Why did Anya need vacations ?

This following short story that you are about to read contain content only suitable for adults.


Anya round kicked the head of the last dealer. He flew away trough a wooden door. The lightning crackled in the room. The heroine followed her target in the next room where Jessica finished her drug dose.

Anya looked her nemesis: "YOU!?"

Jessica stood up and smiled: "Hello my sweet Bitch!"

Anya clenched her fists: “This time I will arrest you for good demoness!”

The young heroine covered her body with powerful lightenings and her angry green eyes glowed blue. She used her boost power to increase her strength and speed. Jessica stretched her fingers to grab the heroine, but Anya threw 2 electric bolts and dodged fast. Jessica smiled. She didn’t feel the pain from the bolts. “Haha that tickles. This new drug is very impressive bitc..” but she felt the powerful and direct lightning high kick in her head performed by Anya. The demoness flew trough a wall in another room and was hit by 2 more electrical bolts before she hit the floor. Her demonic didn’t stay on the floor. Her body became red electricity then she slid in electrical circuits of walls just before Anya hit hard and destroyed the floor where she was.

Jessica slid out from the roof, but Anya saw her. She quickly jumped then spined in air and kicked her mid section to throw the demoness on the floor. Anya threw and maintained a powerful lightning chain to her evil clone with her left hand. Jessica faked to wriggle in pain on the floor. She took her head with her hands and screamed.

Anya: “It’s over now! Anya concentrated more and more electricity on her right hand. Lightenings crackled loud and flashed in the room. Parts of the demoness’s skin were burnt.

Suddenly, Anya opened sharply her glowing eyes as she felt something around her leg. She saw too late the Jessica’s stretched fingers around her legs. The demoness stopped to wriggle, stood up and smiled as she sent a Red Lightning Shock trough the heroine body. Anya struggled and screamed in pain. “Dance for me bitch haha”

Anya stopped her lightenings as she screamed out in terrible pain. Jessica smiled. She surrounded the screaming heroine’s leg, arms, neck, chest and belly with her fingers. She increased the power of her red lightening shock waves. She slowly destroyed the Anya’s outfit and body. Jessica laughs. The young heroine fell on her knees but she fought the pain and threw a powerful lightening chain to Jessica but the demoness seemed not to feel anything and laughed louder.

Jessica: “Stupid bitch.”

Anya: “Don’t call me BITCH!”

Anya instantly used her boost power and with a painful and terrible effort she broke the demoness grip and jumped toward her. They fell on the floor as the heroine punches and punches the Jessica’s head with rage, but the demoness seemed not to feel anything. “You hit like a kitten” Jessica smiled and covered her body with her Red Drain Flame power. She bear hugged the slim heroine body and arms. She stretched her fingers around. She rubbed her demonic perfect body on the heroine body. Jessica didn’t fell the powerful lightenings on Anya’s squeezed body. The demoness began to drain Anya’s powers and life force to regenerate. The young heroine wanted to break this vicious grip but Jessica was too strong. She drained more and more Anya powers. Jessica smiled and licked the heroine nose. Anya’s lightenings decreased.

“I like this new drug” Anya screamed as she feels her body drained and squeezed. Jessica stood up and pushed the heroine on a wall. Jessica kissed Anya’s left chick and sent her a wave of Red Lightening Shock. Anya screamed out and wriggled. Jessica smiled and licked the heroine’s face “My little sugar” She continued to drain more and more the young heroine powers. Most of the lightenings faded on the heroine body. Jessica sent pleasure and kissed Anya. The young heroine fought her feelings but she moaned. Jessica laughed as her demonic eyes began to glow blue. She smiled and lifted Anya by the throat with one arm and threw her trough the floor with a heavy blue lightening. Anya lay on the floor motionless, she was totally exhausted. Jessica jumped on Anya’s back with her black heeled boots. She heroine arched her back and screamed out in pain as the floor is broken. They fell in the apartment below. Anya hit hard the floor and passed out. Jessica saw a guy hidden in his bathroom. She grabbed him. He is totally scared. She put her red imbued hand on his head and began to modify his weak mind. “Nice … You’ll be a nice toy … because it’s a great day and I want to share my joy” After 1 hour the poor guy became the Jessica slave. He knelt in front Jessica.

She slapped Anya’s face to wake up the unconscious heroine. She gave him her Red Demonic Whip. Anya woke up. She looked around and saw the guy with the red whip in his hands.

“Hit this bitch for me with this whip and drain her power … it's so good”. Jessica took another drug dose. Her eyes glowed red. She turned on the music and danced as the guy whipped Anya. Each time he hit her, he drained her powers and destroyed Anya’s outfit. Despite pain and her hurt body, Anya didn’t scream and slowly stood up against the wall.

“Stop! … Look at her. I drained her powers and she continues to stand up … She wants to play more … don’t you think?”

“Yes mistress”.

Jessica used the lightenings boost power and moved fast toward Anya. She slapped the heroine cute face. Anya was dizzy. Jessica came closer and pushed her demonic body against Anya’s one. “Beautiful thighs, lovely curved behind, slim waist, gorgeous full breasts, and that lovely blonde hair. Soon you will be mine forever my sweet bitch”

She caressed Anya’s long hair with her hand covered by her red energy. Anya recovered her senses. “Don't touch me” The heroine hit Jessica’s left eye with her thumb. Jessica screamed and stepped back. Anya rolled to dodge a whip hit and grabbed the guy’s arm. She folded his wrist and uses his strength to throw him hard on the floor. She followed his fall and broke his ankle. She moved to an electricity outlet. She put her finger in but she didn’t feel electricity. Jessica laughed. “I have drained most of your power. I control electricity in this room. Hahaha”.

Anya ran toward Jessica and tried to hit the demoness’s smiling face with her knee. Jessica used Anya’s boost power to increase her speed. She ran behind the heroine and stretched her fingers around Anya’s waist, neck and arms. She strangled the young heroine. Anya fell on her knees out of breath. She gasped No … it’s a nightmare”.

“No my sugar my dreams become true. You are my toy now.”

Jessica caressed the heroine chick and began to modify Anya’s mind superficially. The poor heroine was too weak to break the demoness’s grip. Jessica smiled as she sent Anya pure pleasure. Anya tried to resist but she moaned. She stretched more fingers. One entered between Anya’s tights and another in the heroine mouth. These 2 fingers inflated and went out then in. Anya moaned louder and louder but she focused enough to resist Jessica’s mind manipulations.

“You resist me … but it’s too late. You don’t want to become mine in pleasure … I will break your pathetic will.”

Jessica sent Red Lightening Shocks. The poor heroine screamed out in pain and passed out.

Anya woke up as she felt cold water on her naked body. The enslaved guy threw a carafe of water on the heroine chest. Jessica laughed sat on the sofa. She just took a drug dose. “I give a chance to escape … if you defeat this guy and his 2 neighbours.” She looked around and saw 2 other guys. Jessica enslaved 2 more guys.

The naked heroine stood up and stepped back. She assumed an oblique, triangular stance with one foot forward and the other to the rear, body facing about 45o. She was ready to fight them with her Aikido skills. She was exhausted but she was confidant in her skills until there eyes glow blue. She knew that they used the Red Whip Demonic to drain a part of her power.

“Raped and destroy this bitch …” She laughed.

The first moved very fast but she grabbed his arm and used his own speed and strength to throw him hard on the second guy. The third one hit hard the heroine’s back with his knee. She screamed in pain. He grabbed her head and crushed her beautiful face trough a table. He jumped on her but she rolled and hit him between his legs. He felt on the floor and screamed. The second guy used the red demonic whip and his boosted speed to tie Anya’s arms behind her. He pulled her to him and blocked her arms behind her. She struggled but she was not strong enough. The first one fast stepped in front on her and bombarded her flat belly with his punches. She was unable to fight or struggle. He continued until she spited out blood. They let her fall on the floor. She wriggled in pain at their feet and gasped.

“I like her screaming voice … continue … I want to hear her screams … destroy her body.”

They stomped her arms, legs, back, chest, and belly. She screamed out in pain as Jessica closed her eyes and moaned.

“Hmmm it's so good … rape her and kill her please”

She lay down motionless. The first grabbed strongly her firm breasts and lifted her. She screamed in pain No please …The third strangled strongly from behind her with his arm as the first removed his pant. She was just a toy for them all of her body was pain. He threw another carafe of water on the heroine chest. The destroyed heroine opened sharply her eyes as the first guy began to rape hard her and the third one strangled her stronger. Every thing became black. She was unable to breath … unable to feel anything but pain… everything was black. She died.

Suddenly she waked up. Jessica sat on her belly. The demoness’s hand was covered by white lightenings.

“no no no I wont let you die bitch so fast. I like this power I can kill you and revive you … I have to achieve my work and finished to gain my new powers.”

Jessica caressed the heroine’s head and superficially modified Anya’s mind. The exhausted and hurt heroine focused too late. Jessica stood up: “I’m happy to see that you want to resist … but too late my sweet bitch … you are unable to attack me or my slaves, unable to defend yourself against me or my slaves.” Jessica laughed.

Anya crawled to wall and slowly stood up. “I’ll never give up”.

“Take your time my slaves show her. She cant face you now … poor little slug.”

The first guy moved in front of Anya and slapped her face. She wanted to kick him but her leg didn’t move. He smiled and punched her flat belly. She wanted to dodge but her legs didn’t move. She felt on her knees. Anya looked around something to get out of this nightmare. He threw her face on the floor and crushed her back. Anya screamed in pain and frustration. Anya felt something between her legs. Jessica stretched a finger inside the heroine. Anya felt a terrible pain as the demoness's finger grew inside the heroine body. She screamed out.


“My sweet bitch.” Jessica sat down beside the heroine. “You are just my toy now …. Your body, your life and soon your soul is mine.”

Anya gasped “Never” She arched her back and screamed in pain. Jessica continued to stretch inside her body. Anya felt the finger around her heart. She gasped unable to do something. Jessica slowly squeezed the heroine’s heart inside her body. Jessica stood up and hugged the first guy with her free arm. She kissed him and drained his life. She slowly killed the scared heroine. She guy felt on the floor lifeless. Anya's heart stopped and she died again.

Anya waked up again. Jessica resurrected the heroine again and laughed. She turned her on her back with her boot. She put her hand on the heroine fore head.

“You continue to resist … You are nothing but a piece of meat … my piece of meat. But you still figthin’ me!.”

Anya sight was blurred but she looked around her. One of the demoness’s slaves laid lifeless on the floor.

“Guys … I want to hear her screams …”

The first guy grabbed heroine’s blond hairs and lifted her. She began a move to hit him between his legs but she stopped. The guy smiled. She focuses and hit his coke. She used the lift movement to grab his head with her left hand then she fell with him. She used the fall speed to crush hard his face on her left knee. The second guys moved very fast and kicked the heroine on the floor. She screamed in pain.


Jessica threw a powerful Red Lightning Shock. Anya screamed out in pain and fell face on the floor. Jessica maintained her Red Lightning on the screaming and wriggling young heroine. She moved to the first guy and crushed his head on the wall. The last guy continued to kick and stomp the heroine on the floor. Anya used her will power to grab his foot and trip him on the floor.

“Useless thing!”

She stretched her left fingers and grabbed the second one. She tied Anya on the floor with her right fingers. She drained the life of her last slave. The demoness sat on Anya's belly. Jessica grabbed the left heroine breast and began to drain the last remnant of Anya’s powers. She also put her demonic hand on the powerless heroine’s front and began to modify her mind. Anya was too weak and exhausted. Jessica accessed deeper in her mind, too deep before she closed her eyes, focused and fought her mind modification.

“Perfect my sugar … let me drain you dry … you don’t nee..”

Suddenly she felt that Jessica was no more on her. She opened her eyes and saw a petite Asian girl and a big purple strong guy fighting Jessica.

The purple guy tried to grip the demoness but she was too strong. She hit him with her knee. The strong guy didn’t move. She grabbed his throat the lifted him air and threw him on the petite Asian girl who became shadow. The big guy crashed trough the floor. He and Anya felt 2 stairs down. Jessica used the boost power of Anya to increase her speed.

Anya recovered a part of her senses. She recognized the Asian woman. “Reiko!? Not her! I destroyed her …” Anya began to stand and crawled away. Jessica slid behind Anya “Don’t move bitch, you are mine …” Anya stopped to move. She activated the lightening boost power and jumped to Reiko. Another woman came from shadows in front Jessica. The demoness rolled in air and used her red wings then cut in two the Purple Shadow girl. Reiko fired an energy blast to Jessica. The blond demoness used her wings to protect her but impact made her flew away trough a wall. Reiko looked Anya and smiled. “Get her”. Jessica came back fast and punched Reiko. The 2 villainness destroyed the building during her terrible fight.

Anya lost sight of the two super villainesses. Anya fougth Jessica order but her body didn’t move. She focused all of her will. “Move Anya move …” She looked around for a source of electricity. She began to crawl toward an electric outlet. Suddenly, she felt something on her nape. Anya rolled on her back and saw another young Asian woman. Her purple skin was covered by grey and purple leather costume.

“Who are you?”

“Purple Doctor …You have to relax my control device will soon control you.”

Anya felt something in her head. She tried to remove the device.

“Too late, you are too weak to resist. I control your body”

Anya was paralysed as the device commands began to penetrate in her mind. She fought with all her will power. She focused and begun to slowly move her hand.

“Incredible … you still fight”

The Purple Doctor used a hypnotic purple beam from her eyes. Anya was too exhausted to resist.

“Your body is now totally under my control.”

Anya stopped to move. Her body relaxed. The commands of the device echoed in her mind. She kneeled in front the smiling Purple Doctor. The robotic doctor moved her boots in front Anya.

“Kiss my boot”

Anya leaned and slowly kissed the Purple Doctor boot.

“Perfect. Don't move and wait Reiko now. She'll convert you and you'll become perfect like ...”

Suddenly a red hand went trough the Purple Doctor body. Cables and circuits flew out from her purple body.

“I said she is mine … I come back bitch”

The robot body felt on the floor. Anya used all of her mental strength to move and put her hand on the robot. Finally she touched the electricity. She drained all electricity from the robotic body. She felt better. Her eyes glowed light blue. She slowly moved her hand on her neck and removed the device. She crawled toward an electricity outlet. She drained more and more electricity, faster and faster. The young heroine was quickly surrounded by a sphere of electricity. She was too weak to control her appetite. She began to drain electricity from in this part of the city. She healed her wounds and cure her mind. She felt so good. She wanted more. She recovered her powers.

She moaned “MORE … MORE”

The strong guy came back in the half destroyed building. He looked Anya and smiled. He jumped and tried to punch the heroine. She dodged and continued to drain electricity around her. He teleported himself behind her and bear hugged her. She screamed as she felt her bones crackling under the pressure. She increased the electricity around her. Her eyes glowed blue and her body was surrounded by a very bright blue aura. More and more electricity continued to come in Anya body. The big guy's arms explode, she used her boost power and round kicked him away half destroyed. She was unable to stop to drain electricity. She lost control. Electricity destroyed everything around her. More and more electricity is concentrated around her. She felt so good. She drained electricity further and further.

She saw her 2 nemesis fighting.

“She’s mine …”

“She must be a par .of me…”

She didn't recover enough her mind and shouted angry “LET ME ALONE HAAAAAAAAAAAA”. Electricity around stopped to move and blue light beams glowed from her eyes.

“Not that …” Jessica flew away as fast she was able.

Reiko smiled and jumped toward Anya.

Electricity exploded. Reiko was damaged and thrown far away by a terrible explosion of lightenings.

Buildings around were destroyed. Super heroes and super heroines came around. The naked heroine walked to them “Please help me…” and felt unconscious in front them.

She woke up in a sweet bed in hospital. There was a new terrible foe looking for her. She was very exhausted and weak … “I need vacations”.

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