Erica The Puppetress

related to Anya's birthday from Megami and according to the LadyTania's comment.

There is Erica The Puppetress (short profile):

Erica is a dangerous sorceress.

She created and uses rituals to turn people into doll.

She also creates dolls or puppets with hair or blood of someone. For example, she uses a wood dummy and she animates it with a hair or blood of someone. Her creation is totally under her control and gains some powers or properties of the hair or blood owner.

She has the ability to control mentally every dolls, puppets or toys she made. She uses them to weaken her victim then she uses a spell, a trap or her ability to neutralize her victim. She likes to play with her victim.

She has the ability to control the physical actions of other peoples who cross her eyes (she needs 6 seconds contact). She controls them like puppets.

She also creates energy tentacles or threads. If one of them touches head of her victim, it enters inside and she takes control of the body.

She uses complex magic and ritual to turn body of her victim into synthetic matter as she slowly destroys mind of her victim. She takes control of feelings and use them against her victim. Helpless her victim is slowly turned into a mindless toy or doll.

She also creates a vicious Clockwork Key. She focused her powers and rituals into this dangerous device. The Clockwork Key is stuck into back of someone. The victim is slowly turned into a Clockwork Doll.

She collects or sells her victims.

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