Metallia's Profile

Metallia is an evil sorceress. Slender body, dark hair, black eyes ... She is a beautiful dark young woman.

Ana Medjev was a devoted wife. Her husband was an artist and blacksmith. A night, Jessica killed her husband to recover her energy to fight Anya. She was overwhelmed by sadness and pain. She ran deep in a dark forest as she fled from the 2 power girls who continued to fight in her garden.

She waked up in an old half destroyed church. In front of her, she found a strange chest. When she touched chest, she freed an ancient evil sorceress spirit ... Her tormented soul and the powerful sorceress soul merged. She became a new entity ... Metallia.

Metallia wants to take revenge on Anya and Jessica and all heroines and villainesses … Their endless fight killed her husband. She hates Jessica and Anya. She is a cruel judge, torturer and executioner.

She is anger and lustful sorceress. She likes to hunt, capture, humiliate and torment heroines and villainesses. Finally she turns her prey into a metallic statue. Victim’s spirit slowly accepts to become a statue. During the process she consumes victim’s soul to feed her power. At the end, her victim becomes a lifeless statue for ever.

Powers and magical artifacts:
  • She controls metal (at will):
    • She manipulates metal shape at sight.
    • She moves metallic object at sight up to 100 tons.
    • She animates metallic stuffs to the touch. Most of the time, she creates humanoid living soldiers.
    • She is immunized to all metallic weapons, projectiles and objects.
    • She absorbs metal to regenerate and heal.
    • She becomes a full metallic woman statue. She become totally invulnerable and she gains an extra strength but she is unable to use any other ability. Her speed and dexterity decrease by half. And all of her artifacts and stuff are in metal too and loose thier magic properties.
    • She turns into metal everything or everyone she kisses. She uses this ability to turn into metallic statue her victims. She needs minutes of kiss to fully transform a living person.
    • She understands what an artifact does and she knows how to use it.
  • Magical artifacts:
    • Her magical dark dress is made with fairy’s hairs and have an entrancing power. That makes someone obsessively want to please her.
    • Her fiery red ribbon is made with red dragon blood. She is immunized against fire and she throws flames with her right hand.
    • Her black leather belt is made with troll skin. She regenerates very fast.
    • Her black boots are made with wraith essence. She teleports from shadow to shadow.
    • Her diamond earrings seem to give her the ability to read superficial thoughts and protect her from most of mental attacks.
    • Her red stone necklace is made with a mermaid hearth. She gives a simple one-word order that a target must obey. Any aggression breaks the order. (Picture will be upgraded).

  • Fire Control:
Metalia received the power of pyrokinesis after the Steam Twins disappeared. She can create fire and she is immunized to fire and its consequences. She can heat metal to melt it, consume oxygen enough to nearly suffocate, but she don’t have any discomfort from the heat or lack of oxygen. She can throw fireballs, conjure large flames to launch them in directed and continuous streams, conjure walls of fire, weapons of fire, sphere of fire around her or someone, … She controls the heat of her fire or flames. She can ignite her whole body on fire and fires flames or explosive fireballs all around her.

Know weaknesses:
  • She is a normal woman. She can be drugged. She is not very strong and fast. She is not a good melee fighter.
  • She needs to absorb vital energy to use her powers.
  • She looses half of her power when she faces a man. It's a remain of her devoted wife life.

Friends and Foes:
  • Anya Storm: "This little arrogant and stupid blond needs to be stopped. She is too dangerous ... She'll become a gorgeous metallic statue for ever."
  • Jessica: "This demon will pay for her crime. I'll turn her into statue for eternity."
  • Reiko 23: "This cyborg is dangerous and looks after Anya. I can't trust her. I won’t let her succeed."

There are few secrets to find about her. Consider this description above is a web site written by someone who knows or fought her. Metallia is free to be played or used to fight Anya.


  1. Maybe at some point, she could fall victim to her own powers?

  2. "Fire Control" is something like damage control, but not quite, it is something like barriers to spreding of fire. Controll of flames is a bettter definiton. summoning fire (of something). or flames also works somewhat more.

  3. (i am not Heinrich Metzger but it is a cool name)