Another Anya nightmare ... being robotized

Another Anya nightmare being robotized ...

"Robotizing body... 100%
Digitalizating mind... 100%
Uploading personality and memories... 100%
Deleting personality and memories... 100%
Formating mind... 100%
Waiting data...
Downloading new personality and memories... 100%
Installing new personality... 100%
Booting... 100%
Loading main routines:
- Routine 1: I and I will protect, obey and serve
Reiko 23 forever
- Routine 2: I am and I will do everything to be
a robot under Reiko 23 control forever.
- Routine 3: I follow and I will follow routine
1 and 2 utterly under Reiko 23 control forever.
Main routines loaded.
Programing... 100%
Testing electricity control super power... 100%
Purple Anya Unit operational, Awaiting commands"

Anya says with a cold voice. Her skin is now a sweet and cold shining purple fabric. She wears a dark blue leather jacket and a black leather pant as Reiko decided.
Reiko won and robotized Anya. Anya is a robot forever and Reiko has an infinite energy source ... completed the evil robot can dominate earth and convert everyone into loyal robot. She keeps Anya as a personal servant.

But how she will program the former heroine?
(please comment, idea of addons or settings for Purple Anya?)

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