Avtp1 : Anya Doll Story : Anya vs The Puppetress

Avtp1 : Anya Doll Story : Anya vs The Puppetress

Following a lead, Anya rode to an old closed toyshop. An informant gave her clues about disappearances.

She rode her electric motorbike supplied by her powers. She hid her motorbike in a dark alley and she ran silently behind the shop.

The building seemed to be abandoned. She entered with cautions. She felt electricity activity downstairs. She searched a door to go down. She found an electronic locked door. She used her power to jam the circuits. She opened the door and walked silently in dark corridor.

Suddenly lights blinded her. She was in a sort of arena with a slender and beautiful brunette sat on a golden thrown.

Erica: "Welcome Miss Storm, I'm Erica as known as The Puppetress. Good evening my dear toy. Time for you to play and loose."
Anya: "I have no time to loose"

Erica smiled. Anya fires a chain lightening. A shadow jumped and intercepted her attack. Anya was surrounded by clones of her. It was not clones. They had shining skin.

Erica: "Do you like my dolls? Doll of you Anya made with your hairs … especially made for you. If you loose tonight I will turn you into a doll forever gorgeous."

They covered their body with electricity. Anya looked around. She didn't know what kind of power they had. She covered her perfect body with lightenings and used her inner lightening boost power. She dodged first attacks. They were slower than her. She blocked an attack and used her attacker against the next one.

Erica smiled watching the show. Anya used all of her strength to high kick a doll. The doll's head crashed onto the arena's wall as the plastic body fell onto the ground. She turned and leaned to dodge a tentacle from Erica. She continued to move but she was not able to dodge a vicious kick on her back. She screamed in pain and turned to lightening punch her attacker and pierced the doll's breast.

Another doll bear hugged her from behind. Anya struggled. Another doll kicked her crotch. Anya's green eyes opened sharply in pain and shock. Her legs were unsteady as another doll punched her flat belly and another kicked her head.

Erica laughed loudly. Anya fell on the floor. 3 dolls trampled the heroine. She struggled and wriggled. Suddenly lightenings exploded and the 3 dolls were burned and melted. A lightening was stopped and absorbed by another doll just behind Erica. The Puppetress shouted loud: "DESTROY HER!"

Anya stood and dodged the first attack then another one. She blocked the next one and threw the doll on 2 others. Then the blond heroine fired a powerful chain lightening. 2 more dolls were destroyed. The dolls powers were limited. She deflected a kick from behind her and turned then hit hard the doll with her elbow. She continued to turn and round kicked another one. The Puppetress was fascinated by the heroine's movements. Anya destroyed dolls one by one performing a lightening and death dance.
Erica grinned: "stronger than I expected …" She snapped and an Ultra Woman doll appeared. UW doll jumped behind the heroine. Anya felt something behind her she turned to middle kick her opponent. UW doll blocked easily the heroine attack and grab her ankle. Anya realized that this one was far stronger and she saw that this doll was an Ultra Woman doll.

Before Anya fired electricity. UW doll punched the heroine's flat belly. Anya's tiny body was stunned by the impact and her ribs creaked. UW doll threw Anya hard onto a wall. Anya crashed like rag doll and fell face on the floor.

She tried to stand up but UW doll crushed her back. She was not strong enough. She covered her tiny body with lightenings but Anya dolls came closer to protect UW doll from electricity. Anya screamed in pain as UW doll slowly crushed her back. UW doll leaned and grabbed the back of Anya's outfit and pulled. Anya's outfit was resistant. UW doll used it to twist the heroine's back. The Puppetress was not able to use her tentacles there was too much electricity around them. Anya's head leaned back. She looked her opponents and concentrated lightenings on UW doll. Anya dolls were not able to control a such power. UW doll was thrown away. Despite pain Anya rolled away and fired a powerful chain lightening on her dolls. Only one dodged. The other dolls and the wall behind were destroyed.

The Puppetress shouted angry "STOP HER …".

Anya's perfect body was overwhelmed by pain but she stood and jumped toward UW doll. She accelerated to avoid UW doll's dangerous and strong attacks. She knew UW doll was tougher and stronger but not faster than her.

Anya turned around UW doll. She lightening kicked and punched UW doll but the doll seemed not to feel any hit. UW doll smiled as she walked under the heroine rain of hit. Anya took a few steps back and continued to dodge UW doll's attacks. Suddenly the blonde dived. UW doll's punch hit the last Anya doll that tried to sneak behind the heroine. The doll's head crashed on the wall as her body fell. Anya fired and kept a powerful chain lightening to burn UW doll synthetic body. "BURN NOW!"

UW doll jumped toward and kicked Anya. The young heroine flew and crashed onto the wall. UW doll's leg followed Anya and UW doll fell and melted. The wall in front Anya began to collapse.

The Puppetress shouted "IMPOSSIBLE …" Anya stood up and went upstairs with difficulty. She dodged Puppetress's tentacles and destroyed them with lightenings. Anya was angry her green eyes glowed blue. The Puppetress fell on her knees: "You're too powerful I give up … I give up …" but Anya fired 2 lightening bolts.

The Puppetress's body burned and melted as Anya heard an evil laugh behind her. This Puppetress was just a doll. She turned and saw another Puppetress behind another UW doll and an UltraMan doll. Erica grinned and clapped. "Poor heroine … look at you I just start my game. If you don't want to become a doll, you have to defeat them … all of them." She laughed.

Powerful and crackling lightenings appeared on Anya's perfect body. Erica smiled : "I forgot to say … we're under a school with a lot of lovely children … you don't want to destroy everything around. Think about these angels buried by your fault …"
Anya fired a powerful chain lightening and jumped behind her attack. Her attack had no effect on the UM doll body and Anya crashed on the hard UM doll body. Anya fell on the middle of the arena. To hurt a dangerous enemies like them, she needed to use more powerful attacks but she didn't want to destroy everything.

Erica laughed: "I'm too evil … you can fight them but if you use too much power you can kill children …. Terrible choice for a heroine. I like that."

Anya stood up. She felt a wind behind her. She was not able to turn fast enough. UM doll grabbed her from behind and locked her arms. She covered her body with electricity and increased the intensity until lightenings hit the roof. It was not enough to damage UM doll and she was not strong enough to break this grip.

She struggled in vain but she kept her lightenings around her. UW walked toward and punched her belly. She opened sharply her green eyes in pain but she kept her electricity. UM doll fired his eyes laser beam at UW doll bracers. Lasers were reflected and slowly cut her outfit. UW doll put her hands in Anya's outfit hole. UM doll changed his grasp and bear hugged the blond heroine. He crushed and squeezed her perfect tiny body as UW doll tore in pieces the blond heroine's outfit.

UW grasped the young heroine by her throat. UM doll released his prey. UW doll lifted Anya in air and looked Erica. The Puppetress nodded. UW doll slammed Anya on her left knee. Anya screamed in pain as UW doll let her rolling on the floor. Anya writhed in pain as Erica and her dolls laughed. UM doll grasped Anya by her torso with his big hands and he squeezed her perfect body with his powerful fingers. Anya screamed in pain as her body cracked under the pressure. They again laughed. Anya put her hand in UM doll mouth and fired a devastating surge of electricity. UM doll exploded. Anya was thrown on the wall. She fell onto the floor with a smile on her face.

UW doll stood fast and crushed Anya's face. Erica: "My most powerful doll … stupid bitch!"

She snapped and water flew from walls and filled the arena up to 1ft. UW doll crushed Anya's back again and again as water covered Anya's torso. The blond heroine lost her powers. Electricity faded. UW doll lifted Anya by her blond hair and punched again and again her crotch and belly. Blood flowed from Anya's mouth as UW doll destroyed her body.

Erica jumped with grace. : "Do you want to face me?"

UW doll released the bruised heroine. She stood with difficulty in front the slender brunette. Erica slapped Anya's cute face. Anya tried to dodge and grab her opponent's wrist but she was too slow. The impact echoed in her head. Erica laughed and hit Anya's crotch with her knee. Anya screamed and leaned on Erica's shoulder.

The Puppetress murmured at her ear: "If I win today you will become a doll forever … fight me. But I think deep in you want to give up... You want to be turned into a plastic doll for ever" She laughed and she threw the heroine into water then she kicked Anya's ribs. The blond heroine screamed and rolled away. She slowly stood up. Erica grinned.

Erica: "brave or stupid? Maybe you have a chance. Look at me … slender not strong … and you a powerful heroine who is able to destroy a city. You're a fighter … I'm a fragile young woman."

Anya moved and kicked the brunette. Erica dodged easily and stepped close then hit Anya's belly with her knee.

The evil brunette hit again and again the defenseless heroine's belly with her knee. Anya fell on her knees.

Erica: "Do you surrender? My doll …"

Anya stood up and punched Erica but she deflected the attack. The evil brunette moved behind the heroine and locked her arms. Anya was not able to resist as Erica locked her arms and grabbed her firm exposed breast with her left hand.

Erica: "Are you feeling slow and weak?"

Anya struggled but this slender brunette was too strong. Erica squeezed Anya's breast.

Erica: "Maybe I forgot to say that I put a drug in water. I'm immunized off course."
She laughed: "A such body you will be a great doll"

Erica pushed away Anya. The blond heroine made a great effort not to fall. She faced UW doll. She punched the doll but it was useless. She hit a wall. UW doll slapped her face. The impact made her turn. UW doll grabbed the dazed heroine. Anya felt UW doll on her back as the doll locked her arms.

Erica stepped and pressed her slender body on Anya.

Anya: "Are you doing?"
Erica: "me … I play with my new doll"
Anya: "I'm not …" Anya's green eyes opened sharply as Erica put her hand on Anya's crotch.
Anya was not able to struggle.
Anya: "don't touch me!"
Erica: "Why? You're mine … I do what I want with you"
Anya: "I'm not …" Suddenly Anya didn't control anymore what she said: "I'm your toy mistress"
Erica: "Surprise … I was able to control your body for a long time."
Anya: "no …"
Erica laughed: "Too late for you, nothing can save you from your fate. I will turn you into a clockwork doll forever and make a lot of money. I can create dolls like the wonderful UltraWoman … but my creations are always less powerful than the original … but I can also turn real people into doll. The super powered ones keep theirs supers powers."

WU doll released Anya. The blond heroine fell on her knees and kissed Erica boots.

Erica: "What … what are you doing? …" She laughed
Anya's body was totally under Erica's control. She tried to recover control but her body was not following her will.
Anya: "I want to become one of your doll. Mistress" She kissed Erica's boots again.
Erica pointed a heroine clockwork doll. "Do you know her?"
Anya: "yes it's Lady Smoke"
Erica: "and now she is a clockwork doll and … you will become like her."
Lady Smoke jumped on a smoke cloud and stopped beside Anya. Anya's hand caressed Lady Smoke skin.

Erica: "Do you like? So sweet … I'll pay attention to turn your skin into the sweetest synthetic fabric."

Anya: "Thank you mistress"

Anya tried to fight Erica control but she was to weak to resist.

Lady Smoke gave a key to Erica. Anya stood and removed the rest of her half destroyed outfit. Lady Smoke used a syringe to take Anya's blood.
Erica: "you want to become a doll then beg me for that. Your blood is to create more dolls of you after your conversion. They do excellent canon folder. They are too weak for something else … like you .. too weak. Then?"
Anya knelt.
Anya : "I, Anya Storm, implore you, my mistress, to turn me into a doll for ever body and soul. Every fiber of my body turned into synthetic. My soul and mind totally destroyed and reshaped to serve you. I beg you mistress"
Anya yelled inside her mind. Erica played with her and she was totally helpless.
Erica : "I accept your surrender … I accept to turn you into a doll for ever. Stand and turn … I will pull this key on your back and you'll become a clockwork doll for ever in a couple of hours."
Anya stood up : "Thank you mistress" Anya tried to resist and but her body didn't obey. She felt something in her back. Thousand images, pains, pleasures, feelings and orders per second assailed her mind and soul.
Erica : "Game over miss Storm. I like to play but I prefer to win …"

UW doll brought Anya in chamber and during the conversion process Erica made love with Anya to reinforce the conversion process. Sensually, gently and slowly she played with the defeated heroine and gave her orgasms again and again.

Minutes after minutes the magic ritual convert her and each orgasm destroyed her mind. Her body was turned into a synthetic matter. Her skin started to shine. Her sweet and long blond hairs became silk threads. A smile appeared on her face and she looked so happy as the last remnant of her mind was totally destroyed and her memories entirely erased. 2 hours later, Anya Storm became body and soul a clockwork doll.

Erica smiled. She stood up as 2 dolls dressed her slender body with a black dress. And 2 other dolls dressed her new creation with a golden dress. She turned around and stopped behind her new doll. She turned twice the key. Anya opened her green empty eyes.
Erica laughed : "You're a clockwork doll for ever. Perfect you're perfect … do you feel perfect?"
Anya smiled : "Yes mistress I'm perfect."
Erica : "cover your arms with lightening a destroy this door".

Anya rose her hand and covered her arms with electricity. She fired a lightening bolt and destroyed the door.

Erica : "good doll. Who are you?"

Anya : "nobody. I'm a doll"

Erica : "good doll  …stand in front this web cam … I'll sell by auction."

Anya stood in front the web cam.

Erica pressed her slender body on Anya's synthetic body and she smiled.

Erica : "Ladies and Gentlemen … I'm The Puppetress. Today I sell my new creation. You recognize her. This doll was Anya Storm. I guarantee my doll still controls electricity."

Anya covered her arms with electricity.

Erica : "Her mind has been utterly destroyed. She is now a doll forever. She is ready to serve the highest bidder"

The first bid came and bids were rising.

The Puppetress's online shop : Anya Doll for sale

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