AMW 01 : Trapped and destroyed

following the last chapter of Anya Versus The Puppetress series :
Thanks :iconiamrhaza3617: who read and corrected my bad english.

AMW 01 : Trapped and destroyed

Anya stood in the middle of a dark alley. She looked around at her surroundings. She turned to one side, and leaned her head back, as if to listen for an unknown cue. Suddenly, she dodged something that was not visible to the naked eye. This attack created an air flow, and cut some of her Blonde hair at the tips. In response, she threw a strong wave of electricity around her, but her opponent was no longer in front of her.

Anya: "Last chance to surrender..." She stated to the air, preparing her retaliation.

Suddenly, she jumped to her left, rolling on the floor and standing back up fast. The wall behind where she had been exploded seconds after she had moved. She closed her green eyes and focused. Then, she fired off a powerful chain lightning attack. Suddenly, the chain lightning changed its heading, and hit a human shape. The opponent screamed in pain as he slowly appeared from his concealment. He fell on his knees hard. He was a common guy, wearing a strange skintight green uniform with a green mask. He put his left hand on his chest as his right hand still held tightly onto a green-bladed sword.

Anya smiled. She covered her left hand with electricity and walked gracefully toward him.

Anya: "Don't try something, Mister, or I'll zap you down!"

The Guy: "Ok, please no more... I surrender."

He released his sword, letting it hit the ground to his side. Suddenly, Anya screamed in pain, and she arched her back in kind. The impact with whatever had hit her pushed her toward the guy. He took up his sword and moved very fast, much faster than a human. He then used all of his strength to slash Anya's midsection. Her uniform protected her from slashing and piercing, but the impact was very powerful. Her tiny body folded around the sword, and her perfect body crackled. The guy smiled as his green uniform smoked from his attack.

Anya reeled back, trying not to fall. She convulsed as a multitude of short circuits ravaged her body inside. The 'Guy' walked toward the dazed heroine.

The Guy: "Stupid bitch!"

Suddenly, her green eyes opened sharply, and glowed blue. She quickly punched his face, lightning rippling along her arm and fist as she connected. He crashed into a wall 20 meters away. Suddenly, she raised her left hand up and grabbed something. Her eyes glowed even brighter blue. Her body was then covered by dancing lightning waves. She then sent lightning crashing through her hand, which caused a girl to appear nearby as she screamed in pain. Anya released the girl, who fell face first on the floor. The girl also wore a green skintight uniform.

Anya leaned over and sent another electric wave into the girl's head, before she then fired a lightning bolt into the guy who tried to run away. He fell on the floor seconds later. He tried to stand up, but she jumped towards him and put her hand on his head, shocking him at short range. He fell motionless, flat on the floor once more.

Anya took out her phone and made a call.

Anya: "Hi, sir, you can stop looking for the assassin... I think I stopped him... sorry, them. Locate my signal, and send a team for the capture... yes, sir... no, when I see your guys, I leave the area and let them work... no, sir, I don't want to talk to the press... I said, no... thanks, sir. Good-bye."

Anya looked after the two defeated attackers, waiting there for the government team to arrive before she left the alley. She drove her electric black motorbike home, and was just pulling onto the freeway when she received a phone call.

Anya: "My love, I'm happy to hear from you... you just finished your secret work for the government? Great. When will you be back?... yes... yes... yes, with pleasure. I'm on the way. Kiss... I love you, too."

Anya accelerated and drove very fast, breezing past 300km/h (186 Mph) during the two hour drive back. She had just slowed down when she drove off the freeway and into a city district. She parked her motorbike beside a luxury hotel. Anya looked herself in a glass mirror as she stepped off her ride. "They won't let me enter here if I'm wearing my combat uniform."

She made a phone call.

Anya: "Darling... which level are you on? Because I'm wearing my... really?.... yes... yes."

She walked on, listening to DocSpy's instructions. She opened a car door nearby, and took out a bag from the back seat.

Anya: "A silk blue dress... thanks. I love you."

She took the bag and got into the car to change. She removed her skin tight uniform. She pulled off her sport bra and released her small but firm breasts. She kept her sport panties on, and dressed her tiny perfect body with the sweet dress. She smiled at herself

Anya: "Silk,... so sweet, so light... what a good feeling it is on my skin." She caressed her curves with her hands.

She took out the medium heeled shoes, slipped them on, and put her uniform in the bag. She walked over to her motor bike, and put the bag under the saddle. She then entered the hotel. The groom looked after her. She smiled at him.

Groom: "Miss, you're welcome to... oh, my, you're Anya Storm, the heroine... Glad to meet you."
Anya: "Yes. Glad to meet you, too."
Groom: "Can you sign..."
Anya: "Yes, for who?"
Groom: "For my son, Michael"
Anya signed her name on the card. "For Michael, from your friendly heroine, Anya Storm."
Groom: "Thank you very much."
Anya smiled: "You're welcome."
Groom: "Let me lead you to..."
Anya: "Suite 234E."
Groom: "Follow me, please."
Anya: "Thank you."

They used the nearest open lift. In the lift mirrors, he was not able to avoid looking at her. She was tiny, but she was so cute, sexy and beautiful. She smiled at him.

Groom: "I'm sorry... but, you're so beautiful."
Anya: "Thanks. No problem."

The groom led Anya to the room.

Groom: "Here we are."

Anya gave him a pair of medium bills as a tip.

Anya: "Thanks, have a good night."

The groom walked away. She rose her hand to knock the door but Doc Psy shouted: "It's open darling enter"

She opened the door and walked inside, but suddenly, she stopped and lightning-punched through the wall. She ran into the room, and saw a guy there, wearing a special force black uniform.

Anya: "Who are you!?"

A voice echoed in the apartment. "I said, no electronic devices!"

She heard someone behind her. She turned, ready to fight, but she only saw and recognized Doc Psy.

Anya: "Darling, what's happening here!?"
Doc Psy: "Nothing we can't manage."

Suddenly, the silk dress transformed into a full body, skin tight cat suit.
Anya: "What!?..."

Doc Psy: "I said we,... but 'we' doesn't include you... tonight, it's the end for you!"

She looked around and heard someone running up behind Doc Psy. She tried to gather electricity, but the blue uniform glowed in response, causing her to scream in pain as her body convulsed. She put one knee on the floor, trying to get her bearings back.

Another man in black entered in the room with a strange rifle. She jumped at him as soon as she could. They rolled down the corridor. She took his knife and stabbed him just under his right arm. The guy screamed behind his helmet. She ran into the bathroom as another man in black appeared. She tried to remove the blue skin tight cat suit in vain. She dove between his legs and kicked him hard in the balls. The guy fell on his knees and screamed loud. She pulled the guy down by his uniform, and used his body as a shield against the shots that came from another one. Again, her body convulsed, and she screamed in pain.

Doc Psy: "EMP... no effects on living body tissue, but on your android body... it destroys you. And, your new uniform converts electricity right into EMPs over and over again..."

Doc Psy walked in, following the actions of someone else. She stood up, but another guy shot her in the back. She screamed. Her body convulsed again as short circuits ravaged her body from the inside once more. As she fell down, she remembered that she already had seen this black special force unit uniform. She remembered the guy who attacked her in the dark alley before she entered The Puppetress's lair to defeat the sorceress once and for all. She laid there on the floor, unable to get up due to the skin tight suit shocking her.

Doc Psy: "Shoot her again!"

They shot again, but she rolled away and dodged. She stood up fast and jumped on Doc Psy. They rolled around in the room. She used the speed of the roll to stand up and throw him away, but he used his levitation ability to avoid the crash. He then used his telekinetic power to pull her up into the air. He threw a punch, but she blocked it. Still, she was not able to move or use her fighting abilities in mid-air. Doc Psy suddenly grabbed her neck and squeezed. Even if she was an android, she began to panic.

Doc Psy: "Still traumatized by that... so funny, but don't worry; you'll enjoy this."

He used his telekinesis to pull out the lamp and crash it down on her body. Electricity touched the blue fabric. Continuous EMP waves from the suit instantly destroyed her body. She screamed and convulsed as sparks exploded throughout her whole body. He released her, and she fell face first on the floor. He landed down from the air, and crushed her back with his foot. He looked over at his partner.

Dos Psy: "If she moves, shoot her... now, gimme your knife."

The guy gave him his knife.

Doc Psy stabbed her and opened up her back. "What have we here...?"
He put his hand into her back.

Anya: "Please, no..."

He pulled a device out from her body.
Doc Psy: "The main generator, that you don't need any more."

He put his hand on her Blonde-haired head and lifted her up to eye level by her hair.

Doc Psy: "You know, I can control your android body. After all, I created this body when I turned you into a robot,... but I prefer to paralyze and slowly destroy you."

Anya: "Why? Please..."

Doc Psy: "Because, I opened my eyes... and this world doesn't
need you in it."

Anya wanted to cry, but she was unable to. He pulled her into the bathroom, and opened the shower faucets.

Anya: "Please, no..."

Doc Psy: "Why, you're so beautiful when you're agonizing..."

The guy in black spoke up. "The boss told us to get her back in one piece, not to destroy her."

Doc Psy smiled, and put Anya under the shower. Water entered into her body, and created more short circuits. She screamed out in pain and convulsed even more as micro-explosions ravaged her body. Circuits and cables jolted with unchanneled electricity from her body. He threw her back on the floor. He picked a EMP rifle nearby with his telekinesis, pointed it at her right knee and fired. Her leg convulsed, and her knee exploded. He slowly moved on her left knee, and fired again. She was totally helpless.

Doc Psy murmured: "You killed my brother, in this dark alley... now, I will destroy you."

Images flew in her brain of this soldier in black she killed before her last fight against the Puppetress.
Anya was not able to talk. She didn't understand. Doc Psy pointed at her right elbow, and fired. Her arms exploded, followed up by her other elbow moments later. He moved the rifle barrel along her curves and pointed at her crotch. He smiled, and fired. She screamed her pain out to the world. Her body was cut in two. She was just a smoking torso.

The guy in black yelled at Doc. "Stop!"

Doc Psy smiled, and used his telekinetic power to stab the guy's throat with the knife he had used to open her back.

Doc Psy: "Now,... where were we?"

He smiled, and pressed the rifle on her chest.

Doc Psy: "What? I don't hear you, but I know you want to beg me for your life... please... please, what? I know... please, fire!"

He grinned, and he fired again. She convulsed again, and her chest exploded. Her tiny body was almost totally ravaged and destroyed. Smoke and sparks flowed out from her body. He looked at her destroyed form, and he smiled again.

Doc Psy: “We can look inside you... you're just a pile of scraps and rust. Useless, and pitiful.” He put his foot in her chest and crushed her down with his telekinetically-augmented strength.

Doc Psy: “I read your binary mind.... you're in agony, but you don't understand... you want to scream and cry, but you can't; you beg me to stop... so, let me free you from this hell!”

He put the barrel in her mouth. He grinned. “Farewell...”

He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. Suddenly, an energy rift appeared next to Doc, and a tall Blonde guy in a suit walked out.

The Blonde guy: “Don't destroy her... I said.”

Doc Psy: “NOOOO! She killed my bro...”

The Blonde guy gestured, and Doc Psy fell onto the floor, out cold. Four men in special forces uniforms jumped out from the rift.

One man spoke. “Sir!?”

The Blonde guy replied. “Put her in the sustenance coffin...” He looked over at Doc Psy on the floor before continuing on. “Maybe we reversed his feelings for her too far when he added the agent she killed as his brother.” He looked at another man. “Put a decoy of her here... and let him finish what he started... for this world, Anya Storm has been destroyed by Doc Psy... so romantic, isn't it?”

They put Anya's remnants in a strange black coffin, before placing a perfect decoy duplicate of her on the floor. They took her now coffin-encased body through the rift. The Blonde guy then put Doc Psy just like he had been before he had entered the room from the rift, and then, the Blonde guy left the room, following his men through the rift before it vanished from sight.

Five seconds later, Doc Psy pulled the trigger, and fired one last shot at Anya's head. Her head exploded. Then, in a fit of madness, Doc Psy continued to shoot at the rest of his former lover, until her body was scattered in pieces all across the bathroom.

To be continued...


  1. "Don't try something, Mister, or I'll zap you down!"

    "Dont you try to do anything" perhaps or simply No sudden moves or "dont move" depending on stuff. "else i will have to zap you" or perhaps " or i gonna/'am going to' zap you"

  2. i think Anya should change a name because it sounds like mother on my language. but otherwise fine.

  3. "He released his sword, letting it hit the ground to his side"

    " His sword dropped, making [some sort of noise] as it hit the ground"