Avtp2 : The new existence of Anya Doll

 Avtp1 : Anya Doll Story : Anya vs The Puppetress and Anya Doll for sale

Avtp2 : The new existence of Anya Doll
Note : This story is told trough the eyes of a character: Doc Psy!
This is the sequel of 'Anya vs The Puppetress'

I'm Doc Psy. I were a superhero. As a psychometer: I was able to see, read and feel psychometric flux. And I had minor telekinesis power, I was able to lift 250kg, enough to fly. I were a member of Lords of Justice team. Following leads I found a devastated villa in the south of Moscow. Porganov family took control of Moscow with an army of super powered henchmen.

I used my Psychometric and Empathic Vision to watch what happened here. My powers gave me flashes and psychic feelings about what happened here. I recorded and encrypted my flashes and feelings on a special organic device.

I walked on the ruin of Porganov's villa and I used my psychometric powers to see and feel what happened here.

Mister Porganov as known as 'Hammer', a muscular Russian criminal boss of a dangerous cartel received a human sized box. A henchman opened it after a scan. Anya Storm, the lost in action heroine, turned into a clockwork doll by The Puppetress was inside.

Anya laid motionless in this box. She was dressed with her combat outfit. She was so beautiful. Her skintight uniform revealed her perfect curves. I felt his excitation. He took a note and a golden key on her flat belly, he looked her and smiled: "2 years ago, this stupid blond heroine arrested my son. We freed him but he was traumatized and humiliated in prison.". He hated her, I felt it.

He lifted her by her head with his huge hand. He caressed her perfect curves then her chick. I were able to feel that her skin was so sweet.

She was totally inanimate. He read the note then he put the magic key on her back as indicated. He turned the key. He released her. She opened her green eyes and bowed.

Anya: "master I'm waiting your orders"
Hammer: "On your knees and kiss my boots bitch"
Anya knelt and kissed his boots. She was totally mindless. I didn't feel willpower ... nothing. Her mind seemed to be annihilated.

He called Doctor Paranovh :"Doc' bring her to the lab I want a complete check up!"

Doc Paranovh: "Yes sir"

They remove her uniform. She was naked. They looked her perfect body with her shining skin. He put her in a very modern scanner. He ran a full analysis program. After 2 hours, he called his boss to read the report.

Body composition: plastic, silicon, silk, fiberglass.
Energy level: more than 1 Giga watts / unable to measure more.
Psyche: no willpower, no mind.

Doc Paranovh: "She is the real Anya Storm with all of her powers but with a synthetic body and no willpower. Her identity is confirmed."

Hammer smiled: "perfect"

Hammer called his children. His children entered: Igor, his son, a 23 years old athletic blond with a scar on his left chick and Natalia, his daughter, a 19 years old Slav blond model with a cute face and glasses.

Hammer: "It was expensive but I bought her … and this evening you'll destroy her and get you revenge my son"

Natalia: "Dear father, I think it's more cruel to keep her as a toy. Every night we put her in front a mirror … every night she'll contemplate what she is now, a doll. During day... she'll be a perfect slave … our maid. Somewhere in this …" she caressed her sweet shining skin "...shell a part of the former heroine still alive… If I'm right, we'll slowly destroy the last remnant of her soul."

Igor: "I like your idea sister … sometime you afraid me but you're a genius. Father?"
Hammer: "well … it's your revenge Igor … as you wish my son"

Hammer gave the magic key to Igor: "She is your property now … happy birthday my son"

Igor: "then …" He caressed her hair. "you … bitch will be our slave doll. During nights, you'll put your heroine costume and stand in a special cupboard with mirrors. During days, you'll dress as maid and you'll obey everyone here"

Anya knelt: "As my master wishes"

Igor laughed and Natalia smiled. I didn't like her smile … she is devil with an angel face. Something was wrong with her, I lost my concentration and my visions. I continued to walk on the ruins looking for something.

I had more flashes, during weeks. Igor or Natalia activated her with the key. They dressed her perfect shining body with a maid outfit. Anya obeyed them. She cleaned the villa. They used her as a chair. They took her with a leash for a walk. They humiliated and tortured her. She became a perfect domestic slave and an enjoyable pastime toy. They had no pity for her and they were cruel. Natalia took her often in her room but I had no flash about Anya in Natalia's room. Sometime, I were not able to have vision, I didn't train my power enough or she was special. When night fell, she slipped in her combat outfit and stood in front a mirror. They added a monitor to display what she did during day, to display her slave doll life.

I saw Igor watching tv. "Bitch! I want a beer now."
Anya stopped to clean ground. "Yes master". She walked to the kitchen and took a beer in the freezer. She knelt  beside Igor. "Your beer master"
Igor smiled and point in front of him. "I need your back to put my feet".
"Understood master"
She moved on her four and he put his feet on her back.

I saw Igor cleaning his shoes on her back using her as a carpet.

I saw Anya kneeling in front Natalia licking her boots to clean them.

I saw Anya used as a punching bag. They half destroyed her and let her repair with the white lightnings.

I saw Anya without arms cleaning villa floor with her tongue.

I saw Anya used as a battery to charge a smart-phone.

She was totally obedient. She served and obeyed them without complains despite pain and humiliation. Week after week, there were no sign of the former heroine mind but I felt something.  Natalia was right somewhere in this perfect plastic body Anya Storm spirit was still alive and screamed. I felt anger and sadness. Her new life was a permanent torture for this weaker and weaker soul remnant.

I were not able to see more. It was too much for me. I sat on a stone to recover. This part of her deep inside, maybe, I tough "I can save her … I can help her to rebuild her mind with my powers"

I stood up and I continued to gather psychometric flux. I felt a powerful psychoenergy. I closed my eyes and visions reached my mind.

During a cold winter night, Igor and 3 friends came back at home drunken. He showed them Anya. She stood in her cupboard. She wore her heroine outfit in front the monitor and mirrors.

Mat: "Is she Anya Storm?"
Igor: "yes and no … she was Anya Storm but now she is Anya Doll … this stupid bitch had been turned into a plastic doll and we bough her."
Peter: "That's fun … but she is totally … hips … inanimate!"
Igor: "haha look"
Igor put the key on her back and turned. Anya was activated.
Igor: "stand here bitch and keep your outfit"
Anya: "yes master"
Mat laughed : "impressive man. You rox!"
Igor: "obey them"
Anya: "yes master"
Mat: "on your knees and lick my shoes"
Anya knelt and licked his shoes.
Andrew: "my turn … send a tiny electrical discharge to … Mat"
Mat: "what …" Anya sent a low power discharge "haa" They laughed
Andrew: "to Iggy"
Anya: "I'm sorry master. I can't harm my owner"
Mat: "Why?"
Anya: "I exist to protect, serve and obey my owner"
Peter: "I can't believe it. She is still so attractive and beautiful."
Igor: "yes …" Igor grabbed her firm breasts from behind and kisses her neck. I were able to feel their arousal and her too.
Andrew: "Do you know what my father do with defeated heroines? He rapes them to death for his own pleasure."
Igor: "good idea … bitch you'll slowly do a sensual striptease then you'll crawl to my bed and gave yourself to us."
Anya: "yes master"

Anya danced sensually. Her hands followed her perfect curves from hips to her neck, then she slowly unzipped her outfit. She moved her hands on breasts and crossed her arms to slowly removed the top of her outfit. She showed her shoulders. She continued to move her hands lower to remove her outfit. She opened her arms and showed her breasts as her perfect plastic body danced. She turned, her hands follow her back and removed the pants part of her outfit. Totally naked she showed her shining perfect body then she knelt and crawled to them. She climbed on the bed. She laid and spread her legs. She aroused me too.

Mat: "look at her … she is perfect. She is petite and small but she is hot… her skin is so sweet".

The four guys took her. Igor penetrated her crotch, Andrew her tiny firm ass. Peter and Mat played with her breasts. They abused her. White tiny lightenings appeared on her plastic body and increased their pleasures. I felt their pleasure, it was so good so intense, it overwhelmed me. It was hard to focus, my psychometric feelings overwhelmed me. I lost control of my powers. I were not able to stop my visions.

Mat: "what the … hmmm sooo good  …"

When she had orgasm white lightenings exploded.
I were in raptures. I can't control my powers, feeling and images overwhelmed me.

Mat: "HAAAAAAA my hands … HELP I burn"

His body started to smoke. I left my body burning. Igor shacked his head and flew away and his head hit the floor. The shock resonated in my head.

Igor: "What the fu… I fly! What's happening? Peter? Mat?"

Mat screamed as his body slowly burned and melted. Bed began to burn as the alarm rang and water flowed in the room. Andrew threw her away. She crashed hardly on the wall. I left his impressive strength. Andrew stood and tried to run out but he stopped in front Hammer's massive body in the stairs.

Hammer: "What's happening? … go back in the room"

Hammer and his guards followed Andrew. He entered in the room.

Hammer: "IGOR?"

Igor: "We were drunk. We wanted to get fun and abuse her. When she got pleasure white lightenings appeared on her. They were harmless and pleasant. She had an orgasm … they exploded and … I can fly, I feel stronger and faster … and I' m not drunk anymore."

Hammer looked Andrew.
Andrew: "me too … but I feel I can … wait Mister." He put his hand on chair reshaped it. "I can reshape wood!"

Hammer looked the burnt corpse of Mat. "What happened to him?"

Igor: "He burned"

Hammer looked a strong henchman: "Dimitri … test his strength."

Andrew: "wait … please"

Dimitri tried to punch Andrew but the young man was too fast and dodged then he punched Dimitri's belly and broke a rib with his extra strength. Dimitri didn't scream but he stepped back.

Hammer smiled: "interesting … she gave powers during orgasms."

Andrew  "look what I did … impressive. I have superpowers …"
Hammer took a gun and shot Andrew's head.

Hammer: "but he is still human. Sorry for your friend but …."
Igor smiled: "I understood father … no witness"
Hammer took Anya by her breasts and lift her. She massaged her firm breasts. White lightenings appear.

Hammer closed his eyes as he felt pleasure but he remembered Mat corpse. He released her and threw her away. "I want a complete report about these white lightenings … bring her to Doc'"

Again I lost flashes. I were extinguished. I didn't believe what I saw. It seemed she was able to empower people during an orgasm. I were aroused. I breathed deeply and calmed down. I fell on my knees. During few minutes, I lost consciousness.

I stood up. I came back where I saw Doc Poranov scaning the poor Anya.
I focused. I had more flashes about Anya raped by men and women during weeks. I were not able to see more. Some of them died, exploded, agonized, … they experimented her white lightnings during weeks.

Hammer reading lab. reports.

Tests 876 men and 552 women:

Test on larger subjects panel.
Nothing change for her, she is a totally obedient doll no sign of her former being.

During pleasure especially love  white lightenings appear on her :
increasing partner pleasure
healing her partner
increasing strength and speed of the partner

During orgasm:
giving one stackable random power to the partner if the partner is able to support.
strength and speed are multiplied by 10.

During the first orgasm
2% of men got 3 different powers
8% of men got 2 different powers
15% of men got 1 power.
60% of men got nothing
15% was killed, incapacitated or lobotomized.

4% of women got 3 different powers
12% of women got 2 different powers
20% of women got 1 power.
60% of women got nothing
4% was killed, incapacitated or lobotomized.

Women are more compatible.

Powers and extra physical capacities fade after 7 days except if they were refreshed. If subject survives a white lightenings explosion, the subject will survive the next ones.
Superpowers, super strength, super speed and super stamina faded
very slowly the first days
faster after 5 days
totally after 7 days

To provide super powers and extra physical capacities, white lightenings have to touch you. You receive powers even if you just stand near her during explosion.

The more exceptional you are the more you have a chance to get powers.

List of the superpowers repartition:
Gravity control: 15%
Fire control: 5%
Air control: 10%
Fly capacity: 20%
Not living matter shape control: 15%
Magnetism control: 10%
Teleportation:  2%
Telekinesis: 15%
Synapses electric pattern control: 3%
Electronic control: 5%

Superpowers analysis:
Gravity control: gives to user the capacity to change, 30 ft around, the gravity at sight by 10. Gravity local changes are not permanent.
Fire control: gives to user the capacity to create flames or fire ball. Destruction level: with a fireball user can destroy a family car.
Fly control: gives to user the capacity to fly up to 150 km/h.
Not living matter shape control: gives to user the capacity to reshape not living matter by touch. Possibility : opening vault, opening whole in wall, … reshapes seem permanent.
Magnetism control: gives to user the capacity to control up to 1 ton of metal or to jam electronics. Useful to jam police communications.
Teleportation: gives to user the capacity to teleport himself up to 100km around.
Telekinesis: gives to user the capacity to control and lift up to half of ton.
Synapses electric pattern control: gives to user the capacity to reshape mind. The user touches someone head and reshapes electric synapses patterns then mind. Useful to mind control someone and it seems permanent.
Electronics control: gives to user the capacity to control by touch a computer or a machine.

Hammer smiled: "perfect … then we can create an empowered army now. The city will be our"

He looked her and laughed.
I saw so many women and men with superpowers.

Terrible … I understood now how they took control of the city so quickly. I walked trough the ruins. I found a green heeled boot. I had flashes.

Green Bella was an Irish red head tall heroine. She fought a dozen of empowered peeps of Porganov family. Her extra strength, speed, stamina and her green smoke superpowers gave her victory. She moved fast and opened the van. She saw Anya tied up and unconscious. She freed the blond heroine. Suddenly Anya grabbed her arms to send a stunning electricity wave but Bella jumped away. She shacked her arm. Anya jumped very fast on Bella. They started to fight but they were too fast for me. I just saw Anya's last move. The former heroine performed a perfect lightening kick to Bella's head. The red head heroine fell unconscious on the floor. Natalia appeared and clapped. Anya knelt.

Natalia: "perfect my doll! She touched you"
Natalia: "Immobilize her I have to reshape her mind."
Anya: "yes mistress"
Anya immobilized Bella on her knees and grabbed her from behind. She sent electrical shocks when the red head heroine tried to move.

Bella: "Anya... Storm … please … resist her"
Natalia: "Anya Storm? … she is my toy for 9 months and soon you'll be my slave too … Bella Slave. Anya distract her …"

Natalia put her hand on Bella's head and reshaped her mind. Anya massaged the red head heroine's breasts to distract her.

Bella tried to struggle in her mind but she was slowly overpowered, unable to focus, as Anya massaged her breast and excited her crotch with tiny electricity waves.

Bella: "no … please … Anya please …"

I felt Bella feelings overwhelmed by pleasure as Natalia reshaped her mind. She was totally defenseless. She didn't understand what happened, how to fight … After few minutes, Bella's mind was totally reshaped. Anya released her. Bella leaned and kissed Natalia shoes.

Bella: "Mistress I'm proud to serve you for the rest of my life …"

Anya knelt beside Bella in front Natalia. The slav beauty looked Anya on her kneels : "Bitch … I know somewhere in this shell a part of you is still here and watches helpless  … dying more and more each time you help me to capture another heroine or hero. I control everyone since I discovered you can give me powers … my father, my brother and all members of the cartel are under my control. This city is mine. And when Bella Slave will give me her amulet … I'll get her power and her immortality …"

Natalia caressed Anya's hair.

Natalia: "My obedient toy … "

Suddenly, there was an explosion of a blue energy. Natalia and Bella were trapped in an energy cage. Anya jumped to dodge, she flipped in air and landed on her feet. Natalia punched and kicked the blue energy barrier in vain. The cage stopped all sound. A 2 meters cyborg landed. He fired a blue energy bolt but Anya dodged again by a jump. Like a cat she moved her legs in air to flip and landed on her feet. She covered her body with electricity and accelerated.

Cyborg: "Fast little girl. Go away, it seems I saved your ass from Hammer's daughter …"

Anya fired electricity bolts. A blue energy shield around the Cyborg deflected the electricity bolts. He created a blue energy machine gun and pointed her.

Cyborg: "Don't fight me stupid slut. I'm here to capture her … go away or …"

Anya jumped fast toward him and kicked his head. He pushed a button on his forearm. Everything around him was froze.

Cyborg: "Well you want to fight me … You don't have a chance. I can freeze time stupid bitch… die!"

He grabbed her blond head and her crotch then he lifted her. He dropped her fast and hard on his knee covered by blue energy. Her tiny body bent backwards and crackled. She convulsed and screamed as her bruised body was engulfed by this blue energy. He created a blue energy knife and stabbed her chest then he throw her motionless body away. He scanned her.

Cyborg: "no living sign …target eliminated. Stupid heroine!"

The Cyborg walked toward his cage. Suddenly, he stopped and turned. He looked on the floor. She still moved. She slowly stood up.
Cyborg: "Funny slug … wait no life sign …ANALYZING... you're a plastic dummy … I don't believe. DOWNLOADING DATA … you're a plastic doll!"

Anya fired lightening bolts. Bolts were deflected by the shield. She created another machine gun and fired. She ran too fast around him and dodged. Again he stopped time.

Cyborg laughed. "You're a stupid pathetic doll!" He kicked her back. She fell face on the floor motionless. He created a blue energy giant hammer and crushed her back, legs and arms again and again. Anya screamed in pain as he dismembered her.

He looked her on the floor. She crawled at his feet. He laughed "Do you want more slug?"

As he tried to crush her again she uses a lightening explosion to jump and dodge his attack. The explosion throw dust on his visor. He started to be angry. "You're really annoying me!"

He stopped time again. He took her in his arms and bear hugged her. He engulfed and ravaged her body with blue energy. She screamed in agony. Her body smoked.

He lifted her by her head. She was totally dismembered. Her body was ravaged by blue energy. He impaled her with a blue energy spear. She didn't react and dangled like rag doll. She seemed destroyed.

Cyborg: "absolutely sexy but pathe…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Suddenly a massive electricity wave ravaged the cyborg body. His circuits exploded and smoked. He screamed and fell on his knees as his whole body was engulfed by electricity. Blue energy cage vanished and Natalia was free. His chest and his back exploded as electricity ravaged his cyborg body. He fell on his left side and screamed in a last convulsion. Anya stopped electricity and laid dismembered on the ground. Natalia lifted her with telekinesis.

Natalia: "my courageous slave … you fought and protect me …"

Anya: "I belong to you Mistress"

Natalia: "Are you in pain right now?"

Anya: "Yes mistress"

Natalia: "Why did you wait to burn him?"

Anya: "He was protected with a powerful energy shield and he had a freezing time device. I was not able to blast him with a powerful attack because I didn't want to hurt you Mistress … I felt that each time he used his freezing time device he spend a lot of energy. I forced him to spend enough energy to weaken his shields... then I waited the right time to zap him"

Natalia: "You endured all of this to protect me and not hurt me?"

Anya: "Yes mistress"

Natalia laughed: "Impressive … I want you on your feet in 1 minute!"

Anya "Yes mistress" Anya covered her bruised body with white lightnings to repair.

Natalia looked Green Bella and pointed the van. Bella entered in the van. Anya suffered agonies but she stood up and followed Natalia.

I lost again my focus. Natalia controlled everything and used Anya to capture heroines and heroes here. I understood now why all crime fighter forces had disappeared in this city.

Doc Psy: "Ok they took control of the city, nothing seemed able to stop Natalia. How this villa had been destroyed and by who? And … Where are they?

I needed to know more to see what happened here and what destroyed this villa.

I focused my powers. I saw Natalia in a tube surrounded by a wires. Natalia ordered the doctor to execute the final step.

Natalia: "Tonight I'll drain all of their powers …. hahaha … execute the sequence doctor"

Energy came from cables and engulfed Natalia's body. After one hour, she stepped out the tube.

Natalia: "I'm feeling so good so powerful … hahahaa"
Lightnings appeared on her slender body. She looked her hands. "What..." She screamed in pain as her body was engulfed by electricity, fire, green smoke and different sorts of energy.

Doctor: "Mistress … we detect a power over load … your body can't support a such power … calm down"
Natalia was frightened. She lost control of her powers and exploded. The villa was ravaged in an intense white light.

I lost sight during 20 minutes. I tough: "all captives have been destroyed too … wait no"
I focused on the explosion. Energy exploded horizontally.

I saw cables connected to the ground. They were under. I focused my sight and I saw their spirits under the ruins. I saw a giant room with dozen of heroines and heroes in tubes. I used my scanner. They were powerless but alive.

"And the poor Anya?"

Her cupboard was at 3th floor. I remembered the way to Anya's cupboard. I moved stone with my telekinesis power and I walked under the villa.

I walked toward Anya's cupboard. She stood motionless in her heroine combat outfit. She was so beautiful. I lifted her with my telekinesis power. I didn't know why but I took the key and put it on her back then I turned it.

The blond heroine knelt.

I didn't pay attention but my body was extinguished and I lost balance. She caught me in her tiny arms. She looked like an angel.

I looked her green eyes: "I'm Doc Psy and I will save you"

I were able to read deep in her eyes "Thank you".

I hugged her: "I'll save you. I promise"

I used my last strengths to call for help. "Anya don't do anything … you're safe"

"Yes master"

I lost consciousness. During sleep, I tough about what I saw and what I was not able to see. Natalia seemed to have an ability to block my visions. I only saw things about her when she was in danger … when she lost control. Maybe someone helped her or she was more than just a cute young lady. I will investigate later … I will save Anya.


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