Another Anya nightmare ... the bloody rose

During a charity fair night, Anya has been attacked by a mysterious woman. The beautiful Asian beauty planted a white rose into Anya’s heart. Surprised in an isolated room, Anya tried in vain to remove the white rose. The flower became slowly red as it drained the blond heroine blood, life and powers. She was overwhelmed by a powerful opioid. She lost perception of really and she felt so happy and light headed. She didn’t care what happens to her anymore. Anya felt down on an armchair. After few minutes, her arms dangled beside as the last breath of life is drained from her perfect body. The white rose is now totally red and the young heroine laid lifeless and bloodless on this comfortable armchair.

Anya opened her eyes and laid motionless on her bed. She put her hand on her chest just as her heart place. “Another nightmare …” She turned her head and she saw a red rose on her beside table. She stood up and looked around her then she looked the rose “Impossible!”

((Another foe? Something from her past? What is this rose?))


  1. Is there anything worse than an enemy that invade the dreams? That is a great little story...very awesome. :)

  2. From you, I'm glad you like. Thanks