Anya Storm vs Jessica and Bloody Nina

Anya and Jessica start to fight. Anya jumps and lightning high kicks Jessica.
but Jessica catches Anya and crush the heroine's back on her knee as she uses her demonic red flames and red waves on Anya crotch and breasts. Anya screams in agony.
Jessica lifts the defenceless heroine by her neck and strangles her as she uses her demonic red tentacles to drain Anya strength and life.
but the blond heroine gathers her strength and perform a back flip lightening kick.
She lands and fires a power chain lightening. Jessica flies back as lightenings stun her. Anya doesn't see the blood behind her.
Bloody Nina jumps from the blood and gets Anya's arms. She uses her vampiric blood magic to paralyse the heroine as she bites Anya's lovely neck and drinks her blood.
Anya doesn't want to die. She uses her remaining strength to eject and throws the vampire sorceress away.
As Bloody Nina flies away Anya jumps and performs a devastating clothesline.
Jessica comes back and backstabs Anya with her demonic sword.

to continue ...

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