New look for Anya

New look but same job ... hunting, fighting and zapping evil doers!

Outfit :
Her perfect tiny athletic body is protected by a full body skintight outfit:
  • totally waterproof
  • very resistant fabric (created by Anya)
  • light and skintight to ease fast moves
  • fireproof (fabric doesn’t burn but she feels heat)
  • acid proof (most of current acids)
  • locked zipper
  • full electricity conduction
  • no metal
  • high protection against full metal jacket round nose projectiles piercing effect
  • high protection against stabs, cuts, slashes (knife, needles, picks, …)
  • thermo regulated
  • minor blessing gives a minor protection against demonic energy

But her outfit has a lot of weaknesses:
  • it protects her against bullets piercing effect but not the impact. If you shoot her flat belly, the fabric will stop the bullet but she will get a nasty blow on her belly
  • no protection against blow, blunt, slam and crush
  • no protection against magic and psionic attacks
  • her body is less resistant than the fabric

Animated photomani

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