I call, you will come!"

"It was a dream, wasn't it?" Anya wasn't sure she wanted to know.