Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

Nightmare series: Anya's Christmas Nightmare (by MC99)

By Mindcontroller99
(his deviantart entry and my deviantart entry)

Being the evil villain that I am I want her to spend Christmas with me, so to keep her off guard I disguise myself as a Santa Claus on a street corner asking for donations for the homeless. As planned the superheroine Anya Storm comes by my corner and drops a few coins in my bucket. As Santa I reward Anya with a candy cane which she takes a bite out of. However the candy cane is laced with a powerful hypnotic drug! Poor Anya is under my control!

"Be a good girl and follow Santa!" I tell her.

"Yes, Master!" Says Anya.

Anya follows me to my evil lair that I decorated for Christmas. I then order Anya to strip before me then I order her to dress as "Santa's Little Helper". I make poor Anya clean my lair. I then put her in her Christmas Cage and keep her there for the Holidays.

Yes, Anya and the evil Mind Controller will be spending Christmas together. As Santa motions Anya to enter the cage, she silently obeys. As the cell door clangs shut, Anya wakes up in her bed. It was a dream. Or was it? Anya then notices the "Helpers Hat" she wore in her dream next to her on the bed. Where did it come from?

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