AEP Ch8: Mistress of puppets

The Azria's Evil Plan 8/8:

Azria has develloped an evil and vicious plan to increase her power and destroy Anya Storm.
The evil Wraith manipulates Metallia who turns into statue every empowered women she meets.

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Honestly, I tremble before posting this chapter. I took long time to write it due work, vacations and the search for the mysterious girl. (Special thanks for Crimson Kat's creator who sent me a good web url to find a model for this mysterious character).

The Azria's Evil Plan (AEP) Chapter 8 (the last chapter).

Metallia collects heroine and villainness 's souls for Azria. The evil wraith destroys Anya's soul during a cruel ritual. Azria is about to become an absolute goddess. It left a last member of the plot against her. It seems nothing can stop her ...


The Azria's Evil Plan Chapter 8/8: Mistress of puppets

Metallia walked toward Lady Ashton and grinned.

Metallia: "Good morning Lady Ashton."

Lady Ashton turned her head and looked Metallia in Anya's body. The evil sorceress walked slowly toward Lady Ashton and smiled. Lady Ashton stood up and looked around.

Metallia: "It's useless to run ... I'm faster than you."

Lady Ashton: "I know everything you're Metallia and ..."

Metallia: "And I use Anya's body to neutralize a world plague ... empowered bimbos. Azria manipulates me and ... I know everything. If that cleans the world from all empowered bitches like you ... I'm happy to give her more souls even if she becomes a Goddess."

Lady Ashton: "She is too dangerous ..."

Metallia: "It's not a problem, she will find a powerful foe and she'll fall ... and no more empowered girls or women ... a cleaned world."

Lady Ashton: "you're crazy!"

Metallia: "No ... you're crazy. I 'm determined, you tried to save time ... you waited our plot members. Reiko23 and her servants had been neutralized for good. Crimson Kat is now a statue, her soul ate by Azria. The other girl is dead. You, the elegant and splendid Lady Ashton, you're the last."

Lady Ashton: "Someone will discover your plan and ..."

Metallia: "And WHAT? Stop Azria? Be serious, it's too late ... you're the last. After you, Azria will able to enter in this world with an ultimate power. You, me and all of my victims will be a part of a goddess."

Metallia grinned and caressed Ultrawoman statue's foot. Lady Ashton ran fast to charge Metallia but she was stopped by unmovable metallic body. She felt, rolled and stood up.

Metallia: "You're very resistant my artifacts' powers."

Metallia used her inner lightening power to increase her speed and strength. She moved up to the sound speed behind Lady Ashton and put her electricity covered hands on Lady's shoulders. Lady Ashton screamed in pain but she kicked Metallia. Lady Ashton turned and jumped toward the evil sorceress. Metallia grinned as Ultrawoman statue (=> link) grabbed Lady Ashton's neck from behind. She tried to struggle but the golden statue was too strong.

Metallia stepped closer and grabbed Lady Ashton's chin. She saw the beautiful Anya's face came closer. Metallia kissed her. Lady Ashton tried to resist but after few minutes she felt her body became cold. It was a pleasant feeling, a pleasant idea to become a statue forever. Her perfect and elegant body in metal for eternity... she liked this idea. Her body was turned into metal as her mind felt into nothing.

Metallia stepped back and smiled: "Farwell Anya!" She looked above her and waited her turn. Suddenly, her green eyes opened sharply, she looked Ultrawoman statue and screamed: "NO!"


Lady Ashton appeared in front Anya. The blond heroine felt on her knees.

Anya: "no!"

Lady Ashton smiled: "Did you remember that you told me about you? ... What a pleasurable sight. You ... on your knees, in front me! You're all mine."

Anya dried her tears and stood up.

Azria: "So proud, you stand again and again ... interesting."

Lady Ashton grabbed Anya's neck and strangled her. She uses her extra strength to force Anya on her knees.

Lady Ashton: "I said I like when you're on your knees. Can you please me and unzipped this outfit ... and horrible shoes! This body deserves better clothes before your death."

Anya undressed and knelt naked. Lady Ashton threw a blue dress and high-wheeled black boots.

Lady Ashton: "I want to kill you but I want you elegant."

Anya slipped the dressed and boots then knelt. Lady Ashton brushed Anya's hair with her hand and put a golden headband on Anya's head.

Lady Ashton: "You're beautiful"

Azria laughed: "She is crazy. I like her. You look like a doll ... like Andromeda before her sacrifice"

Lady Ashton knelt and kissed Anya. She pushed the blond heroine on her back and laid on Anya. She pressed her belly and her firm breasts on Anya's perfect body.

Azria: "another death during love. Your friends are perverts my little slut."

Anya opened sharply her green eyes as Lady Ashton moved her hand between her firm tights. Anya moved her hands beside Lady Ashton's slender body. The blond heroine moaned. Anya let herself up to desire and pleasure. Again Anya's body grew weaker and weaker orgasm after orgasm. She didn't care about anything. She was to weak, mind and body nearly unconscious. She felt her heart was about to stop. Azria stopped the time and leaned.

Azria: "Farwell my little slut, it was a pleasure to ..."

Anya's hand moved. Metallia appeared too late to prevent Anya from putting a golden tiara on Azria's head. Metallia's hand was stopped. She turned and saw Reiko23.

Azria screamed and took her head between her hands. "HAAAAAAAAA what ... what's happening? Impossible I had imprisoned ya ...HAAAA"

Reiko smiled and threw Metallia away as the witch tried to impale Anya and Lady Ashton with her metallic arm.

Azria tried to remove this tiara. Metallia used her metal control to remove it. The strange girl appeared and caught the tiara. She had Anya's body in her other arm. This petite brunette, this strange and anonymous girl was so trite. Everyone forgot her appearance but Azria knew that she is the last member of the plot.

Azria: "YOU ... Who are you? I killed you ... destroyed you ..."

A wave of energy burst from the wraith body and Ultrawoman appeared beside the strange girl. She took back her tiara.

Azria: "How do you dare? Do you really think you can fight me?"

Strange girl: "Fight you yes, beat you ... We are not powerful enough to hurt you."

Azria: "fools!"

Reiko23: "neutralize Metallia"

Her servants nodded and rushed Metallia.

Strange girl: "Can I say something before we start an hard fist fight? ... I have to congratulate you; your plan was nearly perfect. But perfection is a paradox, when you think to reach perfection ... perfection is further ... ask inside to Jessica, she ran after perfection but she can't reach it, especially when she is just a battery ...."

Azria angry fired red lightening and the strange girl disappeared in cloud of pink petals.

A giant clone appeared and stopped Reiko23's attack with powerful bash as she dodged Ultrawoman's attack and punched her flat belly. Ultrawoman flew away but she tied Azria's arm with her lasso and used her speed and Amazon's strength to threw and slammed hard the wraith onto the floor. Reiko fell then rolled away. With one knee on the floor she bombarded the giant Azria with purple plasma bolts. Azria stepped back and she invoked a fire meteor to blasted Reiko.

Azria's first clone bear hugged Ultrawoman. The Amazon's back crackled under the wraith's strength. Azria's second clone freed her arm from the lasso and jumped on Reiko23's back. She crushed the robotic body very hard and sent powerful EM waves. Azria's giant third clone grabbed Anya spiritual form between her hands and slowly crushed her. The poor heroine was too weak to struggle. Anya moaned as Azria squeezed her tiny body between her giant hands.

The first clone snapped one's fingers and 10 summoned demons rushed Lady Ashton who tried to help Ultrawoman. They were too many for her. She fought them but she slowly fell under their attack and number.

Azria: "none of you can stand against me ... and you came with her body hahaha"

Strange girl: "Anya fight her ..."

Azria summoned shadow tentacles to tie the strange girl. Shadow tentacles crushed and twisted the girl's body. She screamed when her body crackled. The tentacles dislocated her like a rag doll. The strange girl fell dismembered on the floor, this ordinary and common strange girl appeared in another form: A cute petite Japanese girl in a kimono. Azria's giant clone crushed the Japanese girl with her giant foot.

Azria's first clone entered in Reiko's body and took possession of the robot. Reiko stood up and smiled.

Ultrawoman struggled bravely but Azria was too strong. Her back crackled under the pressure as dark energy drained her Amazon's strength. She was unable to breath as her massive breasts were crushed on the wraith slim invulnerable body.

Azria inside Reiko body took control of Reiko's minions. She helped Metallia to stand up. She looked Lady Ashton was grabbed from behind as another demon punched her cute face and her flat belly like a punching ball.

Azria: "My dear Metallia, enjoy the final destruction of Anya Storm. Her allies are doomed. I want you beside me ... because you deserve to continue your crusade. They took her body here, then I don't need to scarify you anymore."

Metallia nodded and smiled : "with pleasure ...".

The dark sorceress looked Reiko23 carefully.

Reiko23's hand glowed and she healed Metallia. : "Yes, I know Reiko will take back control... but not now and it'll be too late."

Azria controlled Purple Doctor, the evil robotic servant put a control device on Ultrawoman's and Lady Ashton's nape of the neck. The device entered in their brain and took control of the heroines. Azria altered time and used a control spell to take control of the heroines.

Azria laughed: "Ultrawoman and Lady Ashton are neutralized. This unknown girl is destroyed. I'll put Anya's weak soul her body and I'll consume her for good. Her body will be mine forever and I'll become a goddess. And this moaning little slut will disappear for ever."
Anya was totally under pleasure control between Azria's giant clone hands.

Metallia: "sounds good"

Reiko, Lady Ashton and Ultrawoman knelt in front Azria. The wraith walked in front Anya's real body. She put Anya's spiritual form in her real body. She continued to moan as Azria rubbed her body. White lightenings appeared her perfect tiny body as she moaned louder. Azria put her hand on the blond heroine's chest and began to enter in her body.

Azria : "yes ... you like that. You're bored to suffer ... what?"

Anya tried to talk.

Azria leaned her head: "What ... a last word slut?" She put her ear in front Anya's sweet lips.

Suddenly they were engulfed by powerful lightenings. Azria and her clones screamed in pain and clones disappeared. Metallia turned herself into metal and moved to help Azria but a powerful grip on her shoulder stopped her.

Jessica threw Metallia away: "WHAT'S GOING ON?" She grabbed her head and screamed. "THIS PAIN ... YOU USED ME ..."

Azria grabbed Anya's lovely neck and strangled her. Electricity faded and Anya agonized.

Azria: "Stupid bitch ... what are you playing? How did you free Jessica?"

Azria released Anya's neck: "I take your body and soul right now ..."

Azria put her hand on Anya's chest but someone grabbed Anya and jumped away very fast. Crimson Kat threw Anya in the enchanting Japanese girl's arms. Crimson Kat jumped toward Azria but she wasn't fast enough. The wraith dodged and smiled but behind she was not able to dodge Jessica powerful fist in her face. Azria was thrown away but she levitated and summoned a tornado on Jessica and Crimson Kat.

Lady Ashton, Ultrawoman and Reiko were freed from Azria control.

Azria dodged Ultrawoman's lasso but she was hit by Reiko's plasma. She landed and she moved very fast. She kicked Ultrawoman midsection and fired a green energy ray on Reiko. The powerful robot fell on her knees. Ultrawoman punched Azria's face but it seemed the wraith felt nothing. She smiled and crushed the amazon on the floor with telekinesis force.

Azria: "Yes attack me, feel my powers, you wake my powers up more and more ..."

She turned fast and fired a laser beam to stop Jessica's attack. The laser beam pierced and exploded the demoness's chest. Azria laughed: "You ... all of you are too weak for me"

Jessica fell face on the floor. Azria crushed and pulverized the demoness's head with her black boots. She blocked a Crimson Kat's kick with an ice shield and smashed the Japanese fighter on Ultrawoman with a shadow tentacle.

The Japanese girl stood in front Anya who laid on the floor. A pink petals rain fell from the cute Japanese girl's hand on the destroyed heroine. Anya's body is engulfed by a pink aura. Azria fired a laser shoot with her dark eyes. The Japanese cute girl stopped the laser shoot with a pink shield but Azria summoned a yellow spear that pierced the mysterious girl chest from behind. She opened sharply her eyes and fell face on the floor.

Bruised and wounded heroines and villainness surrounded Azria. They attacked her again and again. Azria was too powerful. They fell one after one. Reiko fell under Azria's devastating energy attacks and summoned rain of meteor. Jessica was reduced to pieces by Azria's magical claws. Crimson Kat's body was broken by Azria's telekinesis power. Azria bite Ultrawoman's neck and sucked the Amazon's life and blood.

Azria helped Metallia. The evil wraith fired a vortex of antimatter that disintegrated Purple Doctor. She rose a living tree that grabbed Purple Jack and turned him into wood. She summoned a column of fire and reduces in ashes Purple Jack and the tree. She trapped Purple Shadow into a block of ice and opened a extra dimensional portal. She banished the robotic ninja into limbo. Metallia was impressed with Azria power.

From behind her, Azria lifted Lady Ashton in air before she gave a potion to Ultrawoman. The evil wraith turned and laughed: "You failed ... so vain."

Azria began to crush and kill Lady Ashton with her telekinesis power. Suddenly she saw a flash of light and her tiny body was swept away. Lightenings were so intense and powerful. Her indestructible skin was burned. Metallia fell burned on the floor as her magic belt started to regenerate her burned body. Azria screamed in pain as a wave of electricity engulf her. Her right knee fell on the floor. She saw Anya rushing her. Electricity paralyzed Azria's body. Electricity was so intense and shattered Anya's skin tight outfit. The angry heroine fired another powerful chain lightening. The Japanese girl pulled away the other girls away with pink tentacles. She used potions to heal Ultrawoman and Crimson Kat.
"As I said princess, Anya's wrath is able to destroy anything...."

Electricity around Anya was extremely intense and powerful. They crackled hard. Anya and Azria were very far. They just saw a giant maelstrom of pure electricity.

Ultrawoman tied Metallia's neck with her lasso and ordered her not to fight and to give up. The dark sorceress was not able to use her metal control, she fall under lasso control.

Ultrawoman: "...a such destructive power. How is it possible?"

Reiko stood up: "Her power is... is" Her body quivered and repaired some insider her robotic body "Her power is a mystery"

The Japanese girl smiled as the maelstrom grew more and more. Azria stood up each time and she resisted more and more.

Crimson Kat: "not good ... Azria seems to resist"

Reiko: "I understand ... Anya can not stop her but her power slowly destroy this dimension."

The Japanese beautiful girl smiled and watched above. Lightenings were everywhere above them. Electricity seemed to tear this dimension. Reiko created a protective shield around them.

Reiko: "Purple Shield activated, power full"

Japanese Girl "Azria is too powerful ... but this dimension can not support a such energy."

Ultrawoman: "How did you know that? Why a such plan ..."

The Japanese Girl: "You know the theory of the candle at the end of her life ... it blights more and more. Anya's last remnant seeing her loved friends and her idol ... in front of her. I added a little nudge ... then the fury is unleashed."

Azria smiled as Anya's destructive attacks began harmless. Focused on the blond fury, she didn't pay attention about her world. Breaches appeared everywhere and grew up very fast.

Anya's electricity continued to increase more and more but Azria produced a tail and stuck it into Anya's back. The blond heroine screamed in pain as electricity decreased. Azria injected a dark poison in the heroine's body.

Azria: "foolish heroine ... you can't hurt me any more. You were impressive ... you have a such power in this body ... but your body is too fragile."

Anya fell on her knees as electricity faded around her. Azria drained Anya's power. Electricity appears on Azria's body. Anya slowly faded unconscious.

Azria used a telekinetic power to crush Anya's body. The blond heroine screamed in pain but she tried to stand up.

Azria: "You're beautiful ... standing against me."

Azria looked behind Anya. The evil wraith saw the Japanese Girl surrounded by her other opponents.


The mysterious girl smiled and Azria fired a powerful energy ray. Reiko moved and focused her shield to stop Azria's energy ray. A huge explosion resonated around as the ray hit the shield.

Reiko : "Purple Shield power 70%"

Azria created a spear of yellow energy and threw it trough Anya's chest. Anya screamed as the spear pierced her chest. She fell on knees. She smiled and stood up.

Azria : "Ho I don't believe that ... again you stand."

Azria opened and closed her hand. Anya's bones crackled as she screamed in pain. Her legs and arms were broken. She fell face on the floor. Her body's quivered in agony.

Azria kicked the blond heroine on her back and fired another powerful energy beam mixed with a powerful chain lightening. Reiko gathered her shield to stop the attack. A huger explosion resonated around.

Reiko : "Purple Shield power 30%"

The Japanese Girl : "Stay here ... and watch. Reiko will protect us"

Azria squeezed Anya's crotch with her foot covered by a white aura. Anya moaned in pleasure. Azria stuck Anya's feet and hands with summoned wood stakes. Anya didn't feel the stakes. She was totally overwhelmed by pleasure. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she reached orgasm. Her body was not able to support more. She was about to die.

Azria : "yes I can't believe that ... it's over bitch! I'm a GODDESS!"

Anya opened her eyes. They glowed light blue. Azria was blinded. A huge vortex of electricity appeared around them.

Anya : "NEVER .. GO ... TO ... HELL!"

Azria looked around and screamed : "NOOOOOOO"

The Japanese Girl : "Anya understood ... a candle at the end of life ..."

The vortex of electricity exploded and in a last flash of white light, this dimension collapsed.

All of them felt a sweet and delicate smell of rose.

Ultrawoman opened her eyes. She was in the park. She saw Lady Ashton's hand. The elegant heroine helped the Amazon's to stand up.

Ultrawoman: "thanks"
Lady Ashton: "her plan worked it seems."
Ultrawoman: "yes ... but I don't trust her. Ifollowed her plan but I know she knew everything since the beginning but we didn't have choice to stop Azria. She talked me in my dreams and explained me everything."
Lady Ashton: "I know. If you're right and I think so ... why she waited to call us and stop Azria?"
Ultrawoman: "Honestly I don't know. We don't know her, her powers, her motivations ... we have to pay attention about this mysterious girl."
Lady Ashton called Crimson Kat : "Everything's okay? ... yes ok. Your instinct ... Anya is somewhere. Thanks"

A purple smoke appeared in front the 2 heroines and Reiko rose out from the purple cloud.

Reiko: "I won't attack you ... not today. Most of the heroines and villainnesses have been freed. Some of them are still in statues. Anya is somewhere. I saw her."

Lady Ashton: "Where is she? And who are still in statue?"

Reiko: "In my point of view, we win. I don't care about anything else. Goodbye ... truce will be over tomorrow."

Lady Ashton : "Where is she?"

Reiko smiled: "She is in good hands ..." and disappeared in purple cloud. She let on the floor and an usb key. Lady Ashton took the usb key and plugged on her pad.

A portrait of the Japanese Girl appeared :
"Megami Bara ..."

Ultrawoman: "Reiko knew her ... I don't believe it. Her powers are terrible ... she manipulated us."
Lady Ashton: "Anyway ... Azria is stopped I hope we didn't pay too much"
Ultrawoman : "You're right"


Megami drifted above Azria and Metallia. She wore a beautiful Japanese Kimono.

Megami: "I'm Megami Bara. Your plan was incredible but I can't let you become a Goddess ... not now"

She smiled.

Azria : "You ..."
A giant plant of pink energy paralyzed Azria. Metallia looked the enigmatic Japanese girl and she didn't move.

Megami : "You deserve a reward for your work ... Metallia, my dear and beautiful dark sorceress, you'll gain the power and soul of Firia and you ... Azria you keep the power and soul of Frizia."

Metallia : "Why?"

Megami : "because you deserve a kind of reward. A woman like you deserves even more but I can't give you more. A new power to help you in your crusade. Some heroines and villainnesses are still in statue. They are not strong enough to be saved. Good hunt my dear ..."

Metallia covered her hand with fire and smiled.

Megami : "You Azria ... what a brilliant plan. I can't give you a body to stay permanently in this world ... the cutest wraith in the world. Powerful and brilliant, you'll get what you want ... but not today, not now, not like that. Your plan fails because it's not the right time, but that is productive ... think about what you learnt ..."

Megami disappeared in a cloud of pink petals.

Metallia : "powers and girls ...I have to thank you for everything ... I learnt a lot of things for my crusade. I liked your plan but this girl won, ... a puppet mistress and we were her puppets. I think, she sowed seed of your defeat since the first day. Bye."

Metallia caressed Azria's chick then she smiled and jumped into a shadow.

Azria screamed her rage out to the world: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

A dark energy grew around her. That destroyed the pink plant and killed mortals in the district. This explosion of dark energy emptied her of energy. She faded in the ethereal world. She held her head high and smiled as she disappeared into ether.


Anya opened her green eyes. She was in Megami's arms. Anya felt so good, this Japanese girl's perfume and smile. Megami caressed Anya's long blond hair. The heroine felt so good, in peace.

Anya : "Mariko ... you!? Am I in heaven?"

Megami : "During a couple of minute yes my sweet"

Anya : "I missed you"

Megami : "I'm always near you're my sweet"

Megami leaned her head and kissed Anya. The blond heroine closed her eyes and kissed her back.

The sweet kiss feeling faded. Anya was not able to move. She was cold. She opened her green eyes and she saw an hazy brunette figure. She tried to shake her head but she was not able to move. Her body was paralyzed. Slowly she recovered her eyesight. Valerie smiled in front the blond heroine. The blond heroine wanted to struggle but her body didn't move, her powers didn't work. Her torso was wet.

Anya weakly moaned "noo"

Valerie : "I was lucky. I were turned into a statue, I killed you ... then I disappeared into nothing and when I woke up. I found you unconscious, weak and helpless. You're bound into my Chair Of Obedience. It also read your memories ... I don't believe what happened to us. In a couple of hours, you will become Mom's Sugar Spice for ever."

Valerie kissed Anya as the Chair hummed and started to brainwash the blond heroine. Minute after minute, the heroine mind and personally was slowly erased. She tried but she was not able to resist.

Above the building where Anya was brainwashed, Reiko and Megami flew.

Reiko : "I don't understand you... You're not logical"
Megami : "You don't have to understand me ... her energy is saved. You don't want more or you care for her. Hmmm take this ... I think you will able to rebuild your Purple Doctor."

Megami threw Purple Doctor's head to Reiko. Megami smiled and disappeared in a tornado of pink petals.

Reiko used her purple nanobots to rebuild her servant. Purple Doctor booted.

"Booting ...100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine 1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Initializing Purple Nanobots shaping device ... 100%
Loading Data from Reiko 23 ... 100%
Purple Doctor Unit operational"

Purple Doctor : "Purple Jack had been destroyed and Purple Shadow had been banished in another dimension."
Reiko : "We will replace then ... I want 3 right-hand servants around me. 3 different points of view ... I uploaded a list of potential servants."

Reiko looked down. Anya knelt in front Valerie and kissed her black shoes.

Few days later, Anya was found in a jail as Sugar Spice.


The End.

This last chapter involved special guests:
- Ultrawoman. Lady Tania allowed me to involve her great heroine
- Mindcontroller99's Mistress Valerie (and his short web comics involving Anya and Valerie)
- Lady Ashton
- Crimson Kat

I hope you enjoy this adventure ... stay tuned for sequels.

Comments are welcome.

Thanks for reading and support.

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