AEP Ch3: Pair of statues

The Azria's Evil Plan:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

The Azria's Evil Plan :

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

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Azria's Evil Plan, Chapter 3: Pair of statues

Metallia looked her new body in the mirror. She grinned.
"After all, it's a perfect opportunity. It's ironic but fair. It's my duty to cure this world from these powered heroines and villainness. … Her body … my new body is flawless. I feel my new power, I feel electricity flow around me … hahaha."

Metallia looked around, she opened drawers and closets. First of all she needed a city map, she was lucky she found one in a desk. She opened the map and marked some places on the map.  She searched where Anya hid her heroine stuffs, waiting the twins. She found a costume in the room closet. She took it and slipped the skin tight outfit on her new body.
"Hmm perfect … Arouam Galata Zeto"
A dark smoke engulfed her then her dress and her boots merged into the heroine costume.
"Incredible … light and comfortable … I feel it … synchronized on my new powers."

The ring rang. "The twins bitches … perfect" She grinned. She opened the door.
"Hi my friends"
The twins answered : "Hi Anya, how are you?"
"fine thanks and you?"
"very well, you need our support?"
"Yes come in … I have found clue about an evil genius using girls for his experiments"

She know the Steam Twins history. She pointed the map. She moved behind them as they leaned to read the map.

Anya watched the totally helpless. She screamed "She is not me, GO AWAY …. Nooooo … haaaa" She wanted to struggle but Azria overwhelmed her spiritual body with powerful waves of pleasure.

Azria: "I like this movie, don't you? She will turn them into statue and I will gain souls to empower me … then I will be strong enough to consume you … I will get your body, powers and Metallia's powers" She laughed.

Metallia put her rith hand on Firia's shoulder and pointed a mark on the map.
"Look I found this laboratory here … if you can clean this laboratory, I will clean this one."

She put her left hand on Frizia's shoulder then she moved fast her hands on their head and sends a electric shock. They screamed in pain. Frira fell unconscious on the floor.

Frizia turned on her heel to kick Metallia who accelerated to dodge. She thought "Off course Anya, like a good martial expert has trained her body to react …" She didn't see the ice under her feet. Metallia crashed into a wall. Half stunned, she shook her head. Ice restraints stuck her on the wall.

Frizia : "What's happening here?"

Frizia created a frost blizzard. Metallia grinned and used the entrancing power of her clothes.
Metallia : "Please stop … you're hurting me …"
Frizia was not able to look away from the Anya's perfect body. She stopped her blizzard.
Metallia: "Free me please …"
Frizia was not prepared and pleased this so adorable girl. Metallia grinned and accelerated. She moved behind Frizia and grabbed her head between her hands. Metallia sent a wave of electricity. Frizia screamed and fell onto the ground.

The pain woke up Firia. Metallia turned too late. Firia hammered Anya's belly with her punches. Metallia turned into living metal and Firia crushed her fist on the invulnerable form.

Firia: "METALLIA!"
Metallia grinned: "really?!"

Metallia grabbed Firia arms and sent a wave of electricity. Firia screamed in pain. Metallia squeezed Firia tight in her electrified arms. Firia weakened was like a rag doll in Metallia's arms. She presses her lips on Firia's lips and kissed her. Firia was too weak to struggle. She slowly became a metallic statue. Her long legs hardened, her arms, torso, then her neck and finally her head were turned into a silver like metal. Her mind slowly accepted to become a statue in a empty happiness and peace.

Metallia lay on Frizia and awoke her.
Metallia : "look at your sister stupid heroine … she is a metallic statue for ever …you hear her in your head … she is in peace, she likes to be watched by us. Statues are done to be watched."

A part of Frizia wanted to fight and another wanted to join her sister. She looked Metallia and instantly fell under the entrancing power of the sorceress's clothes.

Metallia : "You want to understand … I destroyed Anya mind and soul and took her body and her powers … and now it's to join your sister!"

Frizia tried to fight but it was too late the influences of Metallia and her sister were too strong.

Frizia : "Yes I want to catch Firia up."

Metallia grinned : "Show me where is my secret lair then kiss me"

Frizia looked Metallia perfect body and cute face. Frizia and Firia were attracted by Anya. Frizia pointed a wall and put her lips on Metallia lips. After few minutes, Frizia was a golden statue for ever.

Metallia used her metal control to strike them a pose.

She laughed : "Perfect … I need to learn how to control my new powers. Tomorrow … it's …"
She took the pocket pc and typed something. "… your turn!" She grinned.

Anya watched helpless her friends turned into statues.
Firia and Frizia appeared behind Azria. The evil wraith grinned.
Azria : "well we can begin here … there are the rules. You will fight them. If you win their souls will be destroyed and lost for ever. If they win, you will loose a part of your soul … you have to know. I will consume their powers but I can save her soul and life. My sweet Anya … what will you choose? Save your soul or save them and endure the torments of lost battle ?"
She laughed.
Anya : "You can't … why are you doing that?"
Azria : "Why? Because I 'm fueled by your torments and fears and I like that. If you try to attack me … I'll tear to pieces their souls"

Anya's costume appeared on her perfect spiritual body. She felt her powers coming back.

The Twins looked at Anya with a evil grin. Firia fired a fire ball. Anya dodged and jumped to avoid the ice under her feet. She was ready to fire a chain lightening but she didn't. She landed and accelerated with her inner boost power. She tried to save time. The Twins tried in vain to hit Anya but she was too fast and skillful. Firia turned her body into her fire form but it was not enough to touch Anya. She was able to neutralize the Twins easily but she didn't want. Her spiritual body just as her real body had limits. She began too slow down and Firia was fast enough to punch Anya's slim belly. Anya deflected the next punch but Frizia grabbed Anya from behind. Frizia was too strong in her ice form and Anya was too exhausted to struggle harder.  Frizia created fine ice tentacles that entered under her outfit. Firia put her hands on Anya firm breasts.
Anya : "NO!"

Firia heated. Ice under Anya's outfit melted and water neutralized her powers. The twins grinned. Frizia lifted Anya in air horizontally. She dropped Anya's back on her right knee and bent her backwards. Anya screams in pain as she fell onto the ground. Firia pulled her blond hairs and lifted her above her head.

Anya tried to struggle weakly: "nooo please"

Firia slammed Anya's belly and face down to the ground, Firia followed this slam and sat with the motionless Anya tiny body between her spread legs. Firia grabbed Anya's and bent her as Frizia crushed Anya's back with her foot. Anya screamed in pain. Frizia turned into her ice form to increase her mass and pressure on Anya's back. Anya screamed louder as her back began to crackle under pressure.

Azria walked beside them : "Did you give up? Powerless … you're just able to suffer …"
Anya agonized but shouted : "NEVER …"

Anya was half conscious. She did not want to give up. She didn't understand or see what happened to her. She just felt pain. They broke her arms, legs, ribs, back …  She did not know how long they destroyed her body. The last thing she saw, she flew carried by Firia then she felt and she was impaled by a ice peak. She died.

She woke up and she saw Azria draining a strange energy from her. The evil wraith ginned.

Azria : "Your soul is so tasty … look Metallia is about to turn another person into statue … and bring here a new partner for you … but it seems you're not ready."

Azria stood up. She covered her left hand with fire and her right hand with ice … and laughed.

Anya lay at Azria feet, helpless unable to stop Azria's plan. The evil wraith became more and more powerful and Anya weaker and weaker.

To be continued …

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