Anya's birthday from Megami

Anya was captured by a powerful sorceress. She fought strange puppets during hours. Exhausted she was surprised by a mysterious gas. Unable to fight, she fall under the sorceress spells.

After few hours, Puppetress finished to convert Anya. The Puppetress's body shined blue as she canalized her powers.

Puppetress: “Perfect my dear doll, I finish to erase your mind and memories. Hmmm … your body responds perfect to pleasure … white lightenings echo to my pleasure touch. I like that, they give my pleasure. Hmmmm it’s so good … you’ll be my personal toy for ever …hahahahahaha”

Anya was not able to struggle. Her mind was empty. She moaned as white lightenings appeared on her perfect body. The Puppetress erased the last remnant of the heroine mind and memories. Anya became a mindless doll for ever totally under the Puppetress control.

Anya opened her eyes. All of her body was overwhelmed by a suit pleasure. She wore the black and pink lingerie of the dream. Megami lied on her. She left her firm breasts trough her kimono.

Anya: “what hmmm ….”

Anya moaned louder as Megami caressed her perfect heroine body.

Megami: “You’re safe with me. My sweet love … Happy Birthday”

Megami kissed Anya. Then, the petite asian pleasured Anya during hours until the blond heroine passed out, totally helpless.

Anya woke up. She felt so good but ashamed. She had a pink silk ribbon around her fine waist with a note.

“I hope you liked my gift and the lingerie.
Your love.

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